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  1. But all you Say is not part of membership according to Toby. It is just the "bonus". So you dis not pay for that.
  2. Hum..i think i missed something, what offer the membership exactly? if Rom access, Secret game and more is not part of the membership but just bonus?
  3. it's a hold for the pcb . with the cartridge kits we are buying to produce the cart . There is a piece of wood that is provide to hold the PCB. As it is not nice to see a piece of wood in a cartridge, we wrap it with black electric tape. This hold is not absolutely necessary but we have prefer let them for more safety. (to avoid the PCB move when you push it to much in the console) For our next games we will have something different , we have printed new hold with 3D printers.
  4. It is why , i want a picture of the box , don't say the name of the game. 😊 But it was just joke.
  5. Can we have a picture of the box? 😁
  6. I don t manage shipping. I thought all copies had Been sent.i have just sent a mail to Tanuki to know. But don t hesitate to contact him via PM. He will check for sure.
  7. I had used them back in time , according to my memories they were pleasant to use. But personally i have the preference for the ATARI CX 24 (PRO LINE) joystick. I had them back in time that i had modified to be able to use the 2 buttons on the colecovision. The first series of these joysticks where indestructible!!. The only ones that survived to Decathlon!!. I still have the joystick i had in 1984 and it still works!. Unfortunaly then , i think they reduce costs... and the later produced are bad quality.
  8. Thanks a lot for your comment!😊 I just see you are playing it on the PHOENIX? Do you see some flickering when all sprites are on the same line?
  9. My discussion around "licensing" is not intended to Collectorvision or a somebody else. It is just an open discussion. It just came here because we talked about reselling The cartridge. There is nothing related to what collectorvision asked. I have absolutly no problem with that personally, i share same view about flipping on Ebay.
  10. There is a license agreement when you buy any software whatever the support is. Generally in the manual you have a long text written in little sized font that nobody reads... For exemple the one from SEGA : https://www.sega.com/EULA Or this one for another software on Cartridge. https://d2e2oszluhwxlw.cloudfront.net/home/public/page/20/CARTRIDGE-EULA-Rev1-2.pdf
  11. On your video game cartridge you have a software (the game) , You own the Cartridge but not the game. you have just a license to use the game. After laws are country specifics . but since years there are lot of debates and law suite about do have a the right to resell a software. (being only digital or with physical support) https://www.allbusiness.com/the-difference-between-buying-and-licensing-software-928-1.html It is just to discuss , i have nothing against buying or selling used video game
  12. In fact, i think , when you "buy" a software , you simply buy a usage license. The game is not your property legally. It is more and more true nowadays where there is no more physical support. But it was already like that since the beginning. Normally you can not re-sell your game except if the license say you can transfer the license to somebody else.
  13. i found the idea of the secret and exclusive game for club members very good. I like that a lot in fact. Even if technically at the end ,In fact, they paid (a lot) for the game , And it is a limited release. Nothing more. But The "surprise" Game , i love the concept. What i don't understand, it is why kept the name secret after every member received it? And exclude people from your club if they reveal the name? And i guess also if they post video on youtube? For the 2 games of the "other" company , we can understand why the secret is needed. But here? As developer , for instance, they could be a risk i could spend time developing a version of that game if i don't know it exists , it is pity. I 'd prefer work on non existing game . I have already started some games and then discovered after that other developers were already working on the same Title. As i prefer play game from other than mine, i prefer let them continue and stop on my side to work on something new. It is not a problem what it is Original games , but when it is a Arcade Adaption or an adaption of a popular title it could happens. Already happened to me 4 times! As we tend to adapt the game we love, and we tend to love more or less all the same games...
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