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  1. Well, there are lots of RFID blocking things advertised for credit cards, that just seem to be a metalized pouch. I wouldn't think it would be to difficult to incorporate something like that into the packaging for a negligible cost. Just speculation on my part, though.
  2. I did! One of my favorite "Hidden Pictures"! (If you're old enough to remember those 😉)
  3. I'll second. I have a couple of their cams, easy set-up, and so far dead reliable. I might be a shill.🤠
  4. Sometimes they actually are funnier if you have to explain it. 😉
  5. OK, I've learned something new. How does it work with the common use items? DIPs, resistors, SMT junk, etc.? If the foundries (Home of The Mage Dwarves of Silicon) are still able to produce processors, how are the other the companies that produce the ancillary bits fairing, and how does that affect the end product? I'm can't imagine that their production is up to normal. I may be wandering off into the weeds.
  6. This is what I see in my head when I hear "Foundry" There might be something a little off about me...
  7. Alright, fair point, well made. Obviously, I have no idea what kind of planning went on behind closed doors. I would hazard to guess that IE had built in some level of contingency, but I wasn't consulted. That being said, in my mind the little guy would most likely be the one kicked to the back of the line, because they are not as crucial to the bottom line of the foundry.* I can feel confident (within reason) that this is the case based on my experience in my own industry. We've had other retailer's orders prioritized over ours because of the size of the order. Added to the other issues with shifting parts from production to assembly to freight carriers, I can legitimately see a case for delays beyond IE's control. Thank you for your insight. *Complete speculation on my part
  8. If that many people could actually agree to that Illuminati level conspiracy, my old ass is heading for the hills! 🤣 Y'all ain't gonna see nothing but asshole and elbows!
  9. First off, I'm glad to hear that your company has mostly dodged the shortage. If what you have said is the case, then please help me understand why MS and Sony are both saying that there will continue to be significant delays to their production. Other industries seem to be suffering as well. https://www.zdnet.com/article/the-global-chip-shortage-is-a-bigger-problem-than-everyone-realised-and-it-will-go-on-for-longer-too/ I am not picking nits, I really do want to understand.
  10. Squirrels are in short supply due to covid Pixel. Fixed that for you. 😝
  11. Cat food... I've got one cat that will eat anything, and one that is so picky, I am actually surprised she hasn't starved to death. Although there is a suspicious lack of squirrels around the house.
  12. So much to unpack in this latest back and forth. Poking at the folks trying to bring out a new console under what are probably the most challenging circumstances in the last fifty years just seems juvenile. The entire world knows that there is a shattering shortage of semiconductors. Entire factories are randomly being shutdown due to this pandemic. There is a tremendous bottleneck in the shipping sector from steam vessels, all the way down to OTR truck drivers. That is a GLOBAL problem, not some conspiracy. If a person has invested money into this and believes it's not going to happen, there is an open door to get your money back. Oh, and the software? In today's world software is never "done". Sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, but software is iterative. The CEO of the company has come to play with us in our little sandbox, and answered questions and concerns ad nauseum. Some of the questions and concerns are obviously attempts at trolling, others have been interpreted as trolling wrongly. The ones we got wrong? That sucks and we're the assholes. Attacking or threatening someone's family / friends because a person has decided that said console is an existential danger to their world view is utterly disgusting. How does anyone think that's ok? Hell, how did video games even become a world view?
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