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  1. scorpion

    32 in 1 cart

    So if I want to play game 10 I have to switch the console on/off 10 times? Great way to break the switch but I guess there was no other way really.
  2. scorpion

    32 in 1 cart

    Just added this cart to my collection and just wondered how you select the game you want to play? The only way I can see it is that you have to switch the console on/off all the time until the correct game comes on which you wish to play. Also any ideas what size memory this cart has? Its the pal version btw.
  3. I used to have an atari back in the 80's when I were a kid but it was my parents who used to buy them for me then so no idea how much they paid back then. But since I have started to collect them again like I said the most I have paid is around £10 for pitfall 2 including delivery.
  4. Simple question really. I think I have only paid around £10 for one so hardly breaking the bank and that was for pitfall 2.
  5. Springer on PAL. Not sure how rare it is though. Cart only.
  6. scorpion

    PAL games

    NTSC games play fine on my PAL console they just show the wrong colours.
  7. I'm sure they are called 'wafers' in the 2600 version of pacman.
  8. Picked this up today PAL version. Has anyone played this game? I find it quite playable and I'd say it plays like pitfall but not as good. Its also got a very annoying tune that repeats itself throughout the game. Anyone any idea how rare it is on PAL?
  9. I'd want a PAL version when available.
  10. Springer...........Can only get to the 2nd screen. Annoying
  11. You going for a full collection?
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