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  2. Hello All, Trying to set up hard drive emulation in Atari800MacX and having a bit of difficulty. I've found the BlackBox ROM, and I've tried using it, but the machine just hangs. (I've got all OS patching turned off). I have been unable to locate the MIO ROM file. Any pointers on getting this working? Anyone have a link to the MIO ROM?
  3. Perfect! That one worked for me. For some reason I didn't have the sdx128 image but I had everything else. I'm sure I clicked on all the check boxes on the Spartados download site but obviously I didn't. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Thanks for the response. When I insert the Maxflash8Mb version, it asks me what type of cartridge it is. No matter what type I select, I just get a black screen.
  5. Hello All, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Atari800MacX had recently been updated to fix the sound issues with the latest MacOS. I am interested in setting up an emulated environment on my Mac that will let me emulate an Atari running SpartDOS X. I have been unable to find the correct incantation of SpartaDOS X ROM image and Atari800MacX settings to make it work. Is there anyone who has some words of wisdom that could point me in the right direction to get something running? I would prefer Atari800MacX, but if I have to go with something else to get SpartaDOS to work, that's what I will have to do.
  6. Wow, I think the moral of this thread is "If you're in to Atari 8-bits, don't get married"
  7. That is something that I never knew. After all these years, I learned something new about the 400! Thanks.
  8. Looking at a 130xe schematic which I found here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/127716-good-quality-130xe-schematics/?do=findComment&comment=1541087 I would use a meter to check continuity from the keyboard connector to U24 and U25 (4051) (page 6 of the schematic). Then I would check from U24,U25 to POKEY. If you check continuity from the top of the board, with the chips plugged in, by touching the top of the IC leg, this will make sure that there's no break in the trace from a bad via or anything. Possibly U24, U25 is bad? Do other POKEY functions work, like the pot inputs, sound, etc?
  9. Ouch, ouch, ouch. The XE boards are terrible for traces lifting with too much soldering iron heat. Did the through plating survive? Perhaps in the process of removing the socket, you tore out a through hole plate, thereby disconnecting a top trace from a bottom trace?
  10. This is an interesting question. I was living in the UK at the time, and my parents bought me a 400. Unfortunately, I don't remember what year it was (or even time of year) but I do recall that there was a huge delay in getting the machine, and when it finally arrived, there was no BASIC cartridge because those hadn't arrived in the UK yet, so for the first month all I could do was play my Star Raiders cartridge.
  11. Excellent write-up ricortes. Another solution for A8 CP/M is running it on an Indus GT drive with a memory expansion. I have the drive, but no expansion card, so I've never tried it. Here's a page with disk images and schematics for a memory card http://trub.atari8.info/index.php?ref=cpm_en
  12. All but the very first 400's have a GTIA chip in them. In fact, I would love to own an A8 with a CTIA in it - never seen one in person yet.
  13. If you're looking for a single machine, I wouldn't pick either of these - they both need expansion options (RAM, and a keyboard for the 400) to make them usable. In my case, if I was given the option of just one of these, I'd pick the 400 purely because that was my first A8. The 600XL would probably be more practical, just because of the keyboard.
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