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  1. Thanks for the nod. Yeah, the TIA audio generator is pretty limited in what it can create, so trying to use it to duplicate any normal audio is fraught with challenges. That's one of the reasons I went with the brute force correlation rather than something like the FFT. (Also given an FFT is just a way of calculating a Discrete Fourier Transform - which is essentially a correlation matrix between the input and the set of sine and cosine waves, I figured I could use the raw TIA waveforms to create a similar correlation matrix.) Hmm... I wonder if what is required is to find the "closest" TIA waveform - so rather than looking for an exact match / correlation, instead somehow have each TIA waveform represent a range of frequencies.
  2. The way I read https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9528076?hl=en&ref_topic=9257782 is "is the video specifically targeted at minors", not "is this video only for those over the age of majority". So unless you're specifically targeting kids (or otherwise need to be on the "YouTube for Kids" area), the answer is no.
  3. Personally I enjoyed Ep1 more than Ep2 and Ep3. I think the good / great scenes in the second two weren't enough to balance out their bad scenes. Both are also deep into the Anakin storyline, so both films are more focused on him and Padme with more weak writing and bland acting.
  4. I did a similar binge before going to see Episode 8. I remember seeing Episode 1 on opening night and enjoying it - and returning for several more theater viewings. I still enjoy Episode 1 as I find the good parts (Darth Maul, the pod race, the battle scenes, landscape shots) are still very, very good. I never was a Jar-Jar hater, so his goofy manner doesn't bother me, and it's interesting to watch his character develop - knowing what he later sets in motion. I also loved Palpatine and how he clearly was pulling the strings to ensure he came out ahead no matter what happened. This is where the Republic starts to fall. OTOH where the prequel trilogy falls down IMHO is in trying to do what it was supposed to do - explain the origin of the Skywalkers. Unlike Rogue One, which turned a single line into a coherent movie which was consistent with the other movies, the prequels managed to ruin some of the mythos and introduce contradictions with the original trilogy. I understand it is very difficult to write a prequel, but George had over a decade to do so.
  5. My problem with buying a new console is I already have numerous devices and a library of games to play on them (and more available at low or no cost). I will say that # 3 shouldn't be a deal breaker unless you live somewhere where internet is expensive or unavailable. The question is whether the game can be played offline.
  6. Yep, depending upon how you are counting lines that will do it.
  7. Yeah, the "no 32bit" is a non-starter for my 27" iMac. In particular the drivers for my Dell Laser printer / scanner / copier. For EyeTV I suspect the video files could be played back via VLC or similar - but that's not much value without the metadata. I learned at one point to try to avoid recording shows which followed sporting events and try to find an alternate timeslot or channel.
  8. One thing to check is how you're setting VSYNC / VBLANK. I have hazy memories of some people having problems with Skeleton which was eventually tracked down to how it did VSYNC / VBLANK (setting bits at the right time of the line and for the right number of lines). Or was it I didn't use VBLANK, but just generated black. Something or other. There was also a bug in the original release of Skeleton+ which caused the "YOU WIN" screen to roll. I wasn't paying attention when I was reordering the data in the cart and the label which I was using for the address of the last line wasn't anymore. Maybe you've got something similar where you're jumping from one routine where the VSYNC is at the top of the loop to another where it's at the bottom.
  9. In addition to media coverage of people buying items at high prices there are the "reality" shows which suggest even the most common brass is worth it's weight in gold. (In fact, many of those shows are staged and the prices are set by the production team.)
  10. YouTuber Tom Scott has just released a 16 episode series on making an app. (YouTube link behind the Spoiler.) I haven't watched the series (although I will), but IMHO the first question you need to ask yourself is what it's going to cost on an ongoing basis and how you plan on paying for it. For Slide Tilt Roll, the only ongoing costs were my Apple Developer ID* and a small website & domain name**, but something like Tom's failed messaging app is going to require some kind of server which will need to scale with the number of users along with ongoing support for users. In addition, you want your revenue to match your costs. e.g. When I first came up with the idea for Slide Tilt Roll and the built-in level creator I had the idea of having a website forum which players could use to share levels - a forum which would cost money to be member. But after some thought I discarded that idea because the revenue model (paid membership) didn't match the expense model (server & bandwidth costs). * I've let my Apple Developer ID lapse, so Slide Tilt Roll isn't on the App Store anymore. While the cost of the ID isn't much, the bigger problem is Apple requires apps to be updated. In my case that would mean upgrading to the latest MacOS, XCode & Swift and then rewriting my OpenGL fragment shader to Metal (in addition to any changes for the current version of Swift & iOS frameworks). Too much work for very little payback. ** I've since discovered it's nice to have a personal domain so I can create email IDs.
  11. Nice build. Currently my wife, son & I have started completing quests on Wynncraft. I used to play on 2B2T (and make YouTube videos), but now I just log in to see if my base is still standing, or is anyone has left new signs. My son used to play a lot on Hypixel, and the three of us have played a lot of local survival games (both PC and PS3).
  12. EricBall


  13. Be very, very careful testing out advanced graphics techniques using MAME/MESS or any other emulator as it may not be the same as actual hardware.
  14. No. Whether the 320D sprite uses palette 0 or 4 depends upon P2. P1 & P0 selects which colors are used for the graphics bit combinations. You get 3 colors + background & transparent from 2 palettes 320C uses C2 from palettes 0-3 or 4-7 depending upon P2. So you get 4 colors + background & transparent from 2 "palettes". Note: this is better shown in the spreadsheet as it breaks down the exact pixel colors for each graphics & palette bit combination. Don't forget that all 320 modes are subject to color aliasing for adjacent pixels with different Y values.
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