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  1. Slowly been posting my console collection to CollectedIt!, has all of my boxed Colecovision games listed so far: http://collectedit.c...=Name&view=Grid Still have quite a few loose games to post, once I find the time to post them (in addition to other systems I collect). Enjoy! Anthony
  2. Trying to fill some holes in my Colecovision collection, I need the boxes (and carts when noted) for the following games. I'll consider buying the game as well just to get the box in a few cases. Yes, I realize some of these are tough to find, but figured it can't hurt to try: Alphabet Zoo Antarctic Adventure Artillery Duel Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris - Cart as well B.C. II: Grog's Revenge Blockade Runner Campaign '84 Choplifter! Chuck Norris Superkicks Dam Busters, The Dance Fantasy Dragonfire Dukes of Hazzard Fathom Frenzy Galaxian Gust Buster It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Jungle Hunt Learning with Leeper - Cart as well Linking Logic - Cart as well Logic Levels Make-A-Face - Cart as well Memory Manor - Cart as well Moonsweeper Motocross Racer Mountain King Quest for Quintana Roo Robin Hood Sammy Lightfoot Schtroumpfs Sector Alpha Sewer Sam Slurpy Spectron Spy Hunter Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Super Action Baseball Super Action Soccer - Cart as well Threshold - Cart as well Tomarc the Barbarian Tournament Tennis (Imagic release) - Cart as well Turbo War Room Wiz Math Thanks, Anthony
  3. I posted a few items last week, added a bit more, I've tried to price stuff reasonably here (at least versus the DP guide/eBay). Shipping is extra, but I will do my best to keep it reasonable ($2.00 for most items). Items are in good condition, unless noted, here goes: Atari 8-bit Astrochase : Label has some wear : $5.00 Demon Attack : Complete, box has some wear : $9.00 Frogger II: Threedeep : Cart : $10.00 Millipede : Complete, nice : $5.00 Miner 2049er : Cart : $4.00 Atari 2600 Air Sea Battle : Complete : $1.00 Demons to Diamonds : Sears, Picture Label : $1.00 Jr. Pac-Man : Complete : $1.00 Mouse Trap : Coleco version : $1.00 Pitfall : Cart : $1.00 Solaris : Complete : $1.00 Atari 5200 Gorf : Complete, looks new : $5.00 Atari 7800 Rampage : Cart : $35.00 Titlematch Pro Wrestling : Cart : $3.00 Colecovision 2010 : Cart : $8.00 Antartic Adventure : Cart : $6.00 Chuck Norris : Xonox : $17.00 Dam Busters : Cart , English/French label : $12.00 Donkey Kong : Free with purchase : $0.00 James Bond 007 : Cart : $10.00 The Heist : English/French Label : $7.00 Looping : Cart : $2.00 Popeye : Cart : $2.00 Robin Hood : Cart : $20.00 Root Beer Tapper : Cart : $8.00 Q*bert : Complete : $5.00 Star Trek : Cart : $12.00 Star Wars: TAG : Cart : $12.00 Tarzan : Cart : $7.00 WarGames : Cart : $3.00 NES Q*bert : Cart : $2.50 Sega Master System Montezuma's Revenge : Complete : $10.00 SNES Super Return of the Jedi : Cart : $3.00
  4. Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks, Anthony
  5. I understand, I'm just looking for a list to work from, I want to enter my collection on a spreadsheet and just don't want to type every game name.
  6. Selling some remnants from my long gone Sega Master System collection, I just found a light phaser, sports pad controller and a pair of 3-D glasses (no interface card). Everything is in good condition, used but nice. Looking for $20 including Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the US. (Shipping will probably cost me $6-9). LMK, Anthony
  7. Looking for an Atari 2600 Cartridge list in spreadsheet form, or something that is importable into Excel. I'd rather stick with a US release only list, if it has rarity that's a plus. I know a few sites with lists, but does anybody know of something in spreadsheet form or have something they can send me? Trying to avoid a lot of typing... Thanks, Anthony
  8. As mentioned they were great for oddball NES games, I filled in a lot of holes in my collection through their website, probably 10-12 years ago. Most odd games were $.50-$3.00 and if you ordered online or mail order most were available. Of course as a collector of complete games, it was dissappointing that you never got the box and rarely the instructions. I spoke to one employee who said any used game boxes were tossed. I do agree the selection at a local store varied greatly, what was the point of that huge price list when only 10% of the games were in stock? Anthony
  9. Slowly going through my collection that has been sitting for some time and I'm finding some duplicates, here's what I've got so far, prices include media mail shipping in the US. Carts are loose and in good working condition, unless noted: Atari 8-Bit Demon Attack - CIB - box in average condition - $12.00 Miner 2049er - labed is faded - $6.00 Colecovision The Heist - English/French Label (Canadian release) - $10.00 Q*Bert - CIB, nice box, label is stained - $7.00 NES Q*bert - $4.00 Stack-up - $5.00 SNES Super Return of the Jedi - $5.00 Contact me directly if you're interested, I've been using eBay for years and can provide feedback as a reference. Thanks, Anthony
  10. I'm getting back into classic console gaming after about five years of having my stuff sit in boxes due to limited space. I finally have a room dedicated to all of my console stuff and Atari 8-Bit game cartridges were something I was really into obtaining 5-10 years ago as they just didn't seem as common as the 2600 stuff. Anyway, I've got a what I consider a pretty good sized collection, about 140 cartridges (I only collect cartridges and primarily games). A few questions: - Are there many other guys out there collecting just carts? - Is there any way to gauge value on this stuff other than eBay? - Is the rarity list pretty accurate for these games? - Other than eBay, is there any other good marketplace for buying/selling/trading duplicate games? Thanks in advance, I'm glad I found this forum, really looking forward to getting back into the console genre (I'm a big coin-op arcade collector as well). Anthony
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