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  1. GPU follows the same trend, modern GPUs have a LOT of cores, it makes sense. Why try to do more of your workload with the same worker going faster, when you could have n times as many workers doing the same load for less? Much like 9 women cannot give birth to a baby in 1 month, 9 women could birth 9 babies in 9 months, one could not. The biggest threat (as I see it) to consoles these days are the streaming gaming services (PSNow / Stadia) that keep trying to make a go of it. Once comms tech hits that sweet spot a lot of casual gaming will go over to them. Those who are REALLY into their games will likely stick with PC/Consoles, but if the revenue follows the larger market then titles and support for those consoles will dwindle in favour of the greener pastures, (which is probably going to suck for the smaller devs too). That *may* be the death of consoles, or at least mainstream ones. Modern consoles are just simplified PCs anyway, cheaper to produce, easier to develop on etc.
  2. You think any of us could wait long enough to open the box carefully and setup video equipment? It mostly resembles someone really hungry trying to eat cardboard to get to the tasty centre not a pretty sight
  3. This would be covered by the word "Primarily" obviously forums can be great for sharing things with the community that you have found. But that's not what you are doing, you are distributing versions of software. As I am not aware of you sharing "sound engines" I take that as a dig in regard to my Sound Engine thread on here where I post when a new release occurs? If so you will note I don't include the release in the post, but a URL to where you can download it, and all other versions. Of course we could look at all other software houses, I guess loads of them distribute patches and updates via the medium of a long forum post thread.. Hmmm nope, doesn't look like it.
  4. So if someone wants one of those specific historical builds how would they then go about getting it? After trawling through this 5 page thread, to either find it or find you have deleted it.?? You are not getting how much more complex you are making things, and yes, sometimes you do want a specific downrev version of a tool due to particular features/bugs that are present in it, latest isn't always the greatest. Forums are for discussions primarily not software distribution. A nicer solution would be a nice single website with current version for each specific platform targetted, as well as a link to a page containing all previous builds so someone can grab a specific version if they so wish. This is how pretty much everyone does it.
  5. How does that prevent them from following a link to a download page with all the versions they might need? You uploaded the Win32 version, what about Win64, OSX, Linux (32/64), BSD etc etc If you are compiling these yourself and producing these binaries it would be more efficient to put them on a single page and link to that, let people get what they need from there. Also easy to bookmark and saves scrolling through a forum looking for files!
  6. To save on Alberts costs, and generally be more useful. Would it not be better to post links to the official download page rather than a random selected binary that will only be of use to some people who are interested in this? Links to the official download pages will help people find them and download appropriate version as well as potentially seeing important updates and bug fixes that you may miss, or as soon as they happen etc. Rather than filling up AA with random binaries from a third parties project?
  7. OOPS! Sorry my bad, yes it is Micro.. I was just being dense! Sorry for the confusion
  8. Yeah, JPEG image rotation loves me too :/
  9. But why??? All antagonising aside.. I am VERY fortunate to be able to try and break one of these for SainT. Build quality is phenomenal! the finish on the shell is just really nice, and the precision is bang on! mini-SD Card is flush with the top of the shell, and the whole thing feels so much better built than official Jaguar carts. Just a damn shame all my miniSD cards are hiding from me! typical.. I'm sure Amazon can get one to me so I can play tomorrow though.
  10. Got an interesting parcel today... Just had this inside: What on earth could this be!!!
  11. Having played on one of these controllers I would have to say hand on heart if anything he is understating the quality of the product here. They are VERY well made, very well packaged and presented and IMHO look and feel like a factory produced official part (except for looking cooler than other genuine Atari Jag parts ) Mr Bear is also a pleasure to deal with and a jolly nice chap to boot. Just my 2p
  12. Might be handy to provide or make available the encryption code used, so people can build it into their webshops etc. Be nice to say buy a ROM from AA or somewhere, bang in your flash ID, and the store automatically generates your encrypted ROM for use on the Flash Cart. Obviously ideally want some way that naughty people cannot then just buy a ROM themselves, decode it with their key and release the unlocked ROM. It's a shame that the Jaguar scene seems to attract people wanting to profit from others hard work and fan's interests in the system
  13. Well technically there will be a Pre-Order.. that time after you have filled in the order form, but before you press "Complete Order" / "Checkout" button I guess people could hang in that sort of order limbo until the timeout on the online page if they really wanted to
  14. Bring forth the pain stick! We have to perform a paining!!!
  15. Hey stop lying to people! as a programmer you know full well that mind reading is a core feature of the Jag coder: OK I make this simple change.. Jaguar (reading coders mind):.. I see what you want me to do, that makes perfect sense.. here you go.. enjoy BLANK SCREEN MUWHAHAHAHA They're right evil buggers!
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