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  1. I don't want a multicart...i'd rather have the real games rather than all of em packed into one and if i wanted to have something like that i could got em on an emulator. i want to own the real awesome games with the real awesome cases and everything. soz.
  2. Odyssey² is so awesome looking with those awesome retro fonts, gradiant colours, and had amazing art work! I am getting the system soon too .
  3. Thanks for the replies and suggestions! And thanks kirin jensen for that awesome link with O2 homebrew games! I might buy some of those.
  4. Hi, I am getting a Magnavox Odyssey² console and I currently have four boxed games: Alien Invaders-Plus! K.C.'s Krazy Chase Type & Tell Monkeyshrines Pick Axe Pete Matchmaker+Logix+Buzzword (All on one cartridge) And am very excited to get the system some time soon. (My mom said after she gets her credit card paid off, since I am gonna buy the system off Ebay with credit card) I would like to know if any of you peoples could tell me what your favourite games are and recommend some to me maybe. Thanks.
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