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  1. Let me get some scores in early this time around Time Warp 2,093 Skiing 51.35 Sky Jinks 2:26.48
  2. Hey, looking at the standings, it seems the order is off, please double check....weird paul and ferghead seem to be getting short changed
  3. Berzerk 4,230 I hate....Q*Bert on 2600, love it everywhere else, the controls are too wonky, even if you "tilt" the joystick....in fact the next Q*Bert cart I see I will stomp!
  4. Meh...didn't have alot of time to get into this one, plus couldn't find cart so first with emulator...13,572
  5. well crap, guess who forgot to send in score on Sunday?
  6. Almost forgot to upload these! Donkey Kong: 58,600 Bowling: 481 Pac-Man: 5,133 Bonus: Green hair, energy dome, retro new wave straight dress.....yowza!!
  7. Pac-Man has the worst (best, too damn accurate) hit detection, I must've blocked it out of my mind.....I don't think I've groaned at a game this much in years
  8. :mad: that' s happened to me twice tonight, so.....tomorrow is another day 95050 highest so far
  9. Adventure story in the works, methinks this will be the LONGEST EPISODE YET
  10. OK, A little better on the main challenge 3330 on 6 b/b And also putting in for the extra points on Game 1: 9890
  11. Here's my first score for the 6 b/b mode, 3010 I should be able to roll the standard game 1, but don't have time now...this variation is pretty tough...and just a hint for those that didn't know/didn't realize there can only be two invader bullets on screen at once....small detail that comes in handy
  12. 31,910 Here's my score thus far, might get some time before cut-off this weekend to see if I can't get a little further...and if my old thumbs hold out!
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