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  1. Hmm... just checked Wikipedia and Lee Pace did reprise his role, my mistake. He just didn't seem to have the presence in his last scene he did in the other film.
  2. I saw it last week and properly enjoyed it. I'd say the film is better the less you know about the various characters and groups (which I didn't). I have to say I'd forgotten who the Kree were until I was properly reminded (although it's too bad they couldn't get the same actor). de-aging has come a long way since Tron: Legacy, there were times when it seemed like SLJ's face was too round, or otherwise didn't look quite right IMHO. And was it just me, or did there seem to be some blatant visual references to 90's movies? Finally, the film makes an interesting political statement without taking away from the origin story.
  3. For the completist collectors out there, an original AtariAge Skeleton (not Skeleton+) cartridge is available on eBay: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/273662089475
  4. That's weird. My Netgear R7000 the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are configured separately with unique SSIDs (network names). So stuff which only works on 2.4GHz or is too far away uses the 2.4GHz network while stuff which can handle both gets two connections (typically with the 5GHz preferred, although I can manually select the 2.4GHz network if desired / required). According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Nintendo_3DSthe 3DS only supports 2.4GHz. I don't know why YouTube wouldn't work. Note: I used the Android Wifi Analyzer app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vrem.wifianalyzerto figure out which channels to use. The trick is to check at the highest point farthest from the router and pick the channel which has the least competition.
  5. I was referring to Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield rather than TVs with Android / Android TV built in. I agree with you that "smart" TVs often have short lifespans when it comes to streaming. However, I didn't realize that Android TV was first announced back in the summer of 2014; and it doesn't look like there has been much recently - not a good sign for a long term plan unfortunately. Yeah, Android (and Google Play Services) does suffer from upgrade obsolescence. I'd recommend an Apple TV - except it's not supported by all streaming content providers.
  6. Stuff I've learned: Loot drop locations are set, but loot at a location is completely random (including no loot) - therefore early looting success is a function of how many locations you hit If you find a SMG / shotgun box and don't have a melee weapon, order a knife then drop the tablet (G) in an open area and continue looting. When going for a airdrop, order ammo before you get to the airdrop While height does give an advantage when attacking, it also makes you more visible and harder to duck behind cover. Don't walk the beach - enemies at the top of the cliff have a huge advantage and easy cover. Set walk to Toggle so you don't have to keep holding shift (and get annoyed when shift-Tab brings up the community until I disabled it) - just don't forget to go back to run when you get in a firefight. Don't set explosive charges near the red zone - especially if is moving or about to move (as the red zone will set them off) It is often better to use a pistol found on the ground (P2000 or Glock-18) rather than one from a box as you can then get extra ammo from other pistols on the ground. Once you have the basic load-out (pistol, melee, armor), there is little need to open more small boxes as you're a sitting duck while you're opening the box. Headshots matter! They are worth 4 body shots. Better to control your aim than spray and waste ammo. Armor helps, but full health is just as important - use that medi-shot, it might be the difference between dying and killing. You start with 120 health and the medi-shot adds 50. So if you're at 90, you're already at 75% health. Watch where other players are landing to determine directions you may be attacked from, locations which will have been looted and locations which might not be looted. Knowledge (of other players' locations) is power. Being able to shoot first gives a big advantage. So after obtaining a basic load-out, start walking so you can move without being heard and maybe camp a house so you can watch without being seen. Breaching charges (and other explosives and the Zeus x27) can be used to open big boxes. You can swing while dropping, although the rope will swing you back. For really far swings, swing away then toward your target. You can also press & hold the use key to unlatch early, but you will take normal fall damage. Look at the ground while dropping to spot crates, boxes, turrets and even cash and unboxed pistols (once you're close enough). For big boxes, buy a knife when you hit the ground and head for it first. Don't forget to reload after picking up ammo. Having to reload during a firefight is usually fatal. Add ammo to pistols rather than shotguns - you'll seldom run out of shotgun ammo. Or leave the ammo until you finish looting in case you get an SMG. Drones hate trying to drop at the water tower (nor is the loot worth the climb). Drones will also drop the box on the roof above you and boxes can tumble down hills or over ledges, so be aware of where you are when your delivery arrives. When you get shot - unless the guy is in front of you - run for cover! Bonus marks if you manage to use a medi-shot while you're running away. After you've taken cover & healed, then starting thinking about how you can go from being the hunted to being the hunter. Just remember that your enemy likely knows where you are, so peeking out the way you came is probably the wrong idea. After the initial looting phase, walk over loot boxes and check your six before opening them. I've killed several players because they were looking at the loot on the ground rather than me sneaking up behind them. The blast