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  1. awesome; thanks (I couldn't get it from the only place I found)
  2. - VDM99: it fails at start; the outline of the window appears, but then I'm told that it just crashed; is there a newer version of the software? - TI99-PC: from Paolo Bagnaresi (if I recall); does someone have this? - I moved stuff to 3.5 TI floppies and thought they could be accessed on my USB external drive on the PC using an emulator; whoops, guess I need the old 3.5 hardware
  3. I just found & tried this tonight n' it's a nice belated Christmas gift! 🤠
  4. My, my. I was just giving a few ideas after returning to the forums and it seemed to irritate somehow? A more helpful RESquence would have been neat and I had no idea about any hardware/software limitations that would have made improving it more difficult. At the risk of being wrong again or whatever, another thought I had was that having just RES as the command instead of that + the full word available would be an OK tiny change. I guess some topics can get deeper than any simplicity their title requests. Oopsie!
  5. - better power switch * I remember mine eventually taking a long time to actually stay in the correct spot. I should have just unplugged it after it was "on" so that I didn't have to fuss with it! - real lowercase letters (insted of smaller capitals) - separate arrow keys - when resequencing, and there's a missing line number, help the programmer instead of giving "32767" (there's a program that can resequence better) - down-inserting cartridges
  6. When I read of unexpanded, I thought of choosing stuff from BASIC or EB. I picked ----- Forest Fire (John Behnke) Arrow Zap (from "Entertainment Games In TI BASIC And Extended BASIC", clone of the awesome ZERO ZAP that's already been suggested here a bit) honorable mention: Diablo (Extended Software, 1983)
  7. Howdy. I've been absent from the forums for a while but am back checking out what is new. This is looking nice and was a good find!
  8. Golly gee, that's right. I learned something new about the 2600 ET. Now, will this make it more enjoyable?
  9. now, that's very-decent (as for the two name ideas, I'd choose ChaoticGrill)
  10. comment #2: wanted to say that it's looking sweet and this is one I'm anticipating; I hope you're feeling better, too
  11. well-done for regular BASIC; I think I would have liked the score shown before the end, since the "0"s are there hope to see any others you mentioned (like the Buck Rogers-type)!
  12. I just discovered this today (3.11); it's looking swell n' should be fun to try!
  13. "FRO-grrrrrr": the programmer must think of why the creature's a bit angered/annoyed at his afro
  15. TI is 'backing up' to it's rightful top retro-computer position: 1 DISPLAY BEEP :: PRINT RPT$("T",14); :: CALL CHAR(84,"0038101010101038",73,"007C10101010101"):: PRINT RPT$("I",14); :: CALL CHAR(84,"007C10101010101",73,"0038101010101038"):: GOTO 1
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