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  1. Oh ok lol. I'm airing my new episode with Krist sometime next month,but been in touch with him. I'm also getting Dave Grohl on at some point so I'll ask him about his arcade cab collection!
  2. Yea well Super Mario Bros.2 is derived from Doki-Doki Panic,and that happens to be one of the classic games of all-time!!! You never hear elitist,pedantic,and bigoted morons complain about that game. Funny also the armchair haters on here are mostly grown men in their 40's/50's. GET A LIFE. Never denied it's a "hack",but techincally it is a completely different game than what it was derived from. Much like Super Mario 2 is different compared to Doki. So why the hell does it matter? Obviously it only matters to the elitist,butt hurt a-hole Fanboy who feels they musst attack something they are jealous from afar just to feel better about themselves. If you hate it that much you would just move forward and ignore it,but obviously your hatred is based out of pure obsession. Gotta feel above others with your opinions and that's pretty sad lol. GET A LIFE. Even if I disliked someone's homebrew in the AA community for whatever reason, I would never attack them constantly like these trolls are. Just trolls straight up. I'm looking at you Shawn! I got you blocked. Doesn't matter what you think though.
  3. Thanks! Honestly I'm not here to let people rile anybody up,that is not my purpose here,and anybody who thinks that is just ignorant. I'm a true game fan and these jerks can piss off with whatever they think behind their keyboards. Seems like some people suffer from online desensitization a bit here and that's sad. I only defend myself from hateful armchair a-hole trolls who talk sh-it about the game I made with Clark(Frankodragon). Funny despite all the neg criticism(which only comes from butthurt bored Know-it-all fanboys with nothing else to do in their mommy's basement) it only has come from a small group of people here. The game sells very well, people left and right who purchased the game tell me they enjoy the game...Heck even Howard Scott Warshaw says he likes the game! That's all that matters to me really. I'm proud of the artwork and could care less what anyone thinks. Their opinions are not how the rest of the outside world thinks! Nobody is slowing down my sales either, in fact I just sold another game last night.! Thanks to those who appreciate the game really. I've also autographed a dozen or so games and counting. Really proud of this game!!!!
  4. Yea that's the name of my radio show. haha Plex?,never heard of that,but you can find past episodes of my show all over the internet and here's my podcast archive... https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/lavalampsand8tracktheatreradio It's a real radio show actually,more than a podcast because I air it on 2 FM stations in Northern California. You can also find my interviews all over Youtube. I play mostly video game based music and obscure heavy metal. Heh Frances is a bit tough to communicate with,especially on Twitter. I'll try to ask her myself after I interview Krist soon. I just emailed him again today. Maybe in the meantime also I'll ask Charles Cross the author of the Kurt Cobain biography Heavier than Heaven if he has any deeper insights about Kurt's gaming and collection. You know Grohl is definitely a hardcore gamer lol. I wonder what his high score is on DK Jr!
  5. Meh,where have all these negative Nancies and trolls been coming from lately? People need to quit drinking the Hatorade! Kurt Cobain wrote some of the best songs of all-time,I don't need some armchair computer a-holes telling me other wise. Nirvana ruled!!!! \m/ Please stay on topic too,and leave the troll comments aside. As far as other cool celebrities playing games my favorite was speaking to the Beastie Boys drummer who told me they were always up to date with the latest consoles etc or when the bassist of Kyuss said he played Super NES on Ween's tour bus. I'm also getting Dave Grohl to talk about some games on my podcast. I think this pic of him standing next to a few arcade cabs is really cool.... Starting to wonder what other GameBoy games were in Kurt's collection. Been told he had hundreds of games but can't wait to investigate further.
  6. Hell no! But seeing that the troll whom I have blocked(but is still stalking me) 'likes' your post...maybe that warrants I shouldn't take your comment too serious haha. I asked Krist where Kurt's GameBoy is and he thinks Frances has it. Apparently she's into Super Nintendo bigtime.
  7. That's a really good question,now you got me wondering where it is now too. haha that's funny.. Love the setlist on the plate,it's from the Bleach era of Nirvana,one of their best albums!! I also interviewed Chad Channing the drummer of that album. He also played on Nevermind on the song Polly. I recently got the Nevermind longbox CD along with the Weird Al parody... Dave Grohl is definitely a gamer too I think! Wonder if this is Kurt's GameBoy he borrowed lol. Also wondering what PS1 games he has. I read Layne Staley of Alice in Chains was a huge PS2 and Metal Gear Solid fan also. Anyways can't wait to ask Krist on my podcast what types of systems he was into,etc...
  8. I beat Simpsons the arcade game recently! It actually wasn't that hard either.
  9. So I had a nice email from Krist Novoselic earlier,and I mentioned to him about this pic I found.... ...Krist told me Kurt was really into Super Mario Land!!!! Can't wait to speak to Krist more about this. Wonder what else games he had!????
  10. No I am NOT the one who has hijacked this thread. I replied to it with something that is very relevant to this subject matter. Obviously the people who have replied to me negatively aren't really interested in the subject of this thread at all,they just want to put me down. Sorry but they are trolls(they never liked me for reasons I don't even get! I never attacked them initially EVER. They've always had a bias towards me,and it's obvious it's because they are sexist),and that person also called me names so I couldn't help but reply back in that manner! Anyways I'm just gonna ignore the negativity from now and keep talking about what matters in this thread. We are talking about Kurt Cobain here,and I am about to speak to one of his close friends. How is that hijacking? I don't get it lol. Some bigots need an excuse for their dumb hatred.
  11. I can't respond to Assgeld because I got this troll blocked! But I'm sure what he is saying is predictable,just spewing a bunch of hateful nonsense out of pure jealousy. Look no need to be negative haters here!!! Y'all should be very proud a fellow AA member is gonna speak to Krist Novoselic and ask him what types of games he and Kurt played. If some of the few haters actually met me in real life they wouldn't even be wasting their times trying to diss,I would literally give the coat off my back to someone who needs it. You can't really judge anyone on the internet until you actually meet them. Also getting Dave Grohl on my show as well as Frances Bean Cobain! We're all gonna talk about our favorite games It's gonna be a killer show a true video game fan should not miss.I've been corresponding with Krist on Twitter. That picture of Kurt playing 2600 is amazing btw. I'm definitely gona ask Krist what types of games they played.
  12. Why's that? It sure wasn't me that made it dark either! Sad some troll losers here need to be so unappreciative and sexist towards me. I bet if it was a guy posting saying he was gonna interview Krist instead of me I bet y'all would be patting him on the back bigtime lol. So Krist is my friend now and is gonna be on my show. I am alot more closer to Cobain than most people here ever would be!
  13. I'm actually going to interview Krist Novoselic in a few weeks on my radio show!!! I'll definitely ask him about this.
  14. I play it at the arcade alot,so arcade version all the way for me!!! After watching the movie WarGames so many times(it stars my good friend Eddie Deezen) I like doing that trick where you get your fighter plane captured,and then when you get it back you have more firepower because now you have two fighters lol Makes the bonus levels alot easier.
  15. Heck no,I never wrote on any of my carts ever or anything game related for that matter. Funny a high school acquaintance once gifted me with a bunch of his old NES carts,and they got his name on em lol. Black sharpie marker. Never understood why anyone would do that but to each their own. Not only videogame cartridges,but I find alot of name writing on 8-track tapes that I collect,and alot of the vinyl that I collect. Annoying really,but sometimes I search the names on FB to see if their still alive which is funny.
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