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  2. I actually contacted him a really really long time ago. Before the project was even complete. We did talk about me helping with production and distribution. He even sent me a unit (for free) to try out, so it seemed at the time he was really interested. This was before there was a menu system for it. We actually showed it off at our booth at the 2014 Cleveland Classic & Arcade Gaming Show because it seemed (at the time) it was going to be something we would be carrying. However, I am not 100% sure what happened, I think he stopped responding to my e-mails or maybe he got busy I don't remember for sure. However at the time I hadn't heard from him for quite awhile so the deal seemed dead in the water. So then Mnemo came out with his and since I had some experience with him at the time (because of the 3DO mods) and his had an actually menu system I switched my focus. I never heard from Deunan again. The reality is it seems some people are just comfortable making a few units and get some extra cash, which he kind of expressed to me as time went on before we stopped communicating. This is why I offered to take over the majority of the boring stuff, production and fulfillment. I don't have any hard feelings towards Deunan, things just petered out, may have partially been my doing. Maybe I will reach out to him again and see what is going on.
  3. I understand what you are getting at. I listened to the Eli interview and it was very interesting. I can't speak for Eli, nor do I wish to. I do not know how much business experience he has had before Piko, but I stated in a previous post in this thread that I could have totally seen myself getting caught up into something like this early in Stone Age Gamer's life (over 9 years ago). When you have a small fledgling business and you are inexperienced you are much more likely to be overzealous about stuff like this. I felt this constant fear that I may be missing out on something big so sometimes I spent my time and money on stuff that (hindsight being 20-20) was really a terrible idea. I still have this fear, but now that I am more experienced have the business has gotten to a point where its completely self sufficient I can take a break and look at opportunities a lot more critically. I also don't run the day-to-day of SAG anymore, I haven't for over 2 years now. I mainly only handle the higher up decisions, books, and other business dealings. This also gives me a better perspective on some things that I never really saw when I was doing the day-to-day grind. That's just my 2 cents, I am not saying any of this really applies to anyone else but myself. I am not trying to put words in anyone's mouth.
  4. I agree, he is done. I guess "may" was giving him too much credit.
  5. I will say this, and this is not a defense of CollectorVision or anyone else, but when you have a very small fledgling business and have very little experience you are way more likely to be taken in by this kind of stuff. I guarantee you 9 years ago when I started SAG that if someone would have come in sell me some magic beans I would have been much more likely to fall for it. Part of it is just ignorance of the business and part of it is this desire to be at the ground floor of something possibly big. This can really blind you to reality sometimes because you are so desperate to succeed. Its so powerful in fact that it can drive what seem to be honest people to do dishonest things. It may be too late for Mike to redeem himself, but I don't feel its too late for everyone associated with this project. However, some humility may be required.
  6. Man would really like to get my hands on the Jaguar cart shell mold, could maybe talk KRIKzz into making a Jag EverDrive.
  7. I don't know how I didn't put it together. I actually looked up your order to confirm that I did send one to someone from RGRT. I should have figured out it was you from the name it was you.
  8. The reason the SD2SNES was resetting was probably because of the 3-in-1 power supply. They seem to be a crap shoot when used in conjunction with the SD2SNES sometimes. We have had issues with SD2SNES and the 3-in-1s before, in fact often the first question we ask a customer who is having trouble with the SD2SNES is if they are using an official or 3rd party power supply. Also, I am pretty sure we (Stone Age Gamer) were the ones that sent RetroGaming RoundUp a SD2SNES for review back in 2012. So Mike should know what an SD2SNES is.
  9. I'm learnding. Also: He calls him Super Nintendo Chalmers in this scene. Coincidence?
  10. Doesn't have to burn bridges, but if I were Piko or CollectorVision I would keep my name out of anything associated with this project until its actually in people's hands. Nothing good can come from it at this time and its not worth hurting yourself over.
  11. The minute you ask for other people's money it changes everything. The standards increase significantly. I have no doubt Mike wants to make this product. I do not think this is a scam to just get people's money and then move to Belize. However, what is the difference between these two scenarios: Lying to people to get them to give you money and running off with it. Lying to people to get them to give you money and then not delivering the product/service they expected. Although you could argue #1 is more nefarious, they both have the exact same outcome. Sure there is a chance you could also lie to people and actually deliver, but then you are arguing is that the ends justify the means. Is this the type of behavior we want to encourage, not only as a retro gaming community, but as a society? No, of course not. P.S. People really need to stop comparing this to Sony, if you can't see the difference between Sony hiding the PS1 hardware at a trade show and the Coleco team doing what they have done then I think you are being willfully ignorant.
  12. Yes, but it also has a huge library of games out of the box and has its own unique look, not to mention seems to be a very high quality item. Not too many people would pay that kind of money for a system with no games (outside of collectors). I admire what Analogue does because there are already a bunch of low - medium quality clones out there. No point in fighting for the bottom of the barrel. The price is high, but not a shock considering how they are made.
  13. SNES carts, esepcially North American are a quite bit wider than the PCB. The SD2SNES would not fit perfectly into a jaguar shell, this is why in the picture of him holding the cart up the SD2SNES edge connector is hanging out the bottom. I assume the Piko games were just the PCB, not the full cart.
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