radius for C4 and exploding safes appear on the tablet map - even those you didn't trigger. Running to an exploded safe is also often a good way to find an easy target. Shotgun crates are twice the height of SMG crates - but breaking them makes them harder for other players to find them. Drones start at the opposite side of the island. So don't bother chasing an inbound drone. OTOH if you spot a loaded drone headed towards the coast you can usually follow it to find an easy target. Unless you have an upgrade or just ordered something, swap for the tablet from the enemy you killed - they might have ordered something. Upgraded tablets will also have a colored dot, matching the color of the upgrade card. It's very easy to "tunnel vision" on the tablet and not see the enemy in front of you. Without the upgrade, the tablet only shows the hexes players are in. Each hex is a good sized area so you need to use your eyes & ears to find your enemies. And unless they are your high value targets, the tablet doesn't show whether there is another player in your hex. That being said, the tablet is useful in determining which hexes don't have players, whether there are players in nearby hexes, and where the danger zone will advance to. Turrets are a pain - especially when they spawn outside of the containers. Unless you're desperate for ammo, it's usually better to avoid them. They can also let you know when another player has stumbled into their view. Reload and med immediately after a firefight before looting the body. Drop location selection: you can either select early to get a location with more possible loot locations (and possibly have multiple nearby opponents) or select late and have fewer options on where to land. What you should never do is let the timer expire as then you will be assigned a random location (solo) or excluded from the match (duo / trio). Your initial $500 isn't much, but it's enough for a knife, armor or a pistol (if you're really unlucky). I often order a knife if I spot a crate when dropping or armor if I didn't find any during my initial looting. For people coming from other BR games: Walking is silent - although you may still make noise when jumping / falling, picking up & dropping, reloading, etc. You can climb through windows by crouch jumping. Sometimes you will get the timing right and not get slowed, but most times it's quicker to use the door (but noisier). Boarded over doors and windows cannot be opened. Explosions go through walls.
  7. Updates and corrections: A loot heat map has been generated: https://www.reddit.com/r/csgo/comments/a5g6ji/i_made_a_heatmap_of_danger_zone_weapon_drop/ While the loot locations are set, the loot at each location is an independent RNG which determines whether there is nothing or any of the other possible items. For duos and trios, there are 18 players on the map - and map is apparently ~400m x ~400m (versus PUBG Erangel which is 8000m x 8000m; for comparison, the fifth circle is 370m in diameter). The matchmaker has been tweaked so the waiting room deathmatch starts once 14 players have accepted. Other than the expensive radar jammer, there is no way to not show up on other player's tablets (e.g. being underground or dropping your tablet). There are no crates which require explosives to open - only pre-wired safes containing cash. These are armed like C4 and have a significant blast radius. Cash isn't given for surviving, but for exploring each hex. Walking (via the shift key) generates no noise. I recommend going into settings and setting it to toggle. However, you still generate noise when changing weapons etc. The AUG is a single shot weapon, the second fire mode uses the scope.
  8. I'm not a streaming subscriber, I find I already have enough content. However, IMHO your best chance of a long term solution is a device running Android TV (not just a reskinned / modified version of Android) with the Google Play store. My logic is then the software is provided by the streaming company, not the device seller; and the software is not specific to the device - meaning a larger user population. Hopefully this means the software will be updated to support new features etc for a longer time.
  9. Valve has tweaked the matchmaking so only 14 players have to Accept before the waiting room starts. I don't think it tries to backfill players who don't accept or disconnect in the waiting room, so (single player) matches tend to have less than 16 people. A loot heatmap has been created (https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/12/21/csgo-danger-zone-blacksite-map-best-locations-where-to-land-best-loot/) and the good news / bad news is my favorite landing spot, Tourist, is one of the "hotspots" - so I might have more competition for it in the future. As I fast-rope down I try to spot boxes etc to decide whether to land on the roof of the big building or swing closer to the plywood bridge onto the adjacent roof. From there I circle through the buildings, checking rooms etc before ending up on the ground to make a final pass along the boardwalk before going back to the northern building. From a game design perspective, I'm really impressed by how balanced DZ is. The loot & buy mechanic means players aren't starting the game with ARs and sniper rifles - and even if they have an SMG it doesn't have a lot of ammo. Rifles only really come into play later in the game when they can be obtained from supply drops - and they have even less ammo. The size of the map (400m x 400m) largely negates the lack of scopes as most engagements are less than 100m. The one questionable part of the game is the missile / bombing zone. I just haven't seen it have an impact on gameplay (other than being an auditory distraction). The missiles are part of the danger zone expansion rather than being like a PUBG redzone. From a story perspective they deliver whatever makes up the danger zone. But for the most part they don't land in hexes which aren't part of the danger zone already so they have little gameplay impact.
