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  1. What happened with the coleco version of Sydney Hunter?
  2. Is there screenshot somewhere of Berenstain Bears on colecovision? Interesting coleco published this thing first on Atari VCS before Colecovision.
  3. Very interesting. Do we have some technical information on that thing?... i guess there are some RAM in the module plugged in the expension where the Tape content is loaded. Do we know how much was planned?
  4. Wow!... what is it? It is a tape reader for the colecovision?... something like the supercharger on Atari VCS?
  5. youki

    Skies of Arcadia

    i have loved that game. I'm not a RPG Fan as well , i think it is the only RPG i have completed!. But did not completed it with 100% , i think it was around 70% , so there is lot of place i did not see. What i don't like too much is this kind of game are boss Battle... I like the stories , exploring .... but battle are boring, IMHO.
  6. thanks for your answer. So you can buy products and resell them "as is". In that case , if no special agreement , the warranty is honored by the product maker . But assuming , for instance i buy few phoenix to resell, and if i manage to resell them not before one year (let say the Phoenix has one year warranty) , my buyer will have no more warranty? Is what you mean by ?:
  7. It is what i was just thinking! In the U.S , can we buy some IPhone from Apple and resell them with your own brand without a legal agreement or something like that?
  8. yes ! we need this, with an SGM clone used to play MSX Version Port on Spy Hunter on our colecovision! 😀 Joke aside, impressive work double down!👍👍👍
  9. The french post seems to be in a bad state after the covid19... (may be i should say during the covid19... nothing is finish)... Even when you send packed from France to France... it got lost... or takes weeks.
  10. you 're "that's right" in the answer , was not the answer to :
  11. My post was just a joke. But as you ask , in fact you said it in that thread , when H.E.R.O asked you. You have answered :
  12. #113 on 100 members? 😄 😉
  13. A MSX expansion module would be great for me. Something that allow you to run directly MSX Cartridge on Colecovision. Like that some homebrew developpers will have more time to create original games for the colecovision instead of using that time to port MSX game to SGM. Or may be less interresting for you in the U.S. but may be for others, the opposite a Colecovision Expansion Module for MSX. This kind of module already exists for Spectravideo SV318 which very close to msx standard but not a msx. I don't think such a module exists for real MSX.
  14. i 'm always surprised that nowadays in computer science school the students do not start to learn Assembly before starting others languages.... as a result you have tons of "programmers" that don't even know what is byte and have no idea how computer works.... as result the computer industry is flooded with absurd frameworks and tools that are totally inefficient ... mainly in cloud industry , it just totally crazy. The young generation of "programmer" surprise me every day in not a good way.... when i was at school , we started to learn Assembly (it was 6502 , then 68000 at this time) , then we go to PASCAL , then C , then C++ .... and each time that explained how it relates to previous one... nowadays they just start with HTML , CSS, javascript... sometimes JAVA ... they just learn how to use some open source libraries without even understand how it works ...
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