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  1. ColecoVision Homebrew kits These home kits are very good compromise. It is just pitty the size of the casing is not "standard" . But they are very good.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation and Thanks to Tony!. I wait this game since years! Just ordered.
  3. I guess it is a portage of that MSX game Ice World - 1985, Casio, MSX - Gameplay - YouTube
  4. Adding Carvern Fighter to the cart, i just realized Cavern Fighter needs the SGM??? I thought it was running on a stock colecovision. Is it a mistake on the site?
  5. You go to fast i don't even have time to play the previous games you release a new one! 😄
  6. I have got the same problem , yesterday i ran into trouble when i launched the tool. (i did not used it since a while) ... and after reading your post i changed the Run propery to Maximized and it worked. Thanks
  7. Strange because something like that should work : byte __at (0xe000) cellram[32][32]; byte __at (0xe800) tileram[256][8]; But i'm wondering why you need to do that. I was trying to use SGM Ram for one of my project, i add just to set the dataloc to 0x2000 sdcc -mz80 --code-loc 0x8048 --data-loc 0x2000 ... then i allocate my memory normally.
  8. did you try stuff like that byte __at (0x2000) PORTA_255; or __sfr __at (0x2000) PORTA_255;
  9. The problem is not the controller, it is your hands or the way you handle the controller.
  10. What's wrong with the Colecovision Controllers? . They were very good.
  11. It is why on the smurf challenge box there is a 18+ logo
  12. You can not do what you want to do. The games you want change the title screen don't use "custom title screen". They use the standard title screen which is coded in the Colecovision ROM BIOS itself , not in the cartridge. In the cartridge rom you will find only the Text. "VENTURE" , "PEPPER II" etc... so the only thing you can change easly is if you want rename PEPPER II to PEPPER I for instance. But not put graphic title. To do that, it is lot more complex, you have to dissamble the cartridge rom and Invert 2 bytes in the header in order the coleco do not display the default title screen and implement code that load your own pattern , Name and Color Table that you have also to include in your data section. that's a developper work , not a simple cut and paste byte at the right place.
  13. Lol , i see you have also the Fanstastic Game : Gran Tourista 5 from PolyColique Digital & Fuka Laxatif 🤣 I had forgotten that one! However, i wouldn't have classified it as Homebrew!
  14. Again a great one!!! Thanks! what a productivity! 😍
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