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  1. Lol yeah I know. I mainly put it up as a joke for my friend, but hey, I'll take it if someone bites.
  2. Lol go for it! Let's get this market CRAZY.
  3. Sssh let me test the market bro.
  4. Can't figure out why my video program is messing up that one part. Seems some sort of glitch keeps getting in there because the raw, unproduced film is just fine. Oh well.
  5. Hard to say but glad you liked the video. The audio was a bit off but whatever.
  6. I like it lol. But yeah man looks like it's just you and me owning this version currently and the game code for the known version with the trees reveals that ours is probably the FIRST version.
  7. All is explained in the video I made here. Thanks for everyone here at AtariAge for the help!
  8. Both the clouds and the trees were supposed to move. It's unclear why the cloud was disabled after the first version, but based on what he found above he THINKS it might be a bug it causes. I'll have to play the game more to see if I notice anything.
  9. Yeah pretty cool to be found all these years later. Still finishing up my video about it.
  10. I'm making a video about it for YouTube currently. Someone needs to dump it though, and hopefully soon.
  11. No, in Shark Attack they removed these graphical features entirely.
  12. Nope there are a few graphical and gameplay differences as well. The most notable in the original Lochjaw is the two palms trees clearly move in it.
  13. Alright I'll get on it.
  14. MUST SOLVE MYSTERY. Okay how can I do that for you when I get it?
  15. That makes it clear this is an intermediary between the first Lochjaw and this one.
  16. That was my first thought but this didn't change anything. Before he sent the cart the guy I got it from showed me videos of him testing all of this. I asked that almost immediately thinking it was something like that.
  17. Yep same thing as the one I have. No trees, just that mysterious cloud, but the placement of the boat and the other details seem to match the other Lochjaw.
  18. Lol thus the name was born.
  19. I'd say yes on that. This is a minor, but far more significant detail than simply a label variant. This is built into the game itself. There may even be other differences if I pay attention in detail.
  20. So it appears we have TWO variants of Lochjaw due to a recent discovery of mine. The version everyone knows as a way to pinpoint it versus Shark Attack has the two palm trees moving. The variant I have, and at least one other member here has one, has NO moving trees but instead a moving cloud. Trying to track how many there might be out of those who own them.
  21. I was thinking about this today and my guess would maybe be this. As I seem to remember learning, one of the problems with Shark Attack as Lochjaw was the gameplay was slightly skewed due to the moving trees, so all the upper graphics were made static. I would assume that the moving cloud may have been an attempt to fix the tree issue and still leave something moving BUT it was likely done before Shark Attack and AFTER the moving tree version of Lochjaw. This would suggest it was right before the change and possibly one last effort to get the graphics to work better before the name change. I do agree Lochjaw owners need to SPEAK UP lol. I'd like to see how many have moving clouds. I would guess the cloud version is probably a little more difficult to find.
  22. Awesome so there are clearly two versions of it.
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