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  1. You are technically correct which is the best kind of correct. I think what part the problem may be in regards to TG16 stuff is that not many people know they came in cardboard boxes. Not everyone selling video games on ebay actually cares about video games.
  2. I think this critic is aimed to the lack of BIG 3rd party support. I mean, yeah, there was EA, but they were publishing their games on every support. I mean, where was Capcom, Konami, Interplay, GT Interactive, etc...? Air Warrior and Policenauts were released on the 3DO and MGS was originally planned as a 3DO game so Konami definitely did support the 3DO. I have the Policenauts Pilot disc for the 3DO. Konami also used a modified version of the M2 as an arcade board and made 5 games. Interplay published about 10 games for the 3DO. Capcom released what was at the time the best version of Street Fighter II. So if you actually look there's a lot of support from three of the four companies you mentioned.
  3. Turbo Duo is the number one thing on my want list. And it has been for a very long time.
  4. Pffft only two Saturns. I've got 5. Get on my level. I just region modded my Saturn a few months ago although it's not finished. Right now the switch is just hanging out of the case on wires. It took me like 4 years to do the region mod and I'm sure it'll take just as long before I get a bug up my ass to mod the case. I agree about using a region switch over the import cart. I'm one of a select few weirdos that uses the Netlink so I usually have that in the cart slot and I try to avoid cart swapping as much as possible.
  5. While I'm old enough to have grown up with the 2600, I did have one in the house growing up, I don't care for many games from before the NES days. They just don't peel my banana. Of course there are games from that era I do enjoy...just not many.
  6. My TV has a ps3 via HDMI, 360, Wii, Xbox via Component. Gamecube, N64, SNES, NES, Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis/32X/Sega CD, Master System, TG16, 3do, Neo Geo, Jaguar, Laserdisc player plugged into two automatic AV selectors. One of the AV selectors has Y adapters in each input making it accept 8 systems. The two outputs from the two AV selectors go into the back of my DVD recorder again with Y cables. Then the output from DVDr goes into the TV input. So I can record gameplay of anything at the touch of a button. All the Power cords are plugged into Power Squids which I personally find to be hideous but super functional.
  7. Awesome find. Sounds like you've got a model 1 Sega CD which I personally find to be a beautiful piece of Sega engineering.
  8. I think the general gaming public would be more interested in the lesser known things. It's cool to see new things and not the same old crap over and over.
  9. There are some really good games on the system. It's a shame it didn't get more support and see more software. If you get one cheap enough it's very much worth owning for the few games it has.
  10. NES and SNES I don't care about getting them complete. Master system and Genesis I preffer complete but will geta loose game if it's significantly cheaper.
  11. I bought my AES about a year and a half ago for $120 shipped with a complete copy of Samurai Spirits. I bought it from a friend on another forum that had a second one and know I got a deal. But that's what I paid.
  12. I've replaced all the batteries in all of my NES games and added battery holders so that I won't have to do any soldering in the future. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes per game. The only game that had a dead battery was Zelda II though...the rest of the battery swaps I did before starting the games so that I don't have to worry about losing a save before I got around to beating the game.
  13. On my craigslisst I see Genesis go for as little as $5 and usually no more than $15. In one day on craigslist I got 3 Genesis and 30 complete games (Gunstar Heroes and Kid Chameleon being the only ones I cared about) for $30 bucks.
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