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  1. Ebay sucks now. They are changing the search you are using to a specific category so the item is not showing. How stupid is that of ebay.
  2. You could post pictures here and get better assistance. I believe someone reprinted this with the exact labels at some point. A little background as to how you came about it and what else was included would be helpful.
  3. Not possible to send a label through ebay on international sales. Seller has to send funds to buyer and buyer has to use that money to buy label and send item back. Just happened to me. I believe a full refund including the $26 is warranted in this case. $26 is way too much for a game gear game to America from the UK. I would request the $26 back since you received nothing of value for the transaction. If he does it, no feedback is warranted on your end. If he does not open a case with ebay (which you may or may not win).
  4. October 1997 and I regret ever joining the site. If I could go back in time I wish I would have never found it.
  5. Never seen these either. I would think $2000 is a bit low for everything.
  6. If you feel you got a good price for it and want to keep it, I think leaving anything but positive feedback would not be fair. Not leaving any feedback would be the best option.
  7. Looks original to me. Who told you it was a reseal. The horizontal H seam is difficult to do and is rarely used on reseals, especially 20 years ago.
  8. Basically you are screwed the way ebay is doing returns now. Those will also count as 8 strikes against you and your items will be hidden from view in searches without you even knowing it unless you are a thousands of items a year seller. Ebay has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with by far and I have had to contact some real stinkers through the years. Ebay tries to be like Amazon but Amazon sells trillions of dollars of items worldwide and ebay sells $0 relying upon other sellers hard work to make money. You think they would realize they need to treat sellers fairly but they do not. They have been hurt with local sales using FB marketplace, letgo etc... I do believe I will live to see the day that ebay becomes just another website and not one that most people think of for reselling.
  9. Hopefully that bag around the Gauntlet and Malagai is non-static.
  10. Here is the shopgoodwill auction if anyone wants to see it: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/105498857
  11. Atari was the cooler system to have. Seems the telegames versions were easier to find than many of their counterparts (at least here in NC) and they were a little cheaper usually and being a kid, every penny counted.
  12. Drop shipping and actually against ebay rules.
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