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  1. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    I've used channelmaniac's instructions for swapping the memory on my colecovision. The instructions are very easy to follow. The hardest part of the process is getting the old memory chips off the board. I bought the memory from channelmaniac also. He shipped it quickly and at a very reasonable price. Props out to channelmaniac - thanks for all your help.
  2. I voted for option 1. I like the idea of using the orginal CV and building upon it with the expansion module.
  3. I had this on a coleco I got and it turned out that the power brick was the problem. See this post. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...=139613&hl=
  4. I agree that I would rather see the OM and DKA relaesed sooner, rather than wait to have DKJ developed.
  5. Wow! Donkey Kong is really looking awesome. Great job.
  6. bgg

    CV Power Supply Repair

    Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.
  7. I picked up a second CV that was not functioning to see if I could get it working. I tested the PSU and all the voltages were good, so next I hooked the system up to the TV to see what would happen. I got a really nice black screen, but no text. I assumed that the power switch was really dirty and took it apart (It was really dirty). However after reassembling it still only displayed a black screen. I got out the multi-meter and tested at the switch to see if I was getting good power. Found that with the switch on or off I had great +12, however with the switch on the +5 dropped to +2. I used the psu from my other system and everything works perfectly. I assume that there is something wrong with the PSU on the +5 side. Does anybody have any experience with repairing the coleco vision PSU? Is it worth trying? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Ok, time for a recap of the latest PMC events: Beta testing was completed long ago. 80 yellow cartridges were assembled last December, but a snowstorm the day I was leaving to Brazil kept me from shipping them to Luc. The box full of cartridges sat in my bedroom for more than a month. The 80 yellow Pac-Man Collection cartridges were shipped to Luc last week. He received a delivery attempt yesterday and is planning to pickup the games tomorrow (Friday). So I believe the people who reserved the yellow version should start having their copies shipped next week. People in the regular black case version list will need to wait a little long. Ah. Thanks for the update. I think I am on the list of interested parties, but I am not sure. To whom do I need to contact to find out? Thanks again.
  9. This is really exciting. Any idea when the beta test will be complete so those who are not beta testers will be able to purchase this? Can't wait!
  10. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    I'v just finished modding my Colecovision. My first project was to build the video board that I originally started this post asking about. The quality of the video is great and no RF static. I would highly recommend this video mod. I have not done or seen the benheck video mod, so I can not compare the video quality. I've also updated the memory on the Coleco to use the +5 (MK4516) DRAM instead of the touchy 4116 that Coleco put in the system and added a selectable bios chip to get around the 12 second Colecovision splash screen. I never realized how long 12 seconds is until I didn't have to wait through it any longer. Both modifications were really easy. I have not done very much work on PC boards or with ICs and found the process to be pretty fun and not that difficult. The memory upgrade was tedious but not difficult - removing the solder on 128 pins to get the old memory out got a little old, but was not too bad. I want to thank chanelmaniac for posting his repair logs they were most helpful in doing these upgrades. If you are considering doing either the bios or memory upgrade, his site will be most helpful. http://newlifegames.net/nlg/index.php?topic=40.0
  11. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    Thanks RJ. I will probably order one from you in the near future.
  12. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    Yes, I did tap into C88 and the ground right there for the audio, which worked great! The custom board really makes your project look professional. I appreciate your help with the project. Do you sell a flashed dual bios chip on your site?
  13. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    Channelmaniac, Thanks for your help. Glad the 1/4 watt resistors are acceptable 'cause those are the size I have. I just got done assembling my video board and it works great! Not near and nice looking as your boards, but it works. Thanks agian for all the great info. I think I may try some more of the mods that you have posted on your repair logs site.
  14. bgg

    Colecovision Video Mod

    Channelmaniac, what wattage of resistors did you use for your board? Thanks!
  15. I just found this post and the game looks great! I would be very interested in purchasing the game when it is available.
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