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    collect Alfa Romeo cars 1970 - 1985
    collect european top range saloons 1969 - 1985
    WWII history, Axis point of view !
    European history 1860 - 1980
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    no more time for playing but continue purchasing games

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  1. ozma wars

    ozma wars

  2. all games and voice module very common, everywhere. A shop here still have dozens.
  3. thanks Luc for having purchased one og these rare copies
  4. ragazzi !!! qui se non sei USA o CANADA è difficile vendere qualcosa. Ci sono un mucchio di coglioni che sentenziano su tutto più che collezionisti sono proprio nerds, d'altronde molti di questi non sanno proprio che cazzo fare ...... ciao, scusatemi lo sfogo ! Max
  5. ops, sorry again but...how to understand if the game is PAL or Ntsc ? Telegames boxes do not say that.
  6. many thanks you all for the info.
  7. really I do not understand despite my various businesses I do not own the italian postal service system so I do not understand the polemics about shippings. I gave NIAD scan of documents about first shipping, what he wants more ? ATARI 181 many posts but no money to buy ?
  8. I an not jalous of my friends driving Panamera of 120.000 Euro. This is democracy. When I was a child propaganda said the USA teachers in that. It is clear that in Ohio communism is raising up again.... thinking as a loser you remain a loser. Better you start writing a book whose title I can suggest " Living in USA where there is a possibility for everybody, not for me" ah ah ah NIAD, no comment let me remember you that you cannot use Ebay as you have admitted in writing to me. You opened a claim when you were simply asking where the game was because, as you said, you are not practical in using Ebay instruments.... anyway don't worry, the day you interested in other rare items you can buy from others. As shown you the dispatched item was back because yr. address was unknown and redispatched. So, because I and yu do not work for postal offices, I do not understand why you report here yr. experiences. Anyway, as said, for some critics I receive here, sales are ok and 4 x 5 completete sets of Sunrise games sold.
  9. a friend of mine have one ( Italy here ) and got if from USA years ago cib and working. I know he wanted to sell. Which yr. budget ?
  10. hi there I read here Glacier Patrol is a rare game... Is it really rare ? I know where to find three new cib and in this case I could sell two. Which the approximate value of the cartridge ?
  11. Commodore 64 and Crusade in Europe : Allies never reached Paris, Fortress Europe wins

  12. Bojay despite yr. critics I am selling..my only problem is that I have a lot of these games and shall continuously renew the topic... If then my prices are no cheap this should ( I repeat should ) be NOT yr. problem. You know how market rules, no ? which is yr. problem ? I sell potential buyers welcome here curious welcome feedback of customers, bad or good, welcome too. you are only loosing time and at this point clear you have nothing else to do in yr. life. You should exit yr. door sometimes and see how nice are the parks now with flowers and real people walking and enjoing life. This is only a screen.
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