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    Circuit bending Speak & Spells, Ghostbusters cereal, vintage cartoons on Super 8mm film, Comicbooks(silver age and golden age),Horror films,collecting & watching Betamax tapes,RCA CED SelectaVision moviediscs, Lava Lamps,listening to my Panasonic 8-track player, Psychedelic rock,Heavy Metal, collecting vinyl(33's and 45s) and cd's,VHS,Punk rock fashions,DiscoVision,The Rockford Files, Three's Company,old Gemco tv commercials,Pixelvision 2000, Orange guitar amps,and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles xoxo
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    ♥ Sega Nomad, Atari 2600 4 switch Vader, Texas Instruments TI-99 4A, Vectrex, Atari 5200 2 port and 4 port, Atari Pong '75, NES, Super NES, N64,Colecovision, Intellivision, NEO GEO AES, Atari Lynx, Turbo Grafx Express
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About Me






If you are one of the few hater trolls of AA looking at my profile trying to figure me out  without really meeting me in person than piss off!!! 




Go hide behind your keyboards then and talk shit,and think whatever negative cos in reality it doesn't affect me.


But if you're an honest good friend,and fellow video game lover then bless ya!!!!! :love: Don't be a hater please!!!! I'm a lover not a fighter.




I am not here trying to "self promote" my show like some ignorant  wannabe computer expert dorks think btw. As if alot of people here aren't promoting their podcasts already! The few people who try to hate on my show and I ,haven't even heard my show really or even played the Atari game,they're just judging purely on the surface....


 I talk about my love for gaming in correlation with my show at times because that's my life and what I'm into 100% at the moment plus the content of my show is within the general interests of many Atari fans. I share a real passion for gaming  I've had since way back! Some people  gotta hate because they got nothing else better to do,and most likely listen to top 40 crap. Screw that. I play the best in obscure and extreme Heavy Metal,and Nintendocore Metal on my show so they can kiss my arse! Also love  arcade cabs and I happen to be great friends with Howard Scott Warshaw the creator of Yars Revenge! XO


My current best score on SMB1 is also 1429350!!!!


I am  the first DJ on the air to play videogame sounds,and I interview tons of well known celebrities like Tommy Chong.He is also a close friend of mine actually! :)







By the way there's also a new Atari 7800 game based on my podcast,it's currently for sale on eBay,grab your copies before they sellout!










People that don't like my radio show are just  a-holes,don't listen to them, because they are just square ass dweebs who hate their dayjobs most likely. I'm all about real Rock N Roll,and could give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. If you're into what I'm into,you're definitely blessed. Here's to the new radio rebellion!!!! :) :) :)








I also just published the very first comic book in history to feature anime characters smoking weed,it's called Hikikomori Nation(aka Wasted Youth),on display at Isotope Comics store in SF,CA...







some stuff from my own private collection





Some of my rare Betamax collection...





I also love collecting very rare 8-tracks...



I collect and play vintage games,especially obscure consoles like the Acetronic MPU-1000 and the Bandai Playdia.



My interview with HSW...









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