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  1. Yeah, sounds really nice! Battlemorph II would bei awesome
  2. Dear Atarians, This year, the 15th Upperfranconian Atari Meeting (OFAM) will take place on September 27 - September 29, 2019 in 95213 Muenchberg/Germany, Kirchenlamitzer Str. 86. We will start on Friday evening and chill out on Sunday noon. Beside coding, chatting and gaming, we will have beer and bbq Would be great if many will find their way to Muenchberg! See http://ofam.lima-city.de or https://web.facebook.com/events/2378644242181491/ for more details. Kind regards, Chris
  3. I use Netusbee with a WiFi to Ethernet repeater. Works fine for me. Of course not a real WiFi solution, but very portable anyway.
  4. Upgraded version 2.00 is available: 2 player arcade mode included Stay Atari! Chris
  5. Or just look at crownland. It's awesome. The Atari 8 bit has very talented coders!
  6. I was really disappointed from title match. The 2600 version is a decent game, the 7800 game is worse but better looking. But anyway I think title match is much better than mat Mania...
  7. Got mine today! This is f*#@ing awesome 😎👍 7800 rocks. Rikki and Vikki rock! Will have much to do tonight
  8. Old thread I know... But does anybody know how to mod the Stacy for batteries? Best regards, Chris
  9. Afaik that won't work We tried it at an Atari meeting a while back. But would be awesome if situation has changed...
  10. Do you want an NTSC or PAL machine? I have one PAL left. Take care, Chris
  11. I just modded some Genesis Pads to work like that: "B" is firebutton and "C" is "Up". Works like a charm. Love to play pperas version of Giana Sisters on my Falcon with that. Thanks for the adaption! My experience is that the Genesis Pads work fine on Port 1 but Not on 0 (Mouse/Joystick). You have to disconnect a Pin to solve this. If anyone is interested in modded controllers. I can sell them for 9,99 $ + shipping. Have some here (China Genesis controllers) to mod. Take care! Chris
  12. Hi, Does anyone know where to get the games Crownland (ST) and Dragon Kids, that were shown at the Sillyventure? Best regards, Chris
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