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  1. I have a 37" Sony Trinitron from 1990. It weighs 180 lbs. It was fun watching the movers try to get it into the basement the last time we moved. My wife thinks I'm nuts for keeping the beast, but it really has a great picture for retro gaming. It also has svideo inputs for use with SNES, N64 and Playstation.
  2. The printer paper is just thermal paper. Alternatives are available.
  3. I think the lesson to be learned here is that if you're going to do a project of this nature, it's best you have most of the development already done and ready to go. You see this happen with Kickstarter projects as well. Somebody has a grandiose plan to make some awesome product but they don't have the groundwork in place. So they get loads of interest and money, but then it fizzles out because the project ends up being more than they could chew. It doesn't necessarily mean that it was a scam, it just means said the people proposing the project we're poorly organized and had not explored all of the challenges related to the project. In the case of this project, I pre-ordered. I believe Curt meant well but that life and some considerable challenges got in the way. Add an unreliable project partner and the fact that a lot of the initial groundwork hadn't been put in place when pre-orders were taken, and you had a recipe for disaster. I also believe that Curt knows fully well how badly he messed this up. I expect I will get my XM eventually, because I believe Curt fully intended from the start to complete it. Plus, as sparse as the updates are, there has been progress... to the point now that various community programmers have test units and we know it works reliably. It's very easy for us to all gripe and complain about how long it's taking. And I fully understand everybody's frustration over the situation. At the same time, all of these complaints and irritation and anger have been hashed over and over and over again on these Forums. None of that has made project go any faster, or helped it towards completion. Frankly, I don't see the point of complaining at this point. It might make the person complaining feel better to vent, but it doesn't really have any purpose beyond that. We all know this thing is a mess. OK. Got it. Now what? So I'm going to continue to wait quietly and occasionally ask for updates. Because I don't see any point in being part of the other options.
  4. I have downsized a couple times. First was when I got my Harmony cart. I kept only my favorite 2600 games and got rid of two consoles including my Heavy sixer (wish I'd kept it). I kept some games including all of my Imagic games (so glad I kept Subterranea) but I'm down to about 25 instead of over 150. I still have a Vader 2600 gathering dust, but the 7800 is used if I play 2600 games these days. I also got rid of my Intellivision collection. I had 50 or so games and a boxed Intellivoice. I never liked the intellivision and after owning one for a while and never touching it, I decided I was just wasting space and sold it. No regrets. I do regret selling my Turbogrfx 16 though. I had about 8 games for it. I sold it about the time I hot married thinking I needed to downsize.. Now, though I have a working one that I found at a Goodwill for cheap, I do not have any games and cannot afford to buy them at current prices. I used to collect everything, but I've gotten more discerning over the years, focusing on things that actually interest me and passing on stuff that doesn't. It comes down to space and the simple fact that I dont gave time to play most of what I own. Is having stuff just to have it really what I find value in? Not really... so I've been debating downsizing more of my collection for the same reason I did the intellivision. As for throwing stuff out... if you don't have time to sell things individually, just sell big mixed lots of stuff. Less packing and less sorting. You could even require local pickup. Or do a yard sale! Or give it away for free. If you were going to throw it out anyway, it'll be worth it. Throwing away vintage limited quantity items just feels wasteful for the same reason our whole consumerist society does. It all goes to landfills and pollutes the environment.
  5. Got it working after a month and a half hiatus. Cut a wrong trace. Bridged it and cut the correct one and it's working great now.
  6. Definitely seen an uptick on price for games. I use a price aggregator to catalog my collection. The value as a whole has gone up about 2 grand over the past 3 months. I have a couple gamecube games that have gone up by a third since the beginning of the year. It's anyone's guess if the trend will continue after things open up again.
  7. I'm older and wiser about electronics and revisited this. I did the mod almost 10 years ago and my device never worked after that. Turns out i missed the cut traces. So I went and did that and it started working again... on the first two slots. Not sure the issue on the last four. Maybe I'll revisit in another 10 years. Ha.
  8. Can I just say that the Ataria track is pretty damn impressive? While I am not a composer or remotely musical, I have made the observation that having limited tools can sometimes force a composer to find new and innovative ways to approach a musical problem. The limitations of the TIA are what make the great compositions stand out.
  9. That mod looks really nice. Definitely a better option to cutting into your brittle console. I have the Longhorn AV mod on mine. I did drill holes in mine, though in my case, I used Forstner bits which are a bit better option for cutting holes in plastic than regular drill bits due to how they work.
  10. Great to see the updates. Does anyone have the link to update one's address for your preorder? I moved this summer and need to update it.
  11. Haha. I feel so lame. Rarest thing I own is Adventures of Lomax for PS1. Not nearly as notable as a lot of the stuff people are talking about here.
  12. Definitely dirty contacts. Deoxit for the win!
  13. I love the mention of the Overdrive. I got a 486Sx running at 25 mhz back in the summer of 1994. It had a ProAudio sound card, a 400mb hard drive and a CD-rom drive. Cost a fortune and I was over the moon about having it. I too upgraded to a Overdrive processor. Mine was a DX100. I remember going and buying one with my hard earned part time job money so that I could play some of the newer games coming out. I was an early adopter of Windows 95. I actually went to the local computer store and bought it the day it came out. I was a highschool student and loved all the hype around it. I will admit that I came to hate it because of the hoops I had to jump through to get DOS games to work with the lack of proper memory management tools.
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