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  1. Why am I only just learning about these now! did a quick google and they look AWESOME fun! we never did them on my Comp Sci course 😕 (or if we did I was too busy not attending or asleep). Cheers for the info shamoo
  2. Yep EQURUNDEF is your friend.
  3. D'awww *blushes* thanks for the kind words. Glad that guide is still coming in useful on occasion, and glad you got your issue sorted most importantly! Word of warning, don't get it wet, or leave it alone in a dark loft for years.. they multiply! (alas mostly dead units but still ). Welcome to the crazy world of Jaguar (well, sounds like you are already well and truly in anyway, but meh, welcome )
  4. Could be that the wire for one of the channels isn't fully connecting at either end. Off top of my head I can't remember if the Roar is a diff channel to the tune, sorry.
  5. How are you connecting it to TV? might be one channel isn't connected properly, or the TV isn't mixing Stereo to Mono well
  6. I guess another way to summary would be: Kieren Hawken will find a community that he thinks is quite small and unknown, wheedle his way into it quite quietly at 1st, then start making bolder and bolder claims, until people start calling him out on it. He won't back down will deploy sock puppets and start talking to himself to try and give his points apparent merit. Eventually getting banned/kicked from said community. At this point or just before the kick he will worm into another small community and start the process again. If anyone mentions the problems in previous community he will claim it is the work of a small group of trolls out to get him, police have been involved etc, all sorted out, evidence is online. Loop back to the start of this paragraph and repeat. He can't play nice with anyone and will throw everyone under the bus eventually.. he has been doing this since at least 2006, probably earlier, hence the length of this thread.
  7. Pretty sure, KidGamer (Roberth) was friends and blinded by Kieren's fibs for a while. I think he has apologised for this in his post on here. Kieren used to feed him all kinds of malicious crap to help sow his lies. I assume KGRAMER is a shortened form of KidGameR. If I am wrong I am sure he will pop up and point that out. He did do a lot of Kieren's dirty work back in the day and was even a moderator on his echo chamber of hatred and lies (JS3 on Facebook).
  8. LOL there is a review of Reactris in there? See my earlier post about his earlier "paragraph" review of it on some website. I suspect he just re-used that to pad the pages as he is actually scraping the barrel if he is including unfinished, 36~ hour coding competition entries as complete games to review. And the ever popular "PM me", yeah because if he did all his dodgy illegal dealings openly (that he accuses everyone else of) it might highlight what a two faced unscrupulous conniving twat he is. Seen that a few times where someone is looking for a game or ROM that isn't easily found (because it's not supposed to be freely available) and he'll advise the person to PM him. Would appear that whilst everyone else are horrible pirates, he's some sort of saviour with his back alley dirty mac PM based piracy, because lets face it, why else would it be in a PM?
  9. I think you misunderstand Remo's point. He isn't trying to dictate how you write your posts, just making a VERY valid point that for all the comedy name calling of Kieren, and the minor chuckle it gives, it makes the information and stories less indexable in this thread. If you search for Kieren Hawking you will find links to pages that are relevant to that name, so the search engine will index each post that mentions that name, true a wall of them won't win points, but a thread where individual posts use that name will. It will also be able to present multiple individual posts within the thread with a name match. Plus if someone say searches for "Kieren Hawking RetroGamer" it will match more accurately to any posts with all 3 words. If you however put "Karen Halfarsed", and reference some really interesting facts about his crap with RetroGamer, this isn't going to match as well. So people searching will be less likely to find the specific post of interest. Yeah they may find this huge thread of info, but if they were specifically looking for information about him relating to a specific event or entity, the silly names are not going to help locate that info.
  10. His scoring of titles has always been more about his view of the author more than the title itself. If he wants to buddy up to them and kiss arse they get a good score. If however he has had a disagreement with them, or they have called him out previously, poor score. For this I would cite a game I entered in a 48Hr coding competition, "Reactris". It was written from scratch over a weekend whilst at Atari Connexion in France. I did code, SH3 did graphics, whilst sat in a large French hall with other retro fans. The game is in no way finished, complete and in terms of playability it's a hint at Tetris (the theme for the competition IIRC). Did I ever claim anything other? nope, the game was made freely available for people to download and look at from my website (it still is if anyone wants a look), the text around it explains it's incomplete, 48 hour coding yadda yadda. This didn't stop Kieren from putting up a review, slating all of it's flaws (incomplete, bugs out when you fill the stack, scores don't work etc) and giving it a 2/10 score. Also didn't stop him burning it to CDs, stealing Felyx artwork that he made for it, and selling copies for £25 on ebay either. Am I upset by his score? no, it gave me a good laugh at just how pathetically petty he is, as if his view of something I actually created would bother me. He simply over estimates his worth in every aspect.
  11. Reading that you could pretty much just remove the right hand side of the conversation, as he barely even acknowledges most of what is being said to him, he clearly just wants to say his piece and the other participant of the conversation could literally be a wall. It's almost like he has scripted it even before starting the chat! Is he really charging £1000 for his writing too? 20p a word? for stuff that requires extensive reworking before going to print?
  12. RE @Landstalkerpost with the screen caps.. this easily demonstrates kizzys grasp on "Evidence".. once again you can see he claims to have evidence of something, when pressed for where it is, he gives the vaguest of replies (the only way he could be more vague would be to respond with "The Internet"). Push again and he will start to try and make you feel bad for asking, as though for some reason his impeccable reputation should be evidence enough. Keep pushing and assuming he doesn't just flat out block you, he will start replying with stories of things being edited, or after much searching as best he can, out of context clips, or unrelated clips of people talking about other things, as if in some way this proved existence of the evidence he has so far managed to produce.. but obviously exists.. he'd never lie.. Anyone thinking that Kieren has evidence of innocence... this is what you have to look forward to.. at no point will you see evidence, but you will see a lot of unrelated rubbish.
  13. He did say that his kid logged on with his (Kieren's) account and got the abuse, as people thought it was Kieren. Which just suggests that maybe better parenting of small children should be observed. The Xbox isn't a babysitter, and children who are sensitive to such content should be monitored or at a very bare minimum parental controls should be used to prevent them accessing that content or accounts. This would be what a responsible parent would do. However I suspect it's all complete fantasy anyway, just sympathy mining as is his way. Get called out for being a cunt, default to trying to say how everyone else is mean to deflect from his own actions. Similarly, if Craig's post would upset his wife, why did he show it to her? does she spend her time reading retro forums? I suspect not, more like more sympathy mining tactics from Mr Kizzyfibs.
  14. Those pictures would be what I was referring to as what Kieren and Pickens were giggling about and running around doing whilst everyone else was having good harmless fun playing games. Literally like little unsupervised children 😕
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