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  1. I have gotten to where I only bid on a few sellers' items that I have now bought from quite a lot and trust. I did not think it could look like shilling. Not defending this bidder, but you never know.
  2. I have had this happen. I learned to tape the package very securely when using bubble mailers on both ends and around the package to prevent this after I received my first empty bubble envelope (three early issues of retro gamer mag). This is 75% postal issue, 25% seller issue as they should have provided more resistance to prevent the mailer from being opened. I have received about 5 packages of all types ever through the USPS that have arrived with this message (about 5,000 received, 15,000 shipped) so the rate is not high.
  3. https://www.countryliving.com/shopping/a18198848/is-goodwill-a-nonprofit/ They are supposedly a charity, but the only thing Goodwill provides is a website for online training, a place for lesser law offenders to complete community service time and hiring disabled people. If they hired better employees and did not rely upon free labor, maybe they would not ring up an item incorrectly.
  4. I have found most people that ask questions are more likely to be unhappy with a purchase. Plus, ebay itself provides terrible customer service, why should the people who pay to use it be any different?
  5. As it shows delivered, I believe you are safe as long as the address shipped to was the PayPal address.
  6. If you do not see it in PayPal, you have not received payment. What makes you believe payment was received? Thanks
  7. I think this is it: http://www.zafinnbooks.com/
  8. Looks like I was taken for whatever the game cost. I immediately paid when this was promised, seeing it has been about 6 years and no updates or games, I am doubtful this will ever be released.
  9. The NES had 3 games. The 3DO also had adult games. All of these were hard to come by. I am sure there are others.
  10. I see some idiot violated Ebay's rules and still managed to leave you a negative feedback. The crap Ebay lets buyers get by with is beyond belief now. I cannot believe Ebay let that feedback stand as according to their site every bid/purchase is a legal contract to purchase said item. I do not think Ebay even knows or follows their own rules. It will be a good day when Ebay dies.
  11. Do an auction for 7 days starting at $9.99 with calculated shipping (would need to weigh + add packing weight) and let it go at the highest bid. It will sell much quicker at a good price. Mention 6 switch Sunnyvale system with Telegame games boxed in the title and you should get plenty of attention. It should sell quite well with that info.
  12. I think you mean repro, very important difference.
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