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  1. Nicely done. But did you know that boulder Dash exists on Colecovision? I see that level layout are different on yours. Is there other differences?
  2. What i would love is real monochrome display. i would love a 1920x1080 in real monochrome. (not shade of grey) ... just as the Atari St or the first Mac were... Pixel can be White or Black nothing else. It was so comfortable to work with. (of course we need application designed for that mode)
  3. Monochrome Display on SM124 was so great. i would love to retrieve this kind of monochrome display on modern PC.
  4. the rom is already available in this thread
  5. Toru Iwatani did not exactly create Pacman , to be accurate he has created Puck-man.
  6. I guess you can extend the game list with the Frogger games and may be Q-Bert. I would say also may be Frostbite! btw , Very nice controller!
  7. Yes, as described in that thread : But it is hardly exploitable in a game i think. Not as on Atari VCS or a C64.
  8. a great tool to create graphic for coleco is also : multipaint , it is deluxe paint like which support graphic mode constraint of classics computer. If you choose MSX1 , you will have exactly the same limitation than the colecovision , may be little difference concerning the value of the palette. But make no real difference. Multipaint (kameli.net) You have also the tool from Tony Cruise , there is a thread the programming section (kiwi pointed to it). it is a very great tool too.
  9. when you zoom on the pictures (mainly side views) , the box seems to not be so mint...
  10. Personally i don't think. It is a very good computer for its time but It had reliability problems.:( But it is what the video said. I would love to be able to have one back in time , but i had to sell my coleco to buy a commodore 64. could not afford the Adam :(.. now, i know the C64 was the best choice i could do , but back in time i really wanted an ADAM.
  11. yes, waste of time , everybody knows that the ADAM is the worst computer in the world..... 😀 .. I run.... I'm far.. far... far.. 😁
  12. nice puzzle game! Thanks!
  13. I love that!!! ... i started to work on the same kind of project 2 years ago , i put it on hold for now because i have other thing to work on. But what you did looks very similar to my vision. However you took a different technical approach than me. I choose to use the "BITMAP" Mode , this way , my bullet are not sprites but Pixels , so don't need to manage flickering for them and i can put more. Looking forward to see it available!!
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