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  1. Couldn't you use SFTP and Filezilla? That's what I do.
  2. I think any game that provides a distraction to the anxiety would be on the list. Ghosts N Goblins is too difficult for me.
  3. Stopped collecting years ago once I got the Harmony cart. Now I've moved on from console hardware to Retropie. I still play occasionally, but not as much as I used to. I'm more into playing pinball now than video games.
  4. Didn't realize he got banned. I ran the arcade/mame HSC when he put up a crazy score on Reactor and claimed it was his second attempt ever playing the game. It was like 92K. Nobody puts up a score like that not knowing anything about the game. Especially Reactor.
  5. Announced yesterday. They can't stay afloat because of the pandemic. They're selling everything (pinball machines, arcade games, consoles and other assets). It was fun while it lasted. https://replayfoundation.org/2020-announcement/
  6. I bought a Canakit off of Amazon. I would recommend getting a large SD card though - someone told me all I needed was 32-GB and then when I started adding PS1 games I had to buy a larger card and copy everything over. I already had Xbox 360 controllers, so all I needed to add was the receiver for them. When all was said and done, I have like over 10,000 games for under $200. https://www.amazon.com/CanaKit-Raspberry-8GB-Extreme-Kit/dp/B08B6F1FV5/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3BW4BTUX6JMGY&dchild=1&keywords=canakit+raspberry+pi+4&qid=1605800445&sprefix=canakit%2Caps%2C186&sr=8-4
  7. I still enjoy playing the 2600 version of Ms. Pac on my Retropie.
  8. Have you thought of maybe checking out other discussion forums like Reddit or the MISC forum on BodyBuilding.com?
  9. I remember his appearance in BBS the Documentary
  10. I was an arcade rat of the 70s and early 80s. For me it's when the ColecoVision came out that I said I would rather stay at home and play rather than go to the arcade.
  11. Check out the video and the comments are interesting.
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