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  1. Cosmic Creeps (Atari 2600) ........... My friend youtube personality Weird Paul told me he hates this game but I like it lol. World Heroes(Arcade) Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1)
  2. Oh wait actually I was talking about that game afterall. I got the names confused. Both games are also made by Sega. Love Alien Storm.
  3. Alien Syndrome on the Genesis,but then when I played the arcade version later on and it really blew my mind! Can't go back to the Genesis version anymore after that. 😹 I love the bonus round where you can shootup a supermarket full of aliens.
  4. Lately I really like the ColecoVision version,and have grown to really like the NES version despite hating it when I first played it. I have the Tomy tronic handheld too and I just played it the other day. Pac-man on GameBoy is actually good too.
  5. Coool So anyone know what the name of that game is???
  6. Didn't see this til now,and funny you'd ask about this here and not on my other thread. Yes I did interview him! Not that you would really care right? lol And as a matter of fact he's gonna be a regular guest on my radio show. You should tune into my next few episodes,they will be available online. I'm also getting Troma Films' Lloyd Kaufman as a guest next. Anyways I finally took pictures of the Famicom game I am talking about. Can someone out there help me with the name of this??? How the label looks on the cart. I wish I knew how to read Japanese... I played that as well as... Double Dragon (Atari 7800) TMNT 4:Turtles in Time (Super NES)
  7. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Super NES) Kickle Cubicle (NES) Side Pocket (Genesis) There's also this game I've been playing lately on my Sharp Twin Famicom but since it's in Japanese I have no idea what the name is. It's like Dig Dug but also a shooter. Can anybody help me with the name?
  8. Metro Cross (MAME)........ Finally found the game I've been looking for since I last played it in the 00's. 3D World Runner 2 (Famicom) Taboo Sixth Sense (NES) ...... Always heard about it but never played it assuming it might be bad. Glad I tried it,it's actually very fun lol. You just can't judge a game by the cover until you've actually played it btw. That's what seperates the real gamers from the collecting hipsters IMHO! People that think they can judge a game without trying it aren't real gamers,just armchair art critic idiots. Game on!
  9. Eh don't take what people say on the net too literally guys lol. I think what I meant is that people who are more aware of music history will acknowledge Bleach as a great album because some people are not aware that album even exists. I take that comment back actually since it is clearly offending some people(which wasn't my intention). It's just a minor reaction to someone who trolled on me on a forum awhile back saying Bleach isn't a good album as the others,it definitely is. Some unfortunate soul told me Chad isn't as significant as Dave Grohl. Totally untrue. Chad Channing is a great drummer. Maybe not as hard hitting as Grohl but without him there wouldn't have been the foundation set which helped them evolve towards Nevermind. I like all their albums. I just think it's sad that some people think Nevermind is their first album,it isn't. IMO Bleach is equal to In Utero,there isn't a bad song on it! Anyways I'm not here to argue with anybody. Some more questions for Krist would be nice!
  10. Target Renegade on NES looks like a major Double Dragon ripoff lol. The main character looks exactly like Billie from the first NES game.
  11. Target Renegade (NES) .....blatant Double Dragon ripoff! lol After Burner (SMS) Super Monaco GP (SMS)
  12. Wizards & Warriors theme is pretty epic,especially when covered Metal style!
  13. I'm still taking questions at the moment. The interview's gonna be on 2 FM radio stations in Northern California,and also will be live on Youtube. Krist has been super busy with his new bands lately,but we've been keeping in touch via Twitter since last summer. He was hard to get ahold of! I feel so flattered that he likes my channel even. Once his schedule frees up a bit soon I'll be airing this new episode very quick! Thank you btw. I hope you can tune in! Also taking game requests as I like playing games on the air sometimes during the song mixes. Oh there's also a new NES homebrew that's in the works which will be the direct sequel to the 7800 game that is based on my show which was released in 2018. A friend's helping with the game design and I'm gonna produce the music for it On a sidenote i've already interviewed one of the Nirvana drummers Chad Channing who appeared on the first Nirvana album Bleach(which true music fans consider their best). He also appears on the song Polly from Nevermind.... I was also just chatting up with David Yow,the lead singer of The Jesus Lizard last night also! He was a very close friend of Kurt's.
  14. I have anxiety issues too so I can relate. A good game of Mortal Kombat arcade usually takes my mind off things haha. For me any game with alot of action does it. I see lots of recommendations for mellow stuff. I like really wild shooters like R Type when I feel anxious and need to let out some steam. Racing games are soothing to me also.
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