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  1. If you're a sports fan, many of the leagues are posting full game replays on YouTube.

  2. Spent much of the past weekend watching concerts in my YouTube playlist. Signed up for NFL Game Pass so I'm watching condensed games from the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl season. Watched Charles Bronson's Death Wise V that I recorded a year ago. I liked how he fixed the bad guy's dandruff problem. When I'm bored watching TV, I txt a friend of mine and we take turns picking a video game to play and then we txt each other our scores. We started doing that Friday night. So far we've played Frostbite and BurgerTime on the 2600 and Pooyan on the NES.
  3. The very first game to play is Combat. You also need Warlords and Indy 500.
  4. I wasn't aware of that in the latter stages. I've been doing it on the second board first time through.
  5. Try this: https://archive.org/details/sega_sms_library
  6. My local bowling alley got this one in and I loved it. I was kind of surprised this was released for the 2600 though because at the time it seemed like I was the only one that played it at the bowling alley. Have you ever successfully executed the three bird trick that gives you 200,000 points? I've done it several times but for me it's difficult to execute.
  7. Yes there is one down the street from me at the local mall. A lot of rumors of the mall being demolished though.
  8. Some odds and ends this week. See post #1.
  9. With all due respect, if you don't suffer from anxiety then please don't opine. There is no cure for anxiety. I personally have found video games helpful as well as marijuana. Playing video games is more healthy than taking a drug with a shit load of side effects.
  10. Bump for auctions ending Saturday. I will have more stuff up Saturday afternoon but there's not much left (thank goodness).
  11. The shit hit the fan when I created the "Female Celebrities You Find Attractive" club so they got rid of them all.
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