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  1. I vote for PS4 conversions , i would love to see Shenmue III on the colecovision or God of war! 🤩
  2. I think , there is a "standard" for this logo? Depending of the color of the log, it means the SGM is required or that the game is improved (generally the music) if the SGM is plugged?
  3. I hope for you it is not that ones, if you look closer, you will see that for the second the 4th pin of the FPGA is unsoldered.
  4. thanks i hope you wil like the game.
  5. It seems i'm no more in your list. i did not receive any mails from Team Pixel boy since a while there is nothing in my spams as well. i know i don't buy each of your releases... but i have already bought a small set these past years.
  6. Thanks a lot! Very interesting piece of code!
  7. Wouldn't be better to impose to be subscriber after a number of given post? let say for instance 500 posts. All people after 500 posts could pay 10$ or 20$ a year for instance to continue to use the forums? Or could we have an option to pay and to not have the advertising?
  8. i don't know the exact remaining stock , Tanuki should know. But the exclusive distributor for KnM for the US was GoodDealGames , it is surely why you got an error when ask for shipment to U.S.
  9. I was wondering the same thing ... lol ...😁
  10. Last news i have , is that there is a unexpected delay due to the printer...☹️
  11. i still do not understand how "collectors" work... Why Gnz goes so high in price , while there are other colecovision games that have been produced in less quantities that never go so high. A big mistery for me. You could say , it is because the game is good , but this argument do not work , as now there is knight'n more that is more or less the same game but better.
  12. I think the site Lulu prints on demand. When you place an order , it prints and send to you.
  13. Option 2 , is better IMHO. That's the option i choose when i was working on Gnz and in fact the scrolling was not an essential part in gameplay in a Ghost 'n goblins "like" game. I think for Castelvania it would be the same.
  14. Last news i have, if you reserved a copy , you should be contacted very soon.
  15. Soon of Nibbler Zombie Near Pang / Buster Bros Princess Quest Quest for Golden Calice Risky Risk
  16. Is there a special BIOS for Canada or Quebec? I think to remember to have seen a BIOS where text was translated in French . (Mainly , i remember, the text you see when you power on the console without cartridge) . But i don't think it is on version for France.
  17. It is only the back of the post card that is customisable , the front is the same for everybody.
  18. Another thing. If i come from the room under the first castle , and go back to castle but just one step (just enough to make appear the castle) then go back , you can not. You are stuck... you have to go up , then down again to be able to go back to the previous room.
  19. I don't know what i did exactly but while i was in the blue maze... i was carrying the key and suddenly my avatar (the blue square) was no more visible. I can walk around but i see only the key... Btw it is very smooth.
  20. there is a commented source code listing of the Coleco BIOS somewhere . That you can even assemble directly. I will have to dig in my hard-drive to find it , but i'm sure with Google you will find it may be faster than me!
  21. Cool!!!! Thanks a lot! Very well done I have been impressed by horse racing 83 's full circle track!
  22. What about putting a 80286 instead of a Z80 ? I think it should be quiet easy to port Z80 code to 286. the Z80 is backward compatible with the 8080 . the 80x86 family is somewhat based on the 8080 . back in time you were able to find kind of "translator" that can directly transform 8080 code to run on 8086 without any modification (after the translation process). and i think you can find 286 up to 25 Mhz . Speaking about translation from Z80 to 286 , years ago a guy ported a set of MSX games (including Konami's KnightMare) to PC 286. He did not rewrite code for zero he started from the MSX rom directly. and it was not emulation.
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