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  1. You are not too far from the truth. i speak only for me , i can not tell for others. But personally programming on old console i do it is just for my own pleasure. It is purely selfish. I don't care about "fan" . If a game i do is appreciated by fan i'm very happy ,it is rewarding but it is just bonus , but it is not a problem if the game is not appreciated. I just want take pleasure to code what i want how i want. I don't do business.
  2. i'm subscriber of this magazine since 2004! I think it was number 6 . I had discover this magazine during one of my trip in the U.S! I did know it at all! I felt in love... at this time there was a Cover DVD!!! .. it was before IP Publishing get the hand on it. After IP Publishing got it , i have been a little bit disappointed, i liked less the design of the magazine.. too modern layout for me , but the content was still very good but no more DVD. My favorites section was the homebrew section. Almost all my games have been featured in it , and i have been "homebrew hero" 2 Times! (Thanks Jason!) Until know i was still subscriber mainly only for the Homebrew section. Because we have a french edition of the magazine. In french, that regroup articles from the Uk mags every 3 month. But there is no homebrew section in it. So i read both!... i love read the same article in my native language too!! I have noticed the content changed to be less retro for me. In fact , it is just because retro time shifted. In 2004 , retro was the 80 and 90's . In 2020 retro is also 2000-2010... that is for me not interesting at all. You have just to look the section "The latest news from XXXXX"... Now we have "the latest news from 2003!!!" .. The date this retro magazine is born! Recently i have noted that the Homebrew section disappeared. .. I have contacted Darran , who said me that unfortunately Jason was very sick (i hope you will recover fast Jason... i wish you the best... come back to us in good health!). So this year , i won't renew my subscription. i will keep reading the french version for now... But if there is only thing from after 2000... i will stop also.
  3. Wouldn't be better to have the buttons and stick neared the front border? I suppose you designed like that in order to put your hand on the front. But if you look at arcade cabinets from the 80's it is not like that. I personally find more comfortable to have buttons and joystick to a distance from the border like below.
  4. i don't understand the obsession with "add on" to improve the console. If you find your colecovision not enough powerful , just play on sega master system for instance or a megadrive. I think programmers who are "obsessed" with "stock colecovision" like me . It is just because the challenge is more interesting. What programmers loves in retro programming is to jungle with limitation of a machine.
  5. I 'm waiting this game since 30 years!!! 😀
  6. Despite the Atari has been sold in France, i have never meet somebody who owned one back in time. (except me! I bought one in a used computer shop for almost nothing in 1986, and still have that one!). But i know in some european country like in Poland where it has been very popular. In France , after 1984 almost everybody owning a 8bits had a Amstrad CPC... i was almost alone with my C64!😀
  7. It is because they reused case from French "Minitel" a terminal for Teletext. If you are interrested in the "minitel" story , the "French internet" from 1980... there is an article in english here https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-18610692
  8. I'm impressed by the smooth movement when you rotate the items 👍 How you did that? you jungle between sprites and characters? when you rotate the items are sprites and the white selection is characters? in other cases it is the opposite ? Very nice.
  9. i agree with you concerning sounds ( however i prefer the theme (Magnetic Field from Jean Michel harre) in colecovision version which not the one from arcade but same as C64 version. ) But in term of gameplay i don't share your opinion. The colecovision is really closer to the arcade version then the SG 1000 one.
  10. i think the existing colecovision of Bomb Jack is way better than the SG1000 version.
  11. I think the idea of IBM WAS to have a port of CP/M for their PC. In addition CP/M has been release also for IBM PC in the 80's. But was more expensive than MSDOS for almost the same thing... I suggest you (and the others) looks to this very interesting video :
  12. I'm a fan of C64 but i wouldn't recommend it as "out of box" computer to start with retro computing. The standard Basic is too limited , of course you can use some other basic like the Excellent Simon's Basic , but it is not in standard. Reliability it really depends on the C64.... you can be lucky or not... concerning the Game library , i think it hard to find better than the C64's one. And there is also lot of modern device to improve your experience with that machine. So in general, i would say the C128 is a better choice if you want do BASIC. and as it is also backward compatible with the C64 , it is a very good choice. But in general if i would suggest a good "out of the box" machine for retro computing / Gaming , i would go for an MSX or even better (but more expensive) an MSX 2. These machines are really reliable , there is lot of choice in term of brand, look etc... The Microsoft Basic on them is really good , there a very big game library with very good games. And lot of game on cartridge also. And the community is still extremely active! Another very good machine would be the Amstrad CPC . I would go for CPC 6128 or a CPC6128+ to have a disk drive and 128k. the locomotiv basic on these machine is also really good , the game library is also big and there are lot quality games. And also the community is very active. (mainly in spain and France )
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