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  1. I skimmed it. I will make a backup soon. Thanks.
  2. But does that require that you formatted the SD card FAT or FAT32 in the first place so that Windows can read it? I formatted the SD card with SD Card Formatter and FAT wasn't an option.
  3. I can't imagine a USB drive would be faster either. I have everything on 128-GB SD card. What's the likelihood that the SD card would go belly up though?
  4. So how much is that in US $ that he made off with?
  5. Wow. Hope you folks figured out not to give money to someone to program a game. Never made sense to me why someone should be paid ahead of time to program.
  6. There's a lot of black. But I like it. Grade:
  7. I try to be respectful of everyone's time and write a review that gets the point across in the shortest amount of characters.
  8. I'm not aware of any. Just emulation requirements for some of the newer games.
  9. AtariAge has a Facebook group? That's odd. It's kind of like those trucks that are loaded with millions of dollars and then something happens and then there's money all over the roadway. Do you get out of the car and start picking up the money to keep for yourself or do you move along because it's not yours?
  10. I read the review only after someone mentioned the Tarzan yell. Otherwise the only reviews I read for 40 year old video games are Video Game Critics because they're concise and witty. If OP really wants to do a service, review the home brews in the AtariAge store where there's a need for it. Instead of reviewing 40 year old games that anyone can decide for them self with a multicart, emulation or paying $2 for the fucking cart.
  11. I thought Pitfall was a decent game. I don't play it now though. I largely ignored Vanguard the arcade game BITD so I didn't have the home version back then either. It was until recent years when I saw the arcade game sitting there on the floor at ReplayFX that I gave it some attention and man that game rocks. The 2600 version is OK after warming up to it.
  12. To me it was just a sound effect that came up with. Never equated it to a Tarzan yell.
  13. What? BITD I played a ton of Jungle King and that has a Tarzan yell. I never thought that was a Tarzan yell in Pitfall. Ever.
  14. I was referring to the fact that the reviewer is referring to a Tarzan yell that doesn't exist in the game he's reviewing.
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