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  1. holy shit! i might just do that now! the game should be done in tghe next 2 days
  2. mine sometimes also float lol ok now i really gotta change the name of the game! Sinkers and Floaters? I like it! lol very funny!
  3. mine sometimes also float lol ok now i really gotta change the name of the game!
  4. well he had to go onto another project and THEN HE MOVED so we have no contact with him anymore
  5. yeah but not in this sense its a frogger clone!
  6. some people know i was working on a atari2600 game but we lost our main programmer so if anyone wants to help lemme know! but since im good at flash im making a "FLASH PORT" of it and it is almost done! once its done ill upload it so people can play it.. but if someone wants to help me make the game from flash to a2600 lemme know! but some time in the next week expect Sinking logs flash!
  7. yeah i have been a way for a while and just kinda came back from working on projects and wondered if anyone would like me to create a psp atari emulator for 2600,5200,7200 all in one? it would be a port of a current emualtor and it would be only for cfw
  8. i doubt atari would make a fb3 but if they do put me down for one i hope they do!
  9. lol i still lieks it i just want to set something on fire with a microwave and well... it just has to be worth it cuz yeah know i aint stickin cats in my microwave
  10. lol that was cool !! i should do that to my et games!
  11. kool yeah ill do that later when i have some time thanks fir the help
  12. lol yeah pretty much time aint a consern just learning how is the hard part
  13. true, true its a pain in the ass though!!
  14. wow thanks nukey ur like the god of rom hacking!!! can u hack nes roms???? cuz z i used to hack them all the time it was easy!
  15. hey well i though i would take a break from assembly and quickly learn bB right well i set up crimson with all of the right settings and i goto see if it worked so i tried to compile zombie_chase.bas and i get this ---------- Capture Output ---------- > "C:\Atari2600\bB\2600bas.bat" C:\Atari2600\bB\samples\zombie_chase.bas 2600 Basic compilation complete. DASM V2.20.07, Macro Assembler ©1988-2003 redistributable for non-profit only DASM sourcefile [options] -f# output format -oname output file -lname list file -Lname list file, containing all passes -sname symbol dump -v# verboseness -t# Symbol Table sorting preference (#1 = by address. default #0 = alphabetic) -Dname=exp define label -Mname=exp define label as in EQM -Idir search directory for include and incbin -p# max number of passes -P# max number of passes, with less checks Fatal assembly error: Check command-line format. > Terminated with exit code 0. batari tutorial says the end is right but i dont think its right becuase there is no bin file and "Fatal assembly error: Check command-line format." that doesnt sound so good XD but it does give me an .asm file but NO BIN could some one help me plz
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