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  1. I remember his appearance in BBS the Documentary
  2. I was an arcade rat of the 70s and early 80s. For me it's when the ColecoVision came out that I said I would rather stay at home and play rather than go to the arcade.
  3. Check out the video and the comments are interesting.
  4. Do you think you could just have one thread in the Gaming Publications and Web Sites forum where you can discuss your channel? Getting tired of seeing threads about your channel on a daily basis in different threads - it's getting spammy.
  5. Get a Canakit from Amazon Get an Xbox 360 controller and receiver where you can use both thumbsticks for Robot Ron. Install RetroPie. Download MAME ROMs from Archive.org Don't forget to give me thanks.
  6. Five year old thread. I don't even watch Twitch anymore because it's no longer supported on Roku.
  7. Has anyone gotten this to work on Raspberry Pi with an Xbox controller? Just looking for a ready made coolcv_mapping.txt file but I can't find one uploaded anywhere. Are there instructions anywhere on how to edit this file?
  8. If you're a sports fan, many of the leagues are posting full game replays on YouTube.

  9. Spent much of the past weekend watching concerts in my YouTube playlist. Signed up for NFL Game Pass so I'm watching condensed games from the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl season. Watched Charles Bronson's Death Wise V that I recorded a year ago. I liked how he fixed the bad guy's dandruff problem. When I'm bored watching TV, I txt a friend of mine and we take turns picking a video game to play and then we txt each other our scores. We started doing that Friday night. So far we've played Frostbite and BurgerTime on the 2600 and Pooyan on the NES.
  10. The very first game to play is Combat. You also need Warlords and Indy 500.
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