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  1. His scoring of titles has always been more about his view of the author more than the title itself. If he wants to buddy up to them and kiss arse they get a good score. If however he has had a disagreement with them, or they have called him out previously, poor score. For this I would cite a game I entered in a 48Hr coding competition, "Reactris". It was written from scratch over a weekend whilst at Atari Connexion in France. I did code, SH3 did graphics, whilst sat in a large French hall with other retro fans. The game is in no way finished, complete and in terms of playability it's a hint at Tetris (the theme for the competition IIRC). Did I ever claim anything other? nope, the game was made freely available for people to download and look at from my website (it still is if anyone wants a look), the text around it explains it's incomplete, 48 hour coding yadda yadda. This didn't stop Kieren from putting up a review, slating all of it's flaws (incomplete, bugs out when you fill the stack, scores don't work etc) and giving it a 2/10 score. Also didn't stop him burning it to CDs, stealing Felyx artwork that he made for it, and selling copies for £25 on ebay either. Am I upset by his score? no, it gave me a good laugh at just how pathetically petty he is, as if his view of something I actually created would bother me. He simply over estimates his worth in every aspect.
  2. Reading that you could pretty much just remove the right hand side of the conversation, as he barely even acknowledges most of what is being said to him, he clearly just wants to say his piece and the other participant of the conversation could literally be a wall. It's almost like he has scripted it even before starting the chat! Is he really charging £1000 for his writing too? 20p a word? for stuff that requires extensive reworking before going to print?
  3. RE @Landstalkerpost with the screen caps.. this easily demonstrates kizzys grasp on "Evidence".. once again you can see he claims to have evidence of something, when pressed for where it is, he gives the vaguest of replies (the only way he could be more vague would be to respond with "The Internet"). Push again and he will start to try and make you feel bad for asking, as though for some reason his impeccable reputation should be evidence enough. Keep pushing and assuming he doesn't just flat out block you, he will start replying with stories of things being edited, or after much searching as best he can, out of context clips, or unrelated clips of people talking about other things, as if in some way this proved existence of the evidence he has so far managed to produce.. but obviously exists.. he'd never lie.. Anyone thinking that Kieren has evidence of innocence... this is what you have to look forward to.. at no point will you see evidence, but you will see a lot of unrelated rubbish.
  4. He did say that his kid logged on with his (Kieren's) account and got the abuse, as people thought it was Kieren. Which just suggests that maybe better parenting of small children should be observed. The Xbox isn't a babysitter, and children who are sensitive to such content should be monitored or at a very bare minimum parental controls should be used to prevent them accessing that content or accounts. This would be what a responsible parent would do. However I suspect it's all complete fantasy anyway, just sympathy mining as is his way. Get called out for being a cunt, default to trying to say how everyone else is mean to deflect from his own actions. Similarly, if Craig's post would upset his wife, why did he show it to her? does she spend her time reading retro forums? I suspect not, more like more sympathy mining tactics from Mr Kizzyfibs.
  5. Those pictures would be what I was referring to as what Kieren and Pickens were giggling about and running around doing whilst everyone else was having good harmless fun playing games. Literally like little unsupervised children 😕
  6. Ah, I see the get-out clause there. Most people will read that and think yeah OK sounds good (apart from the bad grammar obviously ), BUT, he has used the word "impartial" which in Kizzy speak means something completely different to a regular person. In Kizzy speak, this will mean someone who already believes him as being innocent, someone who will back him up regardless of whatever evidence someone presented. They could have video footage of him mugging a granny, with him speaking into the camera and saying "It's me wot has done this krime, K-i-e-r-e-n H-a-w-k-i-n-g", and they would say it's not him. My prediction of what the podcast interview would sound like, to paraphrase the future, would be along the lines of: "Look, there is loads of evidence out there already, it all proves what has been said about me is rubbish and the work of a few trolls, just look at twitter and facebook, it's really easy to find. Anyone who doesn't believe me is an idiot and has a grudge against people with mental health, this has had be really low, lets talk about something more positive! I know, lets talk about me, and how I was talking to $NAMEDROP, recently whilst visiting $NAMEDROP, and how awesome my latest book is 'Copy Pasta for beginners volume 11: yet more bollocks wot I dun wroted'"..
  7. Hi Craig, Just to add to what you have put here and has likely been mentioned by others. JagFest UK was 1st held in Rochester, Kent, in 2003. It was organised by Nick Harlow and GazTee, and was an ace event. No where near the sort of scale of the larger Retro events, more of a boutique Atari (mostly Jaguar) themed get together, there was possibly still close to 100 at that 1st event. The event was repeated each year by Nick until 2006, when I organised the event and it was based in Warrington. This is the 1st time I recall meeting Kieren, altough looking back at older pictures of JFUK's he was clearly at one in Kent, pictures of him sat with his small card box if Lynx games. He attended 2006 and brought his collection with him (mostly Lynx stuff IIRC). That was his total involvement. However a few years later he was clearly trying to make a name for himself and he was claiming to have help organise the 2006 Jagfest in Warrington. The entire event was planned, booked and paid for by myself, with no input from Mr Hawken. I did pull him up on this and his claim was simply that as he bought a ticket, and attended with his collection, he had helped make the event a success, so he clearly helped organise it!!! How can anyone argue with that logic!! I know I apparently helped organise the London 2012 Paralympics by that standard 😕 The last JFUK I went to was in 2009, which was organised by Mr Hawken, the turnout was less than stunning, the event was on the whole shrinking anyway, but I suspect the more than double ticket price didn't help towards that. He was very keen to get money for tickets ASAP also, sending out threats of cancelling the whole event if he didn't get ticket payments. In 2006 the ticket price managed to cover a minibus for everyone to ferry them into the town centre and back to the event, no such extras in 2009. I know exactly what SH3 is referring to in the "Antics" mentioned in the captured picture. In the tail end of the evening pretty much all attendee's were stood around playing Guitar Hero / Rock Band on Gaz's PS3 that he had brought, generally having a good time and a laugh with each other. Meanwhile Kieren and DCRip (David Pickens if memory serves) were running around giggling like little kids overtired at a wedding reception. Literally giggling to each other and running around the hotel. Turns out this was the infamous creation of the "Reboot office" pictures (a banner taped between 2 urinals in the gents), and "Jaguar CF Prototype" (picture of an empty card board box). All very very childish. There were more suspect aspects of JFUK 2009 on the Sunday (like when Kieren left early, why he and DCRip were acting like kids).
