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  1. Zoo Keeper 2 would be awesome I think. River Raid 2 on 2600. Panic Restaurant 2 for Nes would be rad as well!
  2. Been playing lots of Paperboy lately myself! Good call.. QBert(2600) World Heroes 2(Neo Geo AES) Space Harrier(Sega 32X)
  3. My older brother had it upon its release. Excellent fond memories of when that game was brand new!
  4. I definitely had a great Thxgiving. My turkey cameout so good too. Happy holidays everyone!
  5. Nope haven't beat it yet,but enjoying the game so far! Has a nice Adventures of LoLo feel to it imo,and definitely love seeing my artwork in the packaging,cheers!
  6. 2600 all the way! While I do respect the INTV,personally I was never a big fan of it. To the point I remember my family returning one at Toys R Us in exchange for the Atari Jr.
  7. Can't wait to play this! Also can't wait to see my artwork used for the bonus material. Good job,and can't wait to help out in your next project!
  8. Lunar Ball(Sharp Twin Famicom) Space Invaders (Atari 2600) Jetpac(ZX Spectrum) 😻
  9. I love the 5200 version alot btw! Was just playing it. Think it's better than the arcade for some reason.
  10. Frogger(2600) Burgertime(TI-994A) World Heroes(Arcade)
  11. Galaxian (ColecoVision) .... Really impressed with this port. Actually way better than the Famicom version and that says alot! Super Cross Force(ColecoVision) Dangerous Seed(Arcade)...... Love this shmup
  12. I dig some SG-1000 games actually. The Castle and Star Force are my faves from that console!
  13. Video Pinball(2600) QBert(2600) Lunar Ball(Sharp Twn Fami) Been obsessed with Lunar Ball lately,love pool games. Anyways love to see what others are playing. Don't be shy/cliquey lol,hit this thread up if you're a real gamer....
  14. Love Super Pac but never thought it was underrated. Pac & Pal on the other hand I'd say is very underrated.
  15. Cosmic Creeps (Atari 2600) ........... My friend youtube personality Weird Paul told me he hates this game but I like it lol. World Heroes(Arcade) Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1)
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