  10. Valve decided to make CS:GO free to play and at the same time add a battle royale mode "Danger Zone". This is great for me as I was looking for a way to scratch my PUBG itch on my 27" iMac rather than playing PUBG on phones. But IMHO Danger Zone is better than PUBG because it is only 16 players on a correspondingly smaller map. This leads to quicker, more intense gameplay and shorter games. With PUBG, I typically spent the first third of the match (10-15 minutes) looting up, the second third traversing the map or camping depending upon where I am relative to the zone, and only the last third actively looking for conflict with the remaining players. Danger Zone basically trims down the experience, speeding it up and pushing the game into the conflict interval very quickly. Other players may "drop hot" and thus spend the beginning of their PUBG game simultaneously looting and in conflict. Even those players should enjoy Danger Zone as it ensures all players are relatively close. They could even select a drop point specifically near other players. The tablet map also makes it more difficult for players to camp & hide. The other game design decisions (e.g. money, buy menu & delivery drone, loot in cases, map showing player occupied hexes, drop point selection & how ammo works) can all be learned and tactics modified or developed. None of them make the game unplayable. (And I believe some are even shared by other Battle Royale games, like Ring of Elysium.) Even the lack of lean, crawl & vault aren't deal breakers. And while I've heard complaints that the Source engine is showing it's age and the map is unremarkable, I don't find DZ to be lacking in either case. Obviously Danger Zone isn't for everyone. There is no third person perspective, so players who like to peek corners are out of luck. "Skins" also don't include the player model, so players who like to play as team mascots or naughty nurses are SOL. The one place I do believe DZ could improve is with the matchmaking process. Currently it appears the game requires all 16 players to Accept before the "waiting room" is started. If even one player doesn't click the Accept button before the 20 second countdown, all players are put back to the matchmaking process. (If a player disconnects after the waiting room has started, the game still continues.) IMHO this is stupid and results in a lot of delays. My suggestion is to start the "waiting room" if a minimum number of players have accepted (e.g. 12). Then while those players are preloading the assets and playing a 2 minute deathmatch, the matchmaker selects other waiting players to fill the game. If they click Accept, they are put straight into the waiting room. Once 16 players are in the waiting room, or after 2 minutes, the main game begins.
  11. I was going to suggest getting replacement buttons from Wico, but it appears they've gone out of business. There may still be a few parts distributors which stock the original translucent leaf spring buttons, but it appears you've managed to create a decent alternative.
  12. Valve decided to make CS:GO free to play and at the same time add a battle royale mode "Danger Zone". This is great for me as I was looking for a way to scratch my PUBG itch on my 27" iMac. As a PUBG player, there are a bunch of differences worth noting. (Although they may be "normal" for CS:GO players.) First, there's only 16 players on a small island "Blacksite". I haven't found any online loot maps etc. There are a variety of buildings, underground passages, and terrain to work around. No vehicles, but that's not an issue as the map is small. This also means the games are relatively quick - although how long depends whether you avoid or seek conflict. Second, the safe zone and damage zone aren't simple circles and the new safe zone isn't always in the old safe zone. (There's a tablet upgrade which shows the zones.) A random hex is also bombed, a-la a the PUBG red zone. Once you get matched with 15 other players (note: it seems like if one player doesn't accept the match everyone gets tossed back into the matchmaker) you get placed on the island in "waiting room mode". You're automatically given a Glock-18 with full ammo (enjoy it while it lasts) and dropped in a random location. There's no loot to pick up and it's more of a deathmatch mode - if you're killed you'll respawn in a random location until all the players have joined the server. (Fortunately if a player disconnects at this point the game will still go on.) However, before you go hunting, press the B key to bring up the Buy menu on your tablet. Yes, you will have the opportunity to buy weapons etc if don't find them while looting and have the cash. You can't buy anything while in the waiting room, but note the prices of the weapons listed (especially the middle SMG, usually $1750) and which weapons you can buy (as this is different each game). Also note that armor will cost you $500, which is how much cash you start with. Next press the Tab key to initialize your tablet and bring up the map. Yellow hexes contain players (including yourself). While this obviously makes it easier to hunt the other players, it also makes it easier for them to hunt you. Note: it is possible for a single player on a hex boundary to light up both hexes. Also the map doesn't work underground (not sure whether that also hides you from other players). Press Tab again, or Q or 2 to get back to your pistol. Click the right mouse button to change to burst mode and go hunting. Keys are fairly standard - WASD to move, R to reload, E to use (open doors, pick up / swap weapon). Space is jump, but you don't automatically vault to go through windows. Instead you also need to press Ctrl to crouch while you're jumping (just like in Half-Life). Crouching is also necessary to crawl into places with low ceilings. 