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  1. Hi guys! Happy coming holidays to everyone! Glad to inform, that I've just sold 250th SDrive2 - Quite big community! Big thanks for support of my project! I'm working for new, fully refactored, version of FW with Double UART support, ATX, Tape simulation support, SDrive2 configuration in text FAT file. I hope that I will have enough time on holidays to finish these works. You can track all changes in fintros/SDrive-ARM at alsp-works (github.com) branch. In addition, lets add some color to new devices: PS: Devices are still available - $50 usual and $65 -PT version.
  2. That it may be sd card connector issue, can you check it visually? or you can make good photo of SD jack soldering and send it to me. If it blinks with red lights when it switched without SD card, thank bootloader firmware works at least, and if so - it should be able to flash main part of firmware from card. I've check - your device has second version of bootloader. In anyway if card able to be read and !SDRIVE.UPD found in root folder it will reflash main firmware with yellow LED blnking. If it is not happens than loader unable to read the card.
  3. Based on behavior and launcher source code its unable to read FAT - let do the following - I will send sdcard image and you'll try to write it is win32diskimager - I'll send an image to your email.
  4. It seems processor is works just because LED blinks. Please try the following: 1. try to replace SD-card 2. Another variant - you've used wrong update - please try to follow this instruction - and please tell me if it will blink with yellow lights.
  5. 1. Did you try to update SDrive firmware before? 2. What happens if you switch on without sd-card?
  6. Hi guys, can anyone share info where I can found some driver for 64 column mode? - it can helps with changing loader behavior for long file names. PS: I've just received new set of boards and components for SDrive² or Re: SDrive²-PT . So new orders are welcome
  7. You always can find updates at github
  8. Yes, of course, I understand, main issue - i don't have a lot of expirience in Atari native progtramming, but when I've modify currenrt software, I don't detect any issues, so I think I will able to create new version. I think proposed 64 column mode + long filenames bouncing left and right to show all characters will be good solution.
  9. Status update: All current orders for SDrive2-PT devices are fulfilled, please check your e-mail boxes for messages from PayPal for tracking number. If someone miss e-mail - please contact me - I'll send track directly. Next things to do: 1. Finish ATX support in FW; Does anyone have short set of ATX images with different formats that should works? It's needed for testing. 2. Add tape emulation support in FW and SW + Permanent long file names in SW (added by Philsan request); 3. Bootloader updater; 4. Configuration file in FAT32.
  10. Just select xex file on left pane, assign it to D1 for example (double press enter) And than press 'reset' with 'option' as usually to boot from D1
  11. First batch of SDrive2-PT devices on the way to its owners =) Tracking numbers added to Paypal invoices.
  12. Of course it is possible, but only if you will agree to wait 2-3 weeks until next batch, because current batch already assembled in cases...
  13. Polising includes sticker creation with Fuji =)
  14. First batch of SDrive2-PT is almost done (little bit polishing needed and new bigger boxes) and I've send paypal invoices for all preorders. Please check your e-mail.
  15. First pass-thru SDrive2-PT in real life: Everything works perfectly, Copper coated still wire 0,8 mm2 is more than enough for male connector. I've test it with 3 types of female connectors: and with this: =) Preorder is opened - please PM me if you want to buy one of SDrive2-PT - I'll send PayPal invoice when your device will ready to ship. Price little bit more than usual SDrive2- 65$ - a lot of additional things need to be done to assembly this variant of device... Delivery is as usual $12 -$14 almost to any country.
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