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  1. DaytonaUSA


  2. I have a Majesco Game Gear for sale in good physical and working condition. Some light scratches on screen cover otherwise works , looks and sounds great. Body is clean with battery covers intact. Looking for a PC Engine Core or Core two system. Let me know if you're interested. Pics posted later.
  3. I bought this game today, but it didn't come with Arthur's Magic Cypher, to imput the password to get to the lower levels of the game. Does anyone have a file, program, or even just images of the two discs that make the password cypher so I can determine how to proceed? Thanks everyone,.
  4. Ikaruga for the DC reviewed!

  5. True, but if there's another thing to note, it's that new generations are getting into older gaming more than ever. More kids are seeking out 16-bit, 8-bit, and older as they're realizing how great the games were from that era. It's hard to say if it'll remain as popular or become more popular, but I wouldn't bet that these older gaming systems and computers will be useless in the eyes of younger gamers in the future once we're all long dead.
  6. New 3DS (small one) Review, Unboxing and Setup!

  7. It's ALWAYS like that. I swear I miss every swell in the market by at least a few years, haha.

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    2. Zeptari1


      Hopefully someday someone will come out with an all in one 5200 controller replacement.

    3. Bryan


      Fortunately, you can play the converted 5200 version on the XEGS. It's really much smoother. I don't know why Atari paid people to write games more than once, but that's what they did.

    4. SoundGammon


      First version was the 8-bit, used for the XEGS, wasn't very good so 2 other guys did the 5200 version...way better with the trak-ball! Joystick? Not on any version! But of all joystick versions, the 5200 still wins!


  9. Maybe, but that seems even weirder. "Hey man, I bought that 23k dollar computer yesterday to remember that company that sucked it up after their huge success!". Just, doesn't have the same ring to it . I just wonder how people set aside money for purchases like this. I'd be able to "afford" this, but ... I wouldn't dare purchase it. Even if this was something I cared for deeply, like Star Wars, Nintendo, Sega, or Tron related... no. Not in a million years no. Maybe I'm not "committed" enough as a collector, but the most I'd spend on anything is maybe a thousand bucks. Past that, it just gets into affecting my actual life a bit too much for it to be "fun video games" anymore. Kinda like that Sega Pluto that was for sale a while back. I'd offer about a grand for it. Past that, it's just a plastic shell on a Saturn. Not worth it, no matter how much I love the Saturn.
  10. Wow, this is a great mod! You should be really proud. I've been semi-interested in the msx, but finding the disks has been one major reason why I've been turned away. This would be great to do on one with an already faulty drive.
  11. Yeah, either non-working or not complete systems. Plus this one isn't yellowed. It's the text-book version of what this system should have been brand new, which is probably why it went for so much. Although, again, it's freakin' nuts. I didn't think an old computer, even one tied to the Commodore line, would fetch anything like this. I bet there will be more of these popping up on eBay after a profit margin like that!
  12. Today we review the Atari XEGS!

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    2. xucaen
    3. Papa


      I argue that the XEGS is better than the 5200 in that it plays the computer games that were ported over to the 5200, has Basic with the keyboard, has video-out built in, AND uses return to center joysticks!!

    4. BydoEmpire


      Great system! I personally like the 5200 better, but I totally see the argument for the XEGS. They're both great.

  13. Well customs finally was able to get a hold of play Asia. Turns out that even though they got the FCC form from them it'll still take time to process this. I think that translates to a bunch of guys at customs playing the 3ds until they ship it back, haha.
  14. I read that while that many may exist, most don't work. Which is why it's going for so much, probably. This is really cool, but like with anything, I'm not sure how its 23k cool. But hey, if it makes the person that happy to own it...
  15. Wait, are you guys using the flash cart to play these? My new virtual boy modded controller works well enough, so I think ill hold off on the flash cart for now. Also really getting into Rescue on Fractalus. Very addicting and really impressive for the era. Having a blast with it. Then again, every game I seem to buy for this system is insanely fun. Really in love with this computer, and I keep putting hour after hour into this. Haven't been this addicted to a console since probably the n64.
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