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  1. Zool 2 (Atari Jaguar)....................My favorite Jaguar game!!!!! K.C. Munchkin (Magnavox Odyssey 2) ............. Love this game,it's like Pac-Man but on drugs. Macross Plus (Arcade)
  2. In related news I just scored a boxed Popeye Nintendo Game & Watch lol... Great addition to my tabletop collection. Love this game btw. A cousin of mine also had one of these a longtime ago.
  3. Funny game I actually played recently lol. I prefer the Atari 5200 version over the NES though. ColecoVision version is also better because it has Wimpy while the NES version doesn't.
  4. Tunnel Runner(Atari 2600)................... Brilliant game. Forgot how well designed this is. Bubbles(Arcade).....................After playing it alot,I can see now why some don't like it lol 😏 I like the character designs and such but it's way too difficult to the point it gets frustating, Meh. Ninja Warriors(Arcade)..............Wow this game rules!!!!!!!
  5. I just got another email today from Weird AL's agent :love: 😹,and he's agreed to star in my podcast soon! Also hope y'all can tune into my episode with Krist Novoselic of Nirvana,it's gonna be really heavy on the music tip. What other Nirvana tunes should I play?  In the meantime please checkout my interview with actor William Sadler(AKA the Grim Reaper from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)... 


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    2. CPUWIZ


      Sad, that you can sleep like that.

    3. lushgirl_80


      How do you sleep? LOL I doubt in peace. Sorry it's a shame we can never be friends and that's not my fault!

    4. JacobZu7zu7


      Sry about grandma, 😦 and yeah I don't get the point of spam or trolling. Oo 🤨

  6. I just got another message from the rapper legend DMC of RUN DMC!!! 😺 Told me to tell my next podcast guest Krist Novoselic of Nirvana he said hi and sent me condolences for my beloved cat and grandma who both recently passed away.  He is so sweet. On the side, he also told me he wouldn't mind competing against me in a good game of Street Fighter II Championship Edition!!!! lol Can't wait to meet DMC. He would kick the crap out of every troll on here who dares to hate on my status haha. 


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    2. lushgirl_80
    3. lushgirl_80


      @Joe C. Right? I deleted my original reaction to that,but whoever gave this post a sad face is not sincere at all,but just a troll wanting to hurt me. He did it yesterday on my other status and seems like he is stalking me now. Some people are just plain jerks I guess. They don't care about other's feelings,fuck that guy!

    4. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Keep doing you, duck the haters, keep us posted on DMC and others. As a fan of hip hop since 89, I can really respect your interactions with him. 

  7. I'm gonna see KISS in 3 weeks,my friend and I just bought tickets! 😻  Also gonna meet em' backstage Lol Gene agreed to say a few things for my podcast. What should I ask him???


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    2. lushgirl_80


      Yeah well go fuck yourself you stupid mom's basement loser troll!!! 


      KISS rules and you're just now an ignored user asshole,goodbye.

    3. BydoEmpire


      Well this is a good reminder to be very careful posting things in jest online, it's very easy to interpret those posts wildly differently than the intention. No offense intended.  Best of luck and continued success with your podcast.

    4. lushgirl_80


      @BydoEmpire Careful? I wasn't attacking anyone! As long as I am not attacking anyone(like a number of losers like to do on this site towards me),I can say whatever the hell I want,it's called freedom of speech. Maybe you need to be careful on who you troll on.

  8. Ex Mutants (Genesis).......................................... Ok platformer but not sure I'm really into it. Ariel The Little Mermaid (Genesis)................This game sucks. Not as good as the NES version. Lady in Wading (Atari 2600)...................... I think I just wasted 20 minutes of my life LOL Can't believe this game even exists,but it is funny.
  9. Alright been getting into many gaming sessions lately.... Ninja Gaiden (Atari Lynx).................................................. IMO much better than the NES version by far! Good port of the arcade. Cabbage Patch Kids:Adventure in the Park (ColecoVision) .............................................. Good game. Zektor (Arcade) .................................... Omg think I found my favorite vector game of all-time! Honorable mentions: Campaign '84(ColecoVision), Daffy Duck the Marvin Missions(GameBoy), Eyes(Arcade) , Tombstone City(TI-994/a), Galaga '88(Arcade)
  10. No I am talking about a completely different game which is on the Sega SG-1000. The Castle was never ported to the NES. Castlequest is the sequel of that game actually. Glad you mention Castlequest though,I'll have to try it out tonight!
  11. Cool Minigame Collection (Coin-Op) .................. This is a really crazy game everyone should try at least once! My favorite levels are the 'Doll' and 'Burger' levels. The Castle (Sega SG-1000)...................................................Possibly my favorite platformer atm. Could have been great on the NES as well. ALF (SMS).............................. Dumb game based on corny 80's show,but somehow want to findout what's next. Up next: T&C Surf Designs (NES)
  12. Oh ok lol. I'm airing my new episode with Krist sometime next month,but been in touch with him. I'm also getting Dave Grohl on at some point so I'll ask him about his arcade cab collection!
  13. Yea well Super Mario Bros.2 is derived from Doki-Doki Panic,and that happens to be one of the classic games of all-time!!! You never hear elitist,pedantic,and bigoted morons complain about that game. Funny also the armchair haters on here are mostly grown men in their 40's/50's. GET A LIFE. Never denied it's a "hack",but techincally it is a completely different game than what it was derived from. Much like Super Mario 2 is different compared to Doki. So why the hell does it matter? Obviously it only matters to the elitist,butt hurt a-hole Fanboy who feels they musst attack something they are jealous from afar just to feel better about themselves. If you hate it that much you would just move forward and ignore it,but obviously your hatred is based out of pure obsession. Gotta feel above others with your opinions and that's pretty sad lol. GET A LIFE. Even if I disliked someone's homebrew in the AA community for whatever reason, I would never attack them constantly like these trolls are. Just trolls straight up. I'm looking at you Shawn! I got you blocked. Doesn't matter what you think though.
  14. Thanks! Honestly I'm not here to let people rile anybody up,that is not my purpose here,and anybody who thinks that is just ignorant. I'm a true game fan and these jerks can piss off with whatever they think behind their keyboards. Seems like some people suffer from online desensitization a bit here and that's sad. I only defend myself from hateful armchair a-hole trolls who talk sh-it about the game I made with Clark(Frankodragon). Funny despite all the neg criticism(which only comes from butthurt bored Know-it-all fanboys with nothing else to do in their mommy's basement) it only has come from a small group of people here. The game sells very well, people left and right who purchased the game tell me they enjoy the game...Heck even Howard Scott Warshaw says he likes the game! That's all that matters to me really. I'm proud of the artwork and could care less what anyone thinks. Their opinions are not how the rest of the outside world thinks! Nobody is slowing down my sales either, in fact I just sold another game last night.! Thanks to those who appreciate the game really. I've also autographed a dozen or so games and counting. Really proud of this game!!!!
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