  8. What Neo said. IIRC you won't see anything on USB if it doesn't boot on the Jag, it gets its power from the jag not the PC so you won't see any draw over that cable. Check usb once you get the green screen.
  9. He does try and bait responses from people, he has done it to me a few times. Mostly I have been able to ignore them, but occasionally he gets under your skin and your respond, he clearly then revels in your response, it means he got you to do or say something and he gets some attention. He was posting crap about me and it got to me, so I released a demo to prove his incompetent lying face wrong, of course he didn't acknowledge the proof, just ignored the part of his previous claim I had just disproved and doubled down on other lies! As the old expression goes, "It's like playing chess with a pigeon, all it's going to do is knock the pieces over, strut around like it's won and shit on the board" (or words to that effect). If you do post anything in reaction to something he says make sure you are prepared for him to twist it and make it about him.
  10. No, on the TV, Jaguar has no control panel. How are you connecting it to the TV? same cable as one of your other jags that work fine? RF/SCART/Composite/S-Video ? Official cable or home made?
  11. Is the colour of the LED Red perhaps? If so you have an NTSC Jaguar which will output at 60Hz. Some older TVs either cannot support this frequency or require manual adjustment. Even if your LED is Green and the TV is of a suitable age it may need some adjustment. Look in the control panel area for a Vertical Hold (or V-Hold), used to be a small knob, might even be on the back as a pot you can access with a plastic screwdriver etc. If you have one of these try turning it slowly left or right, one way will make the screen roll faster, the other should slow it and eventually stop it (unless you go too far then it will roll in the opposite direction Red Screen is the cart is failing to pass the Encryption check. This can be caused by bad contacts (most common), bad cart or damaged slot. I assume it's the pack in Cybermorph cart? Might be worth giving the cart edge a clean with Iso alcohol, could be years of storage has resulted in some tarnish on that or the cart slot connectors. Hope that is of some help, good luck
  12. Just to be clear, I never said you were a mouthpiece for him, I said you were talking to him as I left the event to get food. As I passed I tapped you on the shoulder or waved (not 100% sure) and said hi to you as hadn't seen you for a number of years. You can probably speak as to the accuracy of the following in Kieren's statement: as you were stood talking to him at the time I left the building for food. You can probably recall how it was in fact just yourself and him talking and I walked past with my fiancee and kids, and there was in fact not a huge group of people, me bumping into Kieren, or any laughter/fleeing involved. Historically Kieren has been quite amenable in person, obviously as a coward he isn't going to actually say anything to people face to face, online however is where he stirs his lies and nastiness. I doubt anyone at a scene party would have had any issue, and a lot of it would probably be way above his head.
  13. His claims of having his Twitter account deactivated but these sock puppets were active so couldn't have been me.. is also laughable. Deactivating one account on Twitter doesn't wipe out other.. unlike it would seem youtube, where when the primary account gets nuked, they remove all the sub accounts, as demonstrated by all the YT sock puppet accounts vanishing. In addition having multiple accounts for different interests and purposes is entirely valid. Having accounts to pretend to be other people and either falsely agree with your primary account or attack others with would be sock puppets and not ok. Obvious, well understood things, completely misunderstood by Kieren. It is as though he has seen other people doing something, doesn't fully understand what it is or how it works and then just copies them.
  14. There are so many errors in that whole thing. If anyone reading it thinks "hmm well, I guess that sounds plausible" I can tell you as a person named in there and actually being at Play Expo, that what he says is 100% utter rubbish. Yes I did pass him, no I didn't call him a "dickhead" I called him a "Wanker" as he walked past eyes firmly fixed forward, suddenly losing any need to use a cane. Also interesting that as he turned into the aisle I was walking down he recognised me, had the look in his eyes that clearly read as "Oh shit!" and visibly altered his path to as far to the side of the aisle as possible, from probably 50ft away, very obviously As for running out the door.. HA! I (and my fiancee and both kids) were on our way out for food and going out to get eats. I recognised Felice, and as I got closer saw Kieren was stopped talking to him (looking a little shell shocked), I tapped Felice on the shoulder and said "Hi" as we walked past.. why didn't I stop and pull Kieren up on his bullshit lies? Well a couple of things, I don't drag my kids and family into things, I certainly don't shield my actions with them, and we were hungry, and frankly Kieren, you're not worth the wasted breath. As for sending a Friend request, where did I say that was on twitter you idiot? You argue like an idiot child, any person with half a brain knows exactly what I meant, and that you sent her a friend request on Facebook, I know you did, she knows you did, and you know you did; of course you are also a lying sack of crap so will deny that completely. Also as has been documented on this thread your pettiness knows no bounds and you are not above trying to ruin peoples lives out of jealousy and spite. Also, start of page 14, you seem to be having some sort of mind quake there, ranting mindless gibberish.. oh well never mind.
  15. FAKE! that's clearly a render!
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