1 will select your primary weapon (if you find one), 2 will select your pistol (once you've found one), 3 will select your melee weapon or fists, and 4 and above will select explosives and other items. X selects your health kit / boost. The game will prompt you to use it - note you need to click the left mouse button to use. Note: there are no lean buttons, nor the ability to go prone. Eventually you'll be given a count-down and the actual game will begin and you'll be presented with a labelled map and you will get to chose your drop point. Each player starts in a separate hex and there is also an invisible sub-grid which restricts where you can choose. Where other players have chosen is also shown on the map, so you can either race to select your preferred location or wait and select a location based on where the other players have chosen. There's a timer and the game will select a random location when it runs out. As you fast-rope out of the helicopter you can shift your landing point somewhat - the rope often seems to have a mind of its own. You can also try to spot crates and other loot as you descend. Once you're on the ground, you need to start looting. While some loot is out in the open, a lot will be in crates which you will need to break open first. The smallest crates you can punch open with your fists (although hitting it with a melee weapon is faster). The medium sized crates need weapon damage to open (melee weapon strongly recommended to preserve ammo). The biggest crates require C4 explosives. The color of the crates gives a hint to what's inside - red for weapons, blue for armor / melee, orange for explosives. There's also cash, ammo, tablet upgrades and briefcases containing special missions laying around. Later in the game, supply crates drop on to the map (shown on your tablet) containing better weapons. They beep when you're near them to help you find them. Cash is used to buy weapons and other items. These are delivered to you by drone - although it is possible for another player to shoot down your drone and steal your stuff (or you can do the same). You can watch the drone progress on your tablet map. Make sure the drone can get to you - I've had it drop my stuff on the roof above me. Cash is obtained either as loot (stacks or duffle bags), from killed or disconnected players, and by surviving. As previously stated, you start with enough cash to buy armor - which I think would be a very good idea if you don't find anything during your initial looting. In Danger Zone ammo is precious. Guns often don't spawn with full clips. And while ammo boxes are universal, you can't swap ammo between guns - even if they are the same caliber (in game or real life). So it might be preferable to keep a fully loaded SMG than to swap it out for an AR with only 10 bullets. And don't forget to select the gun you want to load before you start taking bullets from the ammo box. There's even some logic to leaving an ammo box untouched if you haven't found anything better than a pistol. If you're really desperate, you can buy ammo using your tablet. Other notes: There are automated turrets - avoid or attack with a melee weapon to get access to the ammo box they are guarding. There are also hostages which you can carry to a location on the map for $500. From a distance they look like players as they also in yellow-orange jump suits, but they are on their knees. While you do get some player sounds (especially with headphones), I've been snuck up on several times. Unlike PUBG, you can only carry one primary weapon (and one pistol). And there are a lot of different weapons; which is "best" is difficult to say - although the one with ammo is a good starting spot Some weapons (like the Glock 18) have different firing modes. Test it out when you get the weapon - before you get into a firefight and realize your AUG is on single shot... CS:GO also has some practice modes so you can improve your game mechanics. When you die, you're shown the last few seconds of play from your killer's perspective then flip into a spectating mode while you wait for the matchmaking. I've had the game crash on me at various points - never in game, but sometimes during the matchmaking and in the waiting room. My current strategy is to drop at the edge of the map, looting while working my way around the shoreline and avoid confrontation as long as possible. Ideally I want to find a weapon which I can use at range, which typically means getting enough cash to buy one or raiding a supply drop.
