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  1. The "Room of Doom" section has been "slashdotted." Things should improve after it moves off their front page. Kristine
  2. I paid $150 for a sealed box (neither of us had realized that an NTSC version was THAT rare ). I have no idea if he has any more left though. Kristine
  3. Well, considering I got it from him at CGE last weekend, I can definitely confirm it 100%. Steve made a post in the Buy & Sell forums on the DP boards about the value of a sealed Asterix. I suggested an amount. He later sent me an e-mail asking if I really wanted to buy it for that amount, and if so, he'd bring it to CGE. I said sure and we made the transaction on Saturday. He said he thought it was NTSC because of the N sticker on the box. I sent him another e-mail earlier today asking where he got it in the first place and this is what he said: "Good to hear from you Kristine...Hmmmm weird stuff about the NTSC version...I got a case of these NTSC versions of Asterix when I completed both the Pal Version & the NTSC version...What may be the case here is that they intended to release the NTSC version for both America & Europe... It may be possible that it never got released! In that case you just made a killing of a deal!!!!!!! ;)" So it looks like Mr. Woita owns some more of these. Kristine
  4. Don't worry, he's getting the carts in the pic. It was going to be a serious auction at first but then I just decided to do something stupid with it. I'm also going to toss in some bonus stuff as well. Kristine
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