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  1. Wow. Asking for life advice from a bunch of video game collectors is a pretty risky move. But since you asked ... Unless you were playing games non-stop all the time instead of working or looking for a job - there is nothing wrong with having a hobby. I collect and play old video games (I have 30+ consoles, 15+ handhelds and a MAME cabinet). It is all downstairs in the man cave - she gets the rest of the house I play games a few hours a week and she watches her stupid hallmark movies and fixer upper show. Keep it reasonable, dude - and find a woman who is OK with it because it is you. Don't try to change just because someone else doesnt like who you are. If she isn't OK with it, then she is not the one. There is someone for everyone - Hell, I see guys with girls at comic con all the time. In case you haven't noticed - it is OK to be a geek these days. Hell, you should have grown up back in the 70s and 80s when I did. You had to hide in the basement and pretty much give up on ever having a girlfriend. Keep it reasonable and be yourself - cant go wrong.
  2. Tempest it tought to translate because it is just not the same without the spinner. Don't expect it to be all that great on a phone. Play it like it was originaly designed - on an arcade machine (or at least mame). Use your phone for calling people and talking to them.
  3. UPDATE from this years vacation- two years after my above post. Couldn't find the Red Baron game at all. Screen on Xybots stll too dark. Still can't really play it. The joysticks on Robotron 2084 were fixed this year and it was playable - first time in three years. The Battlezone game was back in order and working well. The sit-down Star Trek game was dark - not working. About 10%-15% of the games were dark and out of order - including the Computer Space game which I remember playing last year. Not only was Tempest not working - it was nowhere to be seen!!! I have been to the "World's Largest Arcade" three years in a row and been unable to play Tempest. Overall - it was worth going to since I was in the area - but I would have been dissapointed if I travelled to see it at all. Let's face it, Funspot wants to be a classis video game icon and tout itself in all the promo material and ads, but if they can't have a working Tempest game on sight - it is all blather!!! Oh, by the way, their 'museum' display is pathetic. They have some hand held table top games, and some new flashback consoles in the case. My basement is a better museum that that. They did have a new indoor putt putt golf course, though. And all the kiddie-vegas ticket games were working just fine. I also noted that many of the pinbal games now take two tokens..
  4. When I found a Vectrex at a garage sale for like $25. I cried tears of joy. When the guy plugged it in and it actually worked flawlessly - I was a total blubbering mess. Seriously - When I read that Ralph Baer passed away a few months ago, I had to stop for a moment and pay respect to the great engineer and all around good guy that made all of this possible.
  5. No one gets excited about the Spectrums for pete's sake.
  6. The 3DO and Jaguar just dont have enough good games. The Genesis Sega CD, too. Most of the games blew. They put a lot of little video clips in them. It was neat at the time, but it is dated now and kills the playability.
  7. Get 'em both! Who are you kidding. If it is that hard of a decision, just get them both. You know you want too, so go for it. I always tell my wife that I look for good deals so that I can always turn around and sell them and get my money back if I need to. Never have needed to, though.
  8. I really wanted an Odyssey for my collection bud didnt want to pay the ridiculous prices on most ebay auctions (which were usually the same seller). A few years ago, I bid on and won a non-working system for about $150. When the system arrived, I took it apart and the battery tray was disconnected from the main board - it did not look like it had ever been connected. i connected it and "viollla" the system worked like new. I think it may have never been played. Well, I then contacted Ralph Baer (rest in peace) through his website and he agreed to autograph the console if I shipped it to him with return postage. Now I have an Odyssey that works like new and has Ralph Baer's autograph. Don't give up - keep trying.
  9. The early 80s were the best! When the dancing and redemption games started taking over in the 90s it was all over for me.
  10. It might be tough to find anyone who works on them, and then it may be more cost effective to buy another one. I had the same issue with my Microvision when it died of screen rot. I had to just buy another one. Just dont pay too much. In my opinion, the game.com systems are the most ridiculously overpriced handhelds on ebay for what you get. You have to be a total hopeless case like me who just wants to put one in your collection. They are not worth anywhere near what they are going for with respect to their playability value - which is just this side of $0.
  11. NEVER buy from an ad that uses a stock photo. It is really easy to take a photo of the actual article. They are hiding something.
  12. I vacation in NH with my family every summer (for 12 years now). We go to funspot every year - it is a tradition. There are TONS of old classic arcade games, many very obscure. It was great to go from one game to another and relive the past fun. There are also dozens of pinball games as well. Howevver - I have noticed a slow but steady degradation of the experience over the years. An 'out of order' game used to be a rare thing there, now they are all over the place. This year - Just two weeks ago: The side to side movement on the joystick in the sit down Red Baron machine did not work - not much fun when you can only go up and down. The vertical movement on the Guunfight machine did not work. The screen on the Xybots machine was dark and worst of all - The Battelzone machine and the Tempest machine did not work at all! Two of hte greatest classics sitting there unplugged. And on and on. My friend is an big pinball fan and he was dissapointed that so many pinball machines were out of order as well. But you could watch a video of the owner on American Restoration and look at a restored 'Shoot the Bear' game behind a rope with a 'do not touch' sign. That would be really neat if the Battelzone game worked as well. They seem to have plenty of people working on the ticket-spewing redemption games and serving pizzas in the bowling alley, but the classic arcade machines that Funspot uses as thier claim to fame do not seem to get any attention. How tough would it be for the "Worlds Largest Arcade" to get someone to fix the Tempest game. Come on!
  13. What is the point of collecting something if it is crap? You could collect all the game.com stuff and you would have a bunch of crap. I got a game.com and some games off ebay and after about ten minutes decided to heck with this system, it is crap. What good is a collection if you dont want to play it? I never understood any other mindset.
  14. Back to the OP, I really didnt think the guy was all that funny.
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