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  1. Great to see the updates. Does anyone have the link to update one's address for your preorder? I moved this summer and need to update it.
  2. Haha. I feel so lame. Rarest thing I own is Adventures of Lomax for PS1. Not nearly as notable as a lot of the stuff people are talking about here.
  3. Definitely dirty contacts. Deoxit for the win!
  4. I love the mention of the Overdrive. I got a 486Sx running at 25 mhz back in the summer of 1994. It had a ProAudio sound card, a 400mb hard drive and a CD-rom drive. Cost a fortune and I was over the moon about having it. I too upgraded to a Overdrive processor. Mine was a DX100. I remember going and buying one with my hard earned part time job money so that I could play some of the newer games coming out. I was an early adopter of Windows 95. I actually went to the local computer store and bought it the day it came out. I was a highschool student and loved all the hype around it. I will admit that I came to hate it because of the hoops I had to jump through to get DOS games to work with the lack of proper memory management tools.
  5. I have a 37" Sony. They did make them big. It weighs 180 pounds.All those stories about kids being crushed by TVs? Hell, this one could crush a full grown adult.
  6. In for a penny, in for a pound. My 7800 have the LHE Svideo mod. It's worked effectively since I installed it about 7 or 8 years ago, but I know there's better stuff available now, but the LHE mod involved disconnecting and removing things. It was so long ago, I don't recall the details. Needless to say, replacing it would be hard to do at this point. Since I still play on a CRT, I guess it doesn't matter that much.
  7. Good Luck. I'd be happy to have them all loose, since boxes aren't important to me. But it's at the point that the ones I don't have are all the pricier ones.
  8. I have OoT gold edition. I got it at gamestop the day it came out, I think. Got a free T-shirt. Wish I'd kept that shirt and the box.
  9. What we have here is my entire Intellivision collection. It’s a pretty sweet collection containing 44 games (most of which have their manuals and overlays with three that are CIB), a boxed intellivoice and an original intellivision. I got almost all of it at an estate sale about 5 years ago. I’m not a fan of the Intellivsion and I never will be. I’ve hung onto it all these years because it was a feather in my cap to own it. But, it’s just taking up space and I have no good reason to hang on to. So to prove that I'm not a hoarder... here it is looking for a home that will value it. I’m the second owner, so far as I know, and all come from a smoke free home. I originally posted this here, but after a day of being up and not a single page view, I'm not going to waste my time waiting. It's now up on ebay. Hardware Original “Model 1” Intellivision - In working condition. At some point I had it open, washed the thing out and cleaned the contacts in the controllers. Intellivoice – Comes with the original box, but no manual. Also in fine working condition. It says B-17 Bawwwwmer just fine. Two plastic game cases (see photo), each able to hold 20 games and their manuals. One has a little damage on the lid where the front tab broke off, but both have intact hinges. Games Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Manual and overlays Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin - Loose Cart Armor Battle - Manual and overlays Astrosmash - Manual and overlays Auto Racing - Manual and overlays Backgammon - Manual and overlays Beauty and the Beast - Manual and overlays Bowling - Manual and overlays Boxing - Manual and overlays Burger Time - Manual and overlays Centipede - Loose Cart Checkers - Manual and overlays Demon Attack - Manual and overlays Donkey Kong - Loose Cart Dragonfire - Manual and overlays Golf - Manual and overlays Horse Racing - Manual and overlays Lock ‘N’ Chase - Manual and overlays Math Fun - Manual and overlays Microsurgeon - Manual and overlays MLB Baseball - Complete in Box NASL Soccer - Manual and overlays NBA Basketball - Manual and overlays NFL Football - Manual, playbooks and overlays NHL Hockey - Manual and overlays Night Stalker - Manual and overlays Pitfall - Loose cart Poker & Blackjack – Complete in box Reversi - Manual and overlays Sea Battle - Manual and overlays Skiiing - Manual and overlays Snafu - Manual and overlays Space Armada - Manual and overlays Space Battle – Complete in box Space Hawk - Manual and overlays Star Strike - Manual and overlays Triple Action - Loose cart Tron Deadly Discs - Manual and overlays Tron Maze-A-Tron - Manual and overlays Word Fun - Manual and overlays Vectron - Loose cart Intellivoice Games Bomb Squad - Manual and overlays B-17 Bomber - Manual and overlays Space Spartans - Manual and overlays
  10. I really enjoyed these. You really did some great stuff with the TIA. I also like the tracks you posted back in May.
  11. I have one of those external garage door opener panels. Well, after several years, it stopped working. I figured the contacts were just dirty, just like the Atari 5200 controller contacts get dirty. The case was glued shut and was no easy way to get into it to fix it. I ended up having to cut it open in the back with a remodel and utility knife. Messy job. Once it was open, I used deoxit to clean the contacts and reassembled it. I had to hold the dang thing together with electrical tape, but it works now. Seriously. Why would you seal something like that and not allow it to be serviced? To force people to spend 80 bucks on a new one. So wasteful. Video game related? I recently picked up a super cheap NES at goodwill. 6 bucks. That NEVER happens these days. Anyway, the connector was shot. So I disassembled it and tried the boiling trick. It worked. I wasn't really sure it would, but it did. Thing has worked like a charm for several months now.