  13. As much as I'd like to enjoy Fortnite, the fun just isn't there. I just don't see me getting good enough with the building mechanic to be able to have a chance against a decently skilled player. So while I can avoid conflict and sneak into the top ten, I'm basically dead once I'm spotted. And it's not just muscle memory. After some training, my fingers can hit the right keys - now the big problem is my natural reaction to an engagement isn't building. And while I might be able to learn those patterns given enough playtime, the bigger issue is Fortnite just doesn't make me feel like PUBG. I don't get that suspense / tension excitement. Other complaints: 1. As above, the longgg & buggy startup. When I want to play, I don't want to have to wait for 10 minutes for the game to maybe start correctly. 2. Even with headphones, I found it incredibly difficult to use sound to detect enemies - even when they are nearby. Part of the problem is there are ambient sounds (e.g. towers creak), but also the sounds you make (especially harvesting and building) are extremely loud. And for some reason I couldn't localize sounds like the crack of a rifle or a rift. 3. Automatic weapons are incredibly inaccurate at any significant distance. So even if I spot someone first (probably because I've seen them building), I can't engage unless I have a sniper rifle (which probably still won't hit due to slow projectiles and bullet drop). So I'm back to trying to justify buying an iPad Air 2 to play PUBG....
  14. Kinda / sorta. The pixel output occurs independently of the display list activities. It's like a traditional double buffer, except on a per-line basis. I'm also not certain whether the DLL entry is fetched every line or only once per zone. But the majority of the DMA time is spent reading the display list entries from RAM and the characters and graphics from RAM or ROM.
  15. One of the big challenges in getting good at Fortnite is getting good at building. While many hours of playing Wolf3D, DOOM, Descent etc have drilled the standard WASD key mapping into instinct, but I find I'm fumbling when I want to build. I realized I needed something akin to typing drills, so I coded something up in Javascript: <html><head> <title>Fortnite keyboard trainer</title> <script language="Javascript"> var h1txt = ""; var h2txt = ""; var idx = -1; var kcc = 0; var ecc = 0; var streak = 0; var action = ["WALL", "FLOOR", "RAMP", "ROOF", "TRAP"]; var key = ["q", "w", "r", "t", "y"]; function keypress1(evt, t) { if (idx < 0) { idx = Math.floor(Math.random() * action.length); h1txt = action[idx]; kcc = key[idx].charCodeAt(0); } else { if (window.event) ecc = evt.keyCode; else ecc = evt.charCode; if ( ecc == kcc ) { streak += 1; ecc = idx; do { idx = Math.floor(Math.random() * action.length); } while ( idx == ecc ); h1txt = action[idx]; kcc = key[idx].charCodeAt(0); } else { streak = 0;// res = "kcc=" + kcc + " " + key[idx] + " " + action[idx] + " ecc=" + ecc; } } document.getElementById("h1text").innerHTML = h1txt; h2txt = "Streak: " + streak; document.getElementById("h2text").innerHTML = h2txt; } </script></head><body onkeypress="keypress1(event,this)" id="bodyid"> <h1 align=center id="h1text"> Press any key when ready </h1> <h2 align=center id="h2text"> </h2></body></html> Note: this is using a custom layout which is based around using ESDF for movement and making the keys needed for battle (e.g. building) closest to those.
  16. Yeah, I know what you mean. My son (in college) still plays Minecraft - although mostly on one of the minigame or RPG sites rather than vanilla Minecraft.
  17. I've been feeling minor PUBG withdrawal since my son took his Samsung tablet to college as I'm unwilling to spend the $$ to buy my own tablet for a "free to play" game. Last night i broke down and installed Fortnite on my 27" iMac. I've played about a dozen games so far and noted the following differences: The big one is the whole building mechanic. It's hard! I'm not sure I have the free time to be more than a noob. I'm certainly not expecting to win any time soon. Unlike PUBG, it looks like it's going to take a lot of play time to expand beyond the default skin(s) (as I have no intention to spend $). It's also interesting that there is (apparently) no way to even select which default skin you play with. It definitely marks the difference between the payers and the freeloaders. Ammo seems to be less common in Fortnite than PUBG - in PUBG I never ran out of ammo while playing solo, but in Fortnite I don't seem to have enough. Weapon accuracy seems to be much lower in Fortnite, at least for ARs & SMGs; although I might get better with practice. This probably also increases how much ammo I'm using. Fortnite has a lot more weapons than PUBG, but no attachments. So scoped weapons are much rarer in Fortnite. And while higher level weapons typically do more damage, that's not always the case. Consumables like grenades and health packs take a carry slot in Fortnite, so whether to pick them up becomes a trade-off decision. Health packs also seem to be rarer in Fortnite. Maybe it's my level, but players seem to die a lot quicker in Fornite. Half of the field is eliminated before the first circle has completed. Given my current abilities, I'm going to define "fun" in terms other than placement and winning. It is an amazingly diverse environment, so right now I'm just having fun exploring. 2018-11-23 I've put up a short video of me taking down a better player: And a couple of complaints: The MacOS client crashes occasionally (although only in the lobby, not in game). I also takes a long while to start up. The logs I've seen have errors relating to my en_CA locale. Some lobby actions change the game mode from Solo to Squad. And because I have it configured for "No Match" (so I can go in the practice area by myself), I won't realize it until I get slaughtered by a squad.
