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  1. 2 pieces ??? You will go to bankruptcy if you do that... don't you see the price of toilet paper nowadays... 😁
  2. I had already proposed that to Tanuki initially. I wanted he put a piece of toilet paper in the box... as well as a piece of french smelly cheese... for the cheese i understand he refused we could have issue with customs in certain country... but for the paper he did not like the idea...😄
  3. I see there is still some available at www.gooddealgames.com I guess you can always also contact coté gamer , if there is enough demand we can surely do more.
  4. i can sell you a dedicated version of Muncher Mouse for $5000 if you wish...😄😃😄
  5. Very good! I love the graphics Style!😃
  6. Muncher-Mouse is featured in Retro Gamer Magazine issue #204. It has got a 88%. Not bad 😃
  7. I'm still using old newcoleco's devkit on windows 10 based on SDCC. 3 years, i have converted the Ghost'n Zombie source that was done with Hi-Tech C to SDCC in order to make Knight'n More. Conversion did not require lot of changes but however few. (the main ones were just to add some "Const" in front of some declaration ) , The rom generated was smaller with SDCC than Hitech-C , but performance in code execution was better with Hitech-C. I'd just suggest, you put hand on a newcoleco devkit based on SDCC , and convert your C sources. The environment will be the same. Or you can take another devkit , AlekMaul created a devkit recently , you should find the link somewhere in this forums.
  8. Do you have already some screenshots of the game running on a standard Colecovision? I'm always impressed by the graphics you manage to produce for the standard Colecovsion. Less impressed by the Phoenix one , they are very nice but due to lot of less technical constraint it impress me less.
  9. DK III could be the 2020 secret game of Collectorvision Club...😄 who knows....
  10. If they manage to sell the cart at 150 usd , i guess there will be no limit. 😃
  11. I just did a "save as Pdf" from excel , is it what you want? BTW , i did not understood the Rarity Rating . Seems strange to me . And i have some information on release quantities etc concerning my game ... i could provide. ColecoVision Collectors Database v3.00 (2019).pdf
  12. I think Armageddon make use of the roller controller. no? The game i'm currently working on could make use of it. I will see if i have enough bytes free to support it in addition of standard joystick.
  13. Back in Time: Assembler Pascal Nowaday C Assembler
  14. great american cross country road race is not an arcade game. It can not be the 2020 secret game. So JF said it is a 128K game , i think we can remove from the list almost all old exidy game from the list. They really don't 128k. And also the list from pixel boy. I don't think also it is a racer game.
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