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  1. Well look at that, I got it working! Thank you so much for your time and patience with me!
  2. Heh, I have had several Japanese consoles that went through RF (including the Cassette Vision's followup, the Super Cassette Vision), and I have never before had issues outside of the channel on which they broadcast (almost all Japanese consoles used Japanese channel 1 and 2, which correspond to channels 95 and 96 here). I'd like to think that this isn't it, or I would have seen this issue elsewhere (and I haven't).
  3. I must thank you so much, as this worked like a charm and I had no issue powering my system!
  4. Hi guys! I recently picked up a Cassette Vision Jr. at a superbly low price, so I went for it and a game. I have never had any experience with this console ever, and my first order of business (thanks to this forum!) was sourcing a replacement power supply. Now here is where I need the help: I assumed that all RF plugs were created equal (and up until now, in my experience, they have been), but upon plugging this into my RF to coax adapter, the plug seemed to not quite fit? I assume (though it's a guess on my part) as to why the resulting image had no colour nor sound and was not completely stable. In comparing it to a standard RF plug (the Atari 2600's), the Cassette Vision Jr.'s plug (on the left in the picture below) seems shorter? It doesn't seem to really "fit". Soooooo has anyone had this experience? How have you solved it? Any suggestions, adapters, etc., that anyone knows of? Thank you so much in advance if anyone can give me any leads as I'm not quite sure what else to do here.
  5. That is indeed the same system that I have! I have been looking for plugs that are tip positive and inner negative, with 6 volts and 500ma. Many of the ones I see are on Amazon like this here allow adjustable voltage and polarity. I think this should do it then?
  6. I have gotten my hands on a Cassette Vision Jr. console, but the issue is that it did not come with a power supply/cable. If anyone has/had owned this system, do you know what kind of power supply (voltage etc.) I should look for? Would the Super Cassette Vision power supply work? Asking because I genuinely have no idea and I don’t want to fry the console.
  7. Someone else is selling a system II — with two faulty controllers — for $500. I tried to talk the seller down to a more reasonable price and no dice. This is why I am trying to repair what I have.
  8. Someone will apparently sell theirs for over a grand. Seriously.
  9. Dumb question: does anyone know who I can turn to in order to repair a Channel F? I received one for a decent amount, and it tries to send some sort of signal (I get black on Channel 3) but nothing more than that.
  10. HI! Looking for a functioning Fairchild Channel F -- preferably System II but not exclusively. If you have one you'd like to get rid of, please send me a message and we can work something out!
  11. Yosikuma

    WTB: Channel F

    Looking for a functioning Channel F. Would prefer the System II but at this point I'm not terribly picky. Also interested in accompanying software. Do let me know if you have one you'd care to part with. EDIT: Found a seller. Thank you!
  12. Yosikuma

    WTB: PC Engine

    Just wondering, does anyone have an older PC Engine they'd like to part with?
  13. It actually freezes on the first frame on my Harmony Encore. I'll try the new version soon and let you know if this also does the same.
  14. Looks great on Stella! I tried running this on a Harmony Encore cart though and it flipped out.
  15. Well, if anyone has any ideas of a source for replacements -- even if they are redesigns like CatPix has suggested, or 3D files, or whatever, I would love to know.
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