  18. MARIA has two internal 800 bit Line RAM buffers. While one buffer is being written to, the other is being read to generate the display. So there's no way for a cartridge to change the Line RAM directly. Think of MARIA as a bus-master coprocessor. So at the start of the visible frame, if uses the display list list pointer to walk the display list list, getting the display list pointer for the zone and the number of lines. Each line it halts the 6502 CPU and walks the display list, reading graphics data from memory and writing it to an internal line RAM buffer. Once MARIA reaches the end of the display list, it releases the 6502 until the start of the next line. (Note: it's a little more complex, but this is the basic idea.) Where a cartridge based coprocessor could really help is building the display lists. Imagine something which would allow the 6502 program to use a NES style sprite table and a simple X,Y coordinate for the background which would then automagically provide MARIA with the appropriate DLL and display list entries. That would free up a huge amount of 6502 processor time. Update: I just remembered that MARIA wants the DLL and display list to be in RAM. So the game would need to copy the DLL and display lists from the cartridge to RAM every frame. This would cut into the CPU savings somewhat, but there would still be value. Regarding "Would that make 320B viable for a full background including sprites?" - the main limitation is DMA time, which can't be changed by the cartridge. You can do a full background in 160B/320B/320C, but it severely restricts the number of other sprites which are available.
  19. See https://atariage.com/forums/topic/272112-sprite-data-to-color-mapping/for a list of how the data bits are mapped to palette entries if you're interested in creating or adapting an existing tool.
  20. I have an external drive (5TB in your pocket for US$120 - the mind boggles) to which I've ripped DVDs, including Game of Thrones. Now that my son is off to college, it might be easier for my wife and I to find the time to watch them. They play back fine on my wife's MacBook - but its USB ports died so we have to use a DisplayPort adapter, which then precludes connecting it to the big screen TV. However, the new router has a USB port and can share the drive over the network. However, it's still a minor annoyance to get it set up. But then I thought - I wonder if I could use the Raspberry Pi I got for the DIY microconsole. To make a long story short, the answer is yes. I did need to spend the $5 to get the MPEG-2 license key to unlock the hardware decoder. And for some reason the Pi and the TV don't like to be connected directly ("No Signal"), but I have gotten it working through the amplifier (which also gives me 5.1 audio).
  21. Hmm... Timmy is a pointer to an array of constant unsigned chars, but Timmy isn't constant. I think what you need to do is declare const unsigned char const Timmy[] = { ... }; Then the second cast (unsigned short int)Timmy should work.
  22. One efficient way to shuffle a deck of cards: for i = 1 to 52 j = random(52) + 1 c = deck deck = deck[j] deck[j] = c next i
  23. Thinking about it, the real distinguishing feature of older computers and consoles was the GPU, not the CPU. While the CPU could make certain operations and calculations easier or harder, the GPU dramatically impacts what is possible. And the GPU on those older consoles and most computers was closely tied to the capabilities of a standard TV (along with what was economically viable anf technically possible for VLSI at the time.)
  24. Via one of the guy's YouTube videos, I happened across http://www.the8bitguy.com/2576/what-is-my-dream-computer/ Now, not to rain on anyone's parade - but retro dream computers are just that, dreams. I've been playing with computers since the Apple ][+ days - so I've got plenty of nostalgia for retro computers. But guess what, when my parents gave me a TRS-80 Color Computer as a gift a few years ago, I wondered why they bothered. Sure, it's the computer I had in my teens and I've got a lot of great memories of it. And it's got a decent built-in BASIC. But there's no point. Emulation is good enough if I ever decide I want to spend time reliving those memories. The problem gets worse for a hypothetical dream computer as there is no existing software, and there just wouldn't be enough people interested in creating software for it. Sure you could spend time creating another Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. clone. Or you could just load up an emulation of the original. Of course, it's fun to dream. Just don't expect them to come true.
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