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    Circuit bending Speak & Spells, Ghostbusters cereal, vintage cartoons on Super 8mm film, Comicbooks(silver age and golden age),Horror films,collecting & watching Betamax tapes,RCA CED SelectaVision moviediscs, Lava Lamps,listening to my Panasonic 8-track player, Psychedelic rock,Heavy Metal, collecting vinyl(33's and 45s) and cd's,VHS,Punk rock fashions,DiscoVision,The Rockford Files, Three's Company,old Gemco tv commercials,Pixelvision 2000, Orange guitar amps,and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles xoxo
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  1. Gonna represent my station at the concert in a few months,and gonna meetup and interview Ozzy Osbourne backstage!!! :) Can't wait...I'm gonna have him autograph my Ozzy 8-track. So cool also,last person that bought my Atari game asked me to sign it!!!! :P

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    2. lushgirl_80


      Nope not attention seeking,just saying what's happening with me atm!! When are you gonna get bored trolling on me??? LOL Got nothing productive to say than don't say it.

    3. onemoretime


      That sure enough neat there maam.

    4. Swami


      Ask him about Martian aquifers

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