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  1. When it comes to the SCV, I have had no luck at ALL with the Wanted posts. Lord knows I have tried a few times; I assume this means that there are very few people who are collecting for this. It seems most items I find on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions are manual-less...
  2. and sure enough, Sky Kid completed my cart collection and it had no manual. I posted in Wanted about missing manuals or getting replacement boxes (or just boxes, period) for games I have. I keep getting copies of Super Soccer in game lots (one of the worst games for the system), and amusingly ALL these have had manuals. Why specifically Super Soccer? Who can say. But it is a rarity -- Super Mahjong copies seem to have the manual and the overlay often too.
  3. So, help a brother out. :: laugh :: I have several Super Cassette Vision games that I would love to sell off -- I'm not sure how many collectors for this system there are, but I have a few games that may be of interest. Games with boxes: #01, Astro Wars. Cart in good shape; box has price tag residue on front and some damage where the tab should go, tab intact. No manual. #05, Super Baseball. Cart in good shape; box has some tearing on left side and some grime from age, tab intact. No manual. #06, Punch Boy. Cart in good shape, as is the box, with only some signs of age. No manual. #13, Super Soccer. Cart in good shape; box has fraying near tab. Includes manual. #22, Doraemon. Cart is in okay shape; box has signs of age, some bending, still has the box tab. No manual. #26, Wai Wai (Y2) World. Cart has some wear but works great; box is just okay, slightly misshapen, looks its age, missing tab. No manual. Solo carts: #02, Astro Wars II: Battle in Galaxy #10, Wheelie Racer #17, Nekketsu Kung Fu Road All of these carts have been tested on my Japanese Epoch system and all function fine. Please DM me with some reasonable offers. These carts are located in Central Illinois. So yeah, help me find a new home for these carts! If you collect for an oddball system like this, maybe these will strike your fancy!
  4. So I currently have all of the carts released for this system, but am sadly missing boxes for several of the games (or the boxes are in super deplorable condition). Super Golf Elevator Fight Lupin III Dragon Slayer Sky Kid Also, except for a few, I am trying to find manuals for most of the games as well. Can anyone help?
  5. I have been loving AF and TNT Cowboy -- great releases! So can't wait for Defender of the Crown. Sadly Portland seems unlikely for me.
  6. Okay, update: after FINALLY finding an executable for Windows 64-bit systems (the current one has none!) I uninstalled and then reinstalled all the drivers and -- wouldn't you know it ! -- there is my device, on COM3. Thank you for the help!
  7. Using mode I got: Status for device COM3: Baud: 57600 Parity: None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1 Timout: OFF XON/XOFF: OFF CTS handshaking: OFF DSR handshaking: OFF DSR sensitivity: OFF DTR circuit: ON RTS circuit: ON Status for device CON: Lines: 300 Columbs: 80 Keyboard rate: 31 Keyboard delay: 1 Code page: 437 Toggling OPEN did in face send the LOCUTUS beacon. Excitedly, I ran to the GUI, and ... no LTO Flash! devices were found. I am so so confused.
  8. Fascinating. Now that you bring it up, I had recently reinstalled Skype; I wonder if this uses a COM port? I sadly don't know enough about the software to make a judgement. Everything in the device driver menu (except it listing a COM port) seems to match up perfectly. I used the RealTerm program, set it to what you described, and got no kind of beacon whatsoever on the settings you described. I assume this beacon should just pop up upon the cart being plugged in? I'm now wondering if I should try to uninstall the driver and reinstall everything? Oy, this is frustrating.
  9. I was one of the ones who heard about the project two days after everything was over and done with. Lord knows I have been trying to get a used copy, but I don't recall seeing this ever come up on eBay. I must be looking in the wrong spots!
  10. The COM part is not there. And nope, the cart is sitting next to my computer, quite a bit a distance from the console.
  11. Under "Ports (COM and LPT)" I have "USB Serial Port." Would this be it? The current cord I was using was described as a "sync cable"; the cable I used the prior four times also was and, again, worked fine up until now. I was told that I could try to install drivers, but the file linked on the LTO Flash Site doesn't seem to have any executables in it, so I have no idea how to do this.
  12. Hey guys! Hoping someone here can assist me. I have owned an LTO Flash for about a year now, and have it plugged into my PC about 4 or 5 times. I recently bought new games, and was ready to try them out on my actual hardware. However, it seems the user interface refuses to recognise my LTO Flash cart. It is the same computer so I am confused. I have tried different USB ports, and even bought a new micro USB cord, all to no avail. "Find devices" insists that nothing can be found. The Windows 8 happy "ding" noise upon plugging the cart in seems to suggest something is happening, but whatever it is, it's not being recognised by the user interace. Suggestions? I have spent far too much time on this already unplugging, replugging, resetting, etc. Also: if there is a more appropriate place for this, then accept my apologies. Not sure where this should go!
  13. Hey guys! I have an old Super Cassette Vision that I had purchased second-hand, and the lid that is supposed to cover the cotnrollers had long since gone missing. Is there a place where one can find these? Any assistance would be welcome.
  14. Oh trust me, I'm aware that this is super unlikely. But, stranger things have happened ...
  15. Recently a homebrew cart of Dragon's Lair was created on the TI-99/A by a rather talented man, and I apparently just missed the sales cut-off for this game. So, would someone out there be willing to part with their copy? Thanks in advance!
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