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  1. Have they stole my childhood favorite Flying Tigers or is it actually a legit thing from Jay Kramer?
  2. I would like to know why the MS-DOS version was cancelled, and why it has the enemies hitbox placed a bit to the right side of the character. I also love how the main dev of the game (Dave Allsopp) explains Atari how to install the game. Btw: iirc, it was advertised as a cart game by one mag 🤨
  3. Highlander is a good game, imo. It has good graphics, plays well and it is not nearly as difficult as people say. Most people probably have played 5 minutes and that's it, but once you know how to do a direct strike (forward + C) it is fairly easy. Last time I almost finished it in one sitting. Unfortunately GameDrive does not have support for MemoryTrack yet and I got screwed at ~70% of the game. My only complain is that: if you get killed you have to start from the beginning of the game, instead of the beginning of the chapter. The MS-DOS port (leaked last year) has some QOL improvements, but the video quality is terrible compared to Jaguar CD.
  4. I would like to see Cave Story. I guess at least the Genesis version should be feasible on the M68000.
  5. It amazes me that they wasted Atari Jaguar hardware in that game, even if there were tons of stock. One trick: If you insert one credit just when the counter reaches 000, you get 999 seconds. I hope Skycopter can be released as well.
  6. Great to see you here XProger. And my apologies about the deleted video+comment. I wanted to record another one with your latest changes. Fingers crossed for that Jaguar port 😀
  7. VGC has been always a bit cynical/satirical to my taste. But I can agree that it is not a great game. Highlander F-? Learn to play, please.
  8. MemoryTrack would be a great addition. I tried to finish Highlanders in one sitting but ultimately failed 😅 Good lord these 90s devs, at least reboot from the last chapter, not from the beginning of the game.
  9. Wow. I didn't expect so many people 🙁
  10. Hi guys. How long is the waiting list? Is there any chance of getting the GD cart in the next months?
  11. No edition button? :-S My video of entire game using CRT Emulation from Stella, 'enjoy' :-P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajlg-2D-ZjA Yeah, Youtube quality SUCKS. Here in really good quality (Facebook Video quality) -and my review in spanish-
  12. SFX have been dropped from Solaris, havent they?
  13. Well, its not a bad game, there are worse A2600 games than this, Texas Chainsaw Massacre could be the worst A2600 game in my opinion, E.T just need an ... instruction manual
  14. If you're really looking for an exact copy of what's shown in that screenshot, I don't think the 2600 is capable of that. I mean the view, sprites and else (games related arent like this), not the graphics itself, it could be more simple Its not Trucking and i didnt have Intellivision, thanks anyway, as said, is exactly the same view/sprites as MSX one
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