  12. Well, I submitted mine too. I had the original receipt. Helps that I've had the same e-mail for 15 years. Hard to believe I ordered this thing in 2010. Been a long time coming. I'm so excited.
  13. Loving all the updates. It's been a while since I really was much into the 7800 scene, but once this thing ships, I predict I'll be dropping a lot of money on homebrews!
  14. Did you ever get any resolution on this?
  15. I would be so terribly sad if something like this happened to mine.
  16. I've owned this 35" KV-35S42 Sony Triniton CRT for about 6 years. Picked it up from Goodwill (when they still did TVs) to fit the massive entertainment center the previous homeowner left in the basement. My wife thinks I'm nuts for keeping it. It weighs 180 pounds. I'm not kidding. It weighs more than I do. It took two people to get it downstairs and I shudder to think what it would take to get it back up again. MSRP was $999 when it came out around 1999. I have a bunch of systems hooked up to it, including an xbox360, mostly so we can watch netflix on it. I don't regret owning it. It has a beautiful picture. Colors are vibrant and playing vintage systems is a joy. Doh. Sideways. Stupid phone.
  17. Good Gravy. This will be an interesting project to watch. I've never seen Baby Pacman in person, but I've read about it.I'm really curious how the pinball aspect will play out. You have your work cut out for you! So awesome to see you working on another game!
  18. Woah. That's awesome. I think I asked about this a couple years ago and got the "Parts no longer available" answer. I have one of these that has dodgy optical sensors. I'm going to go find me that part.
  19. The thing is, Twin Galaxies is under new management. The old Walter Day era was where the bad records came from. Lack of diligence and consistency and bad actors led to a lot of the fraud in the records. What else can Jace Hall, the new owner do? He wants to make TG a e-sports hub. IF he's to do that, he's got to build credibility for his organization. That means, when serious allegations come up, he can't sweep them under the rug. I see this as a positive thing. It shows that they're trying to create a sense of integrity in the organization that wasn't there before. And honestly? I think they did their due diligence in this case. The proof is incontrovertible. The tape shows something that is not original hardware... something Mitchell presented himself as using when he set his record. We can argue about why that was or if Mitchell knew, but as far as Twin Galaxies is concerned, the record was not done on real hardware and might have been done through various cheat methods. In the end, that's what matters to Twin Galaxies because their integrity is on the line if they validate records that turn out to be fraudulent. I totally get what you're saying and I agree. Heroes are wonderful things. They inspire us and they help us strive for greater things. But we also need to remember that heroes are usually larger than life and the reality of their hero-dom is often very different than what we perceive from the outside. So take inspiration in what he represented and take his fall from grace as a warning. Success is a great thing to achieve, but not at the expense of other very important things, such as integrity.
  20. I feel like this outcome is something that is a natural result of Jace Hall's attempt to turn the revived Twin Galaxies into a world E-sport leader. TG has had no end of shenanigans over the years. Even before Todd Rogers was finally and completely outed as a cheat, there were allegations of cronyism in the Adjudicating. The fact that Rogers had so many bogus records that were approved by the PTB of Twin Galaxies of the time is proof of that. So if Hall is to make Twin Galaxies into a serious organization, reforms have to be made. I sense that the efforts are sincere and aimed at creating credibility for the organization. If Hall is to succeed in his quest with Twin Galaxies, he has to convince the community that there is integrity in what they do. Throwing Rogers out completely was a positive and necessary first step. Moving to Mitchell... Given the serious questions as to the source of Mitchell's gameplay videos and the inconsistency in his explanations, I think TG did the right thing. I feel like they did their due diligence in researching the matter and don't fault them in their decision. Frankly, it raises my opinion of TG because they DID make the hard decision to toss out someone because they cheated. Here's hoping they keep working on tossing out other bogus records.
  21. Wow. I'm amazed at how much better this game looks after the graphical changes. It's so much more polished.
  22. This is good news! Now I have to find my receipt. I haven't lived at my old address in 6 years. haha.
  23. Fascinating thread. Stay safe CPUWiz. Seriously. My heart goes out to all the people being devastated by the wildfires out there. Also suggest you upload the Rom to a private cloud service if you haven't already. Just in case the worst happens.
  24. When I modded mine, I put it back. Had no good reason not to.
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