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  1. I hardly ever get friend requests. My profile pic is the same as my avi here on AA - don't know if that has something to do with it. Facebook was fun when it was new - not so much anymore. About 6 months ago I had over 800 friends on Facebook - mostly pinball players - so I could be more "connected" to the scene. Well with Facebook's stupid algorithms I wasn't seeing everybody's posts anyway. Then I started unfriending people. Like people I friended from my pinball league that said later "yeah I have a profile but I don't even use Facebook." So what's the point of being friends with someone that's not active? Now I'm only friends with only 2 people from league. Next to be cut were people I would see at pinball tournaments and would look the other way and not say hi. So, now I'm down to roughly 125. Anybody I want to stay in contact with I use text messaging instead of Facebook. If I have your phone number, we don't need to be friends on Facebook. And I actually like Facebook better now that I trimmed the fat. I eliminated the serial post "sharers," people taking pics of their expensive restaurant dinner checks, posts about lavish vacations etc. basically stuff that I'm not interested in and I spend less time on the platform.
  2. WNEP 16 'video vault' - 1982 video game fad (video)


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    2. GoldLeader


      Video games eh?  That Crazy fad from the 80's!!    It's like hackysack, Gatorgum, or pet rocks and Pyraminx,...New wave or wearing your collar all stupid and straight up...Hmmm ...I think I'll go play some right now ;)

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      The guy at 0:37 looks like a wax figure that was brought to life by a wizard.

    4. GoldLeader
  3. I was wondering why the hell everybody is viewing my profile. Is it now because of the way status updates are handled with clicking on the update to read the entire message and respond?
  4. Fight breaks out at little league game (video)


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    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      The biggest fool pushes someone down and runs smdh....

    3. iesposta


      My teen's team is better than YOUR teen's team, and I will FIGHT YOU FOR IT!

    4. save2600


      Videos like this remind of when the natives get restless at a Chuck E. Cheese.   🤣





  5. LOL. My kids would rate games F-. I didn't buy the game because it doesn't look like a game I would enjoy playing.
  6. Too many mouse clicks with this new forum software

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    2. Albert


      Can you be more specific? Yes, some things may be more clicks, but others are not. If you can provide some examples I can possibly help mitigate them. 

    3. save2600


      Replying to a Status Update is an example. You need to click on Replies, then it takes you to their profile or "single status update" page vs. simply dropping a dialog  box inline like it used to. After clicking on Reply to submit, you then need to click on Home to get back to the Status Updates. 



    4. wongojack


      Pros and Cons . . . It is growing on me


      Con - yeah we have to come to the profile page for status updates

      Pro - now I can add a .gif as easy as typing it in to the .gif selection window example:


      reaction. mood fuck you GIF



  7. Is there a way to default the custom stream I created whenever I click "unread content"?
  8. What happened to "Ignore Topic"? I don't see the button anywhere and it looks like topics I previously ignored are now showing up in my stream.
  9. How do you follow a forum? This setting was wiped out with the upgrade.
  10. Yes this is the set I downloaded and I have my ROMs arranged by publisher on my Harmony. I would recommend downloading this set. Are there homebrews that come pre-loaded on the Harmony? It's been years since I bought mine and I thought it came with Juno First and a couple of others. Also if you poke around the forums, there are some homebrew ROMs out there. I think the final versions of Scramble and Super Cobra were uploaded by Champ Games.
  11. What is the name of the podcast? I searched "Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre" in Plex and there was no results.
  12. Some here...might be same as what's at archive.org http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/joystik/joystik.htm
  13. You must be new around here...
  14. I guess this could go in either the Modern or Classic gaming forums but I'm gonna put it in this one since I don't follow Modern gaming...saw this tweeted out today looks really cool https://vectorhat.com/bytedriver/
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