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  1. Hi I have 2 Atari 2600 consoles up for trade. What have you? Both are working. I am interested in all sorts of classic gaming (or computing) stuff, especially a working Intellivision console (i have 2 non working). Mail me all your offers/suggestions jd at sourcecode.co.za
  2. Hi everyone.. I have several space invader carts but i can't seem to shoot on any of them! I have tried replacing the joystick even though the same stick seems to work with other games perfectly. I have 4 consoles and all of them are giving me the same result, directional control works fine but i can't fire a single shot on Space Invaders. Surely someone around here knows why?
  3. Hi I recently acquired my second atari machine, an atari 800 XL. The problem is I don't have a disk drive only tape and I'm still waiting for parts for my SIO2PC kit. I am in search of .CAS files which i can write back to tape. There was a site on the net called 'atari tape archive' or something similiar, though the links are now non working. Can anyone please let me know where I can find .CAS files? Or does anyone want to sell me an atari floppy drive? Thanks jD ps a popular .CAS author is working on converting BIN to .CAS which would help. anybody that has already tried getting CAS's with or without success please reply.
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