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  1. I've seen a visual basic with a compiler, for the 2600, that runs on a PC. Looked super slick Is there anything like that... that uses a basic for the 8 bit computers? I've seen something like it but it didn't appear to be basic.
  2. I used my atari in college (1988ish). Paperclip and a dot matrix. Worked fine.
  3. back in the day on PCs MFM controllers had a low level format program on the card you could activate from a command prompt in dos (debug g=c800:5 for adaptec). I actually ran a MFM drive on an MIO forever ago but do not recall how I low level formatted it. I do recall low level was required for MFM drives.
  4. They dropped it when they were already in decline. I worked there for a few years 25 years ago (at 5 or six locations) and even then I was surprised at how few do it yourselfers there were. This was pre China... less do it yourselfers definitely hurt them. One thing I noticed was that they hired a CEO from outside. They started new ventures (incredible universe, computer city) that would then hire managers without Tandy experience (something the old promoted from within CEOs would not do). This lack of institutional continuity really hurt them (incredible universe and computer city both failed). I also worked at computer city for awhile and was surprised at how little the managers knew about how Tandy worked (what budgets to charge extended warranty repairs to) or how to use its services (look up lost receipt info for customers with warranties).These were managers at a large store who didn't know things that every Radio Shack store manager and some employee (re: me) knew. There were other examples... but it was a long time ago and those two are off the top of my head.... It also seemed like this started getting over to the RS side. Going to RS and having employees who couldn't get you what you needed because they didn't know how or how their company worked would just push you to buy from somewhere else.
  5. Do versions matter? Re: would a CPU or support chips from a 400/800 or 1200xl work?
  6. Freeing up slot 3 would be really useful. Then we'd have a card slot to play with as a card slot instead of 16k memory holder. PS Thanks for what you have done already. Very nice.
  7. I'm pretty sure I had one. Messed up disks and it wasn't my disk drive (I had a few so I mixed it up to rule it out)..
  8. The laserjet 1200s still had parallel. When I was a network admin I kept buying them even after they were discontinued because usb printers have more problems / get glitched more (which meant more people calling me for help)... It was funny because ignoring my own work experience I bought a usb only hp and it drove me nuts. I recycled it, after reenacting a scene from office space, and bought a wireless printer... they finally have the bugs out of wireless printing... they 1200s are on ebay used.
  9. Agree but I've had a lot of bad luck with $100 tabets. I'd suggest buying used android phones from major makers... then at least they'll work right. Plus there are Atari 8 emulators for android...
  10. I could have left the refund part out, but remember at this point no refund had been offered: I'd just declined cancellation of the transaction. It was obvious I wasn't going to receive the item, and I was simply trying to engineer things so that I could leave negative feedback after getting my money back. Worked perfectly and she got exactly what she deserved. Yep it did. I did a search for user in question and found your neg feedback.
  11. I have to second Bob. A lot of this is marketing spin and/or how IBM wanted it perceived. For awhile the market was open and things were unsettled. The PC XT had the advantages of card slots and IBM engineers that could think of productive ways to use them (to shore up the business machine image among other things). They used that advantage and the rest is history. But it could have been different. I think I've even read that IBM considered buying the Atari 8 design to use as their PC, but the deal didn't close. It could have worked but of course it would have needed card slots and/or the next rev would have had to had them (the Atari version of a PC AT / 286).
  12. I don't get the 'or full refund' part. Isn't that what they want vs what you want (to give you back your low winning bid and call it a day)?
  13. Are you formally taking orders or going off the poll?
  14. One other thing, there seem to be more Pokeys out there on the market. Including quad pokeys. I think because they were used in more than just the computers.
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