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  1. Last news i have, if you reserved a copy , you should be contacted very soon.
  2. Soon of Nibbler Zombie Near Pang / Buster Bros Princess Quest Quest for Golden Calice Risky Risk
  3. Is there a special BIOS for Canada or Quebec? I think to remember to have seen a BIOS where text was translated in French . (Mainly , i remember, the text you see when you power on the console without cartridge) . But i don't think it is on version for France.
  4. It is only the back of the post card that is customisable , the front is the same for everybody.
  5. Another thing. If i come from the room under the first castle , and go back to castle but just one step (just enough to make appear the castle) then go back , you can not. You are stuck... you have to go up , then down again to be able to go back to the previous room.
  6. I don't know what i did exactly but while i was in the blue maze... i was carrying the key and suddenly my avatar (the blue square) was no more visible. I can walk around but i see only the key... Btw it is very smooth.
  7. there is a commented source code listing of the Coleco BIOS somewhere . That you can even assemble directly. I will have to dig in my hard-drive to find it , but i'm sure with Google you will find it may be faster than me!
  8. Cool!!!! Thanks a lot! Very well done I have been impressed by horse racing 83 's full circle track!
  9. What about putting a 80286 instead of a Z80 ? I think it should be quiet easy to port Z80 code to 286. the Z80 is backward compatible with the 8080 . the 80x86 family is somewhat based on the 8080 . back in time you were able to find kind of "translator" that can directly transform 8080 code to run on 8086 without any modification (after the translation process). and i think you can find 286 up to 25 Mhz . Speaking about translation from Z80 to 286 , years ago a guy ported a set of MSX games (including Konami's KnightMare) to PC 286. He did not rewrite code for zero he started from the MSX rom directly. and it was not emulation.
  10. I have totally forgot to say i have received the new manual 2 weeks ago. (i suppose it is that, has i did not even find time to open the letter!!!!) Thanks!
  11. youki, on 13 Feb 2019 - 4:46 PM, said: I said that Power lord , Fall Guy and Porkys dumps were not full complete games as far i know.
  12. Full games have been found and dumped???? The only dump i'm aware of are not at all full game and far to be... Just a question , the game in question , is it a good game? Or something more average?
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