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  1. Back when this was first listed in the early 2000s, they were correct. This is the same listing they used from back then.
  2. I've seen watches for $30K+, so it is not the largest amount for a single item. I suspect if you search completed items now, it is not even the highest for the past 6 months. I guess their shill bidding (which they do) worked well for this game.
  3. You must have hit the black star feedback level.
  4. Bad when a 'charity' (goodwill is not a charity) has to implement a reserve for greed.
  5. Funny Repro, fake and counterfeit games are being made again as repro, fake and counterfeit games.
  6. As a seller on ebay for many years, I would say this is not worth it. $2 for the hassle of dealing with buyers and ebay fees per cartridge is a waste of time. If you could sell them in one lot that would be better, buyers tend to expect less from items in a lot sold as is.
  7. Looks like it may be an intellivision case (game)? Not sure what it is.
  8. So, who put the gun to your head to force you to buy it?
  9. Ebay sucks now. They are changing the search you are using to a specific category so the item is not showing. How stupid is that of ebay.
  10. You could post pictures here and get better assistance. I believe someone reprinted this with the exact labels at some point. A little background as to how you came about it and what else was included would be helpful.
  11. Not possible to send a label through ebay on international sales. Seller has to send funds to buyer and buyer has to use that money to buy label and send item back. Just happened to me. I believe a full refund including the $26 is warranted in this case. $26 is way too much for a game gear game to America from the UK. I would request the $26 back since you received nothing of value for the transaction. If he does it, no feedback is warranted on your end. If he does not open a case with ebay (which you may or may not win).
  12. October 1997 and I regret ever joining the site. If I could go back in time I wish I would have never found it.
  13. Never seen these either. I would think $2000 is a bit low for everything.
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