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  1. Bump for this week's auctions. See post #1. Price drop on ColecoVision - if it doesn't sell this week I'm throwing it in the trash.
  2. Well it's an option for those that own original hardware if they desire to play advanced games. I purchased the original SGM when it came out and was happy.
  3. Seems that all of this is explained in post #1.
  4. Bump for this week's auctions. See post #1.
  5. Space Fury works well with the roller controller
  6. There was a department store called Two Guys that had an area tucked away with arcade cabinets. One of them was Star Castle. Loved that game back then and still do today.
  7. Yeah sorry B-type. The one that has an ending and doesn't speed up during game play.
  8. Champ Games. I had all his games. That would've been in the mid 90s when I was playing a lot of DOS games on my 486. At the time I was playing a lot of puzzle games along with the Champ games. The dial-up days.
  9. Has anyone been able to get some of these 2600 home brews like Draconian and Super Cobra Arcade to work on RetroPie?
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