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  1. I've been buying Hozer's stuff for a long time. I have no regard to whether the stuff is legit or not I just want to play the games. Me first.
  2. Playing Carnival with the stock 5200 controllers would be a disaster.
  3. If you can find a mini Space Encounters cabinet it's a fun game to play. Funspot has one. The controls are different on the mini compared to the awkward controls on the full size cabinet. I love that game.
  4. The one on the bottom is the 60-in-1 board. Here's the manual: https://www.hollandcomputers.com/data/Images_Additional/arcade game parts/60-in-1_icade_classic_arcade_manual_online.pdf
  5. I believe there's a dip switch on the board to turn this off. You'll need to find that manual.
  6. Should just remove status updates altogether.
  7. My favorite is EA NHL 95 on the PC. Not realistic at all by today's standards but fun game. I always loved checking the referee and getting an abuse of official penalty.
  8. And 5 years later I still haven't made that trip to Northern NJ. It's been tough times for me.
  9. That's what was giving me problems the first few times I played it. I got into a rhythm with my last game and could almost predict when they were thrown and started shooting them down. I made mistakes of course.
  10. I had a tough time with this one. Never made it to the second screen. 12600
  11. I can't play these games with claustrophobic playfields 30900
  12. 35900. I had difficulties using an Xbox controller to play this game. If I have time I'll see if I can bump this up.
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