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  1. Yep!! I was happy with 610....I was hoping for at least 500, so 610 is great! The buyer is international, so shipping with insurance was 127.00. Thanks again to everyone here for helping me with my questions and stuff, you guys are awesome. I'll be posting again when I eventually get around to going through the atari stuff I got.
  2. Man, I don't think I'd recommend UPS Ground for anything fragile...those guys throw shit around like you've never seen. Agreed. A co-worker of mine used to work at UPS and some of the stories he tells me about the mishandling of packages are pretty bad. I'm sure USPS has their share as well, I've just had better luck with USPS.
  3. Because he's sexy with a little scruff.
  4. Thanks! I hope it does....I have friends who were nagging me to open it so they could play it and I told them no....they're watching the auction like a bunch of hawks and if it doesn't do well I'll have to listen to them tease me for a long long time!
  5. Grrr! It is calculating shipping way too high. I've sent things weighing more than that across the country and it didn't cost that much. I can't revise shipping info since there are bids on it. I just added a blurb to the description stating I'll refund shipping difference or at auction end take it to the post office and get precise details prior to payment. I don't want high shipping to scare people off...thats my biggest pet peeve with ebay, sellers who overcharge shipping and pocket the money.
  6. I packed it all up and it weighs 18 pounds, then used the automated thingie to calculate it. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll take a look and make sure I didn't type something in wrong.
  7. Hi There! I posted here a couple months back with some questions about a great find I came across, an unopened Vectrex console. Thanks for everyone's input on the item. I decided to put it on ebay, just listed it this evening. If anyone is interested, please take a look and message me with any questions. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270352042300 Thanks!
  8. If the box was not opened, I doubt it would be some kind of "returned" sticker since they'd probably just put the unit right back on the shelf. A layaway tag or something of that nature sounds reasonable, especially since it has someone's name written on it. I can't imagine why they'd put someone's name on a return tag. Btw, what is the amount on the price tag? ..Al Price tag is 199.99
  9. I don't believe the discoloration is from moisture damage, the box is not puffy or crinkly like it absorbed any moisture. When I was helping my friend throw out some of his step father's stuff after he died, I saw this among the pile of electronics stuff, way up high with like a kid's easter basket on top of it covered in dust. The shape of the light part on the top of the box is the shape of the basket when I lifted it off the top. I can only imagine it had been there for decades. My friend's mom wanted all that "junk" thrown away....so I gave them some money for the Vectrex, some other Texas Instruments stuff and some Coleco Vision & Atari games (the boxes on the games are in pretty bad shape, unfortunately). I didn't know what the sticker on the box was for, I thought maybe it was my friend's mom....her name is Karen, which is written on the sticker. I thought maybe she worked at JC Penny or maybe it had been on layaway or something. Thanks for the advice on everything, I'll definitely leave it sealed.
  10. I can understand the hesitation people have, I get hesitant also when I see someone pop up on a forum about things I collect...I've been burned on ebay twice and it definitely changed my buying habits...I do a bit more inspecting before I buy! I live in Southern California (San Bernardino). E-mail is [email protected] Ebay ID is Tonydontshave20 Uploaded some photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/AngeRepublic/ -Angela
  11. I know very little about classic game consoles so I definitely don't have any kind of reputation with the gaming community to fall back on. What would you recommend would make someone feel comfortable buying from a person who has no history with these types of items? I'd let anyone in the area come look at it in person to verify it...speak on the phone, let them inspect it via webcam? I really appreciate the help here...my roommate is all over me to open it so he can play it, I know he'll be watching my auction when I put it up and if it doesn't do well I'll deal with the ridicule from him for quite awhile!
  12. I don't know if it works...its never been opened, thats also why I'm stuck between opening it or leaving as is. I think maybe you misread my post when I said it was still sealed with everything, the works (as in sealed packaging).
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for a little advice on a system I obtained. I have an original Vectrex console, brand new in the box. The box has the original seal, price tag still on it...the works, and its in really good condition. It belonged to a friend of mine who's stepfather collected all kind of electronic stuff, never opening most of it. I bought it from my friend with the intention to sell it...however, I'm split on if I should open it. Would you recommend leaving it sealed since that is probably rare to come across or should I open it so I can photograph and show the contents in an item listing? Thanks for your time
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