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  1. sorry for my question , but why you need 200 members to be able to provide the second game? (or am i wrong?, i think i read that somewhere) As your 2 games seems to be valued at your standard game prices?
  2. No, don't be sorry, thanks to you , it is easy to identify the bootlegs. 😉
  3. the original is on the left. the 2 others are bootleg. I knew the one on the right , i did not know the other. But i know from where comes the box templates.
  4. Hum i see you have 2 Bootlegs of Ghost'n Zombies ... i knew one existed , but it seems there are more.:(
  5. Super Cobra, there is a "kind of" scrolling.
  6. the project is not dead but on hold.
  7. it would be wonderful if you could add a speech synthesizer. 😍
  8. You mean the "Our vision is your vision" did not work? 😀
  9. i thought he was really talking about human milk but the one you find in pharmacy for babies. Good to know for the Cow milk. Thanks Tanuki.
  10. The cat i had when i was young lived also until 21 years... it was so heartbreaking I did not know that human milk was so bad for cat?... on the other hand , it would never had the idea to give human milk to a cat. But Cow milk is it good?
  11. Seems very interesting. Thanks! NIAD.
  12. what you call trading cards are the encyclopedic cards , i think.
  13. You have the license to Kill! 😄 Tanuki , who is 007?
  14. a tool like BMPtoPP? or ICVGM ? You have also the MSX Sprite && Tile Editor of Tony Cruise.
  15. Funny , as i have developed the game during my work conference calls as well... 🤣😄
  16. thanks a lot for your tests! So it seems it an issue only with the Phoenix 1 ? I don't know the difference between the 1 and the 2 ?... is it a question of core version? the 1 can be update with the core of the 2 ?
  17. yes, it would be great if you can test on a gen 2 . it would be very interesting to know if the behavior change .
  18. It is not possible to buy a HBVision. I have a prototype as i worked with Fabf on the project. For now , it is on hold. Fabf has other priorities. I hope we will finally release it one day because it a very interesting project . I use the HBVision to test as it is also based on FPGA and in its current state i think it should be in theory less "compatible" than the Phoenix. so in my mind, if it works on the HBVision , it should work with the Phoenix. But unfortunately it seems not
  19. thinking about this issue.. make me think to that thread Cavern Fighter and Second Gen Phoenix issues - CollectorVision - AtariAge Forums Is the problem only on a certain version of the Phoenix or certain Core version? From what i can see in addition of our tests on Standard Colecovision Secam , PAL , NTSC and HBVision. It works also on : Colecovision RGB Modded NTSC and Colecovision F18A (NTSC?) modded. That is strange is that is does not crash at the begining , at least at the first level transition. It is always the same code with is executed each time.
  20. The game has been fully tested on Standard Colecovision Secam , PAL , NTSC and HBVision. It runs fine. Unfortunately , we don't have Phoenix to test. We are trying to find one to able also to test our future game. (just to validate it works on it) But it is very strange it does not work on Phoenix... Donuts man do nothing "special" nor use tricks or what ever. It seems the Phoenix need an update. I have no clue why it does not work on Phoenix. My target is just standard Colecovision. The Phoenix claims to be 100% compatible, so i assume it should work. Donuts Man uses the same game engine than Muncher Mouse , do you have issue with Muncher Mouse on the Phoenix? Did you raise the issue at Collectorvision?
  21. why not like that : Steering : left / right Accelerator : said left button shift gear down : right button + down shift gear up : right button + up Hand break : left + right button together. You don't have to use the keypad, i think it is better.
  22. You mean the game that is offered to club members?
  23. Too easy , i have found the 7 in a blink... 😄
  24. i have a script that generate symbol for BlueMSX debugger. But in general , most of the time, i just display variable on screen.
  25. thanks NIAD! I did not know that. Very interresting.
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