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  1. That's really impressive. Save some for the rest of us!!! (just kidding, really happy they're being preserved even if it's not at my house).
  2. That was a very cool read! Welcome and thanks for the story. Hopefully there’s more to your Atari journey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes it is. Love it. It works great, pretty flexible and reasonably cheap. I don’t know where he is located - I googled quickly but couldn’t find it and I don’t recall where it shipped from. There is a case guy here. The Corei64 stuff is about 20 min away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What do you have? I’ve got a list of stuff I’d like to have boxed versions of. Mostly really popular games and a couple of apps.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you very much for the detailed answer. It's really for nostalgia reasons I want to run these (title screens, music, etc...), most of my favourite games are already available via your (and others) HD conversions. Before I spend on new hardware I'll see how many I can get to run via software... If I can get into the 60-70% range or higher, that's probably good enough.
  6. Customers from USA/CANADA - please, choose POLISH PARCEL at checkout ( or FEDEX) Right from his website, Polish Parcel is post office. I can't recall the exact amount, its fairly reasonable - 30 bucks, but I had a MiST, an SIO Hub and an SIO2PC in that order. YMMV. I will say it can be slow, but it does always show up... (Everything is slow to Edmonton it seems though) Just to ADD: I went in and redid the order (not actually, but just to get shipping) and there are 4 options. Polish Post, Polish Post Kilo Pack, FEDEX Economy and Priority... Costing is in that order cheapest to most expensive.
  7. So for my STE which has 4mb Ram, TOS 2.06, Ultrasatan, A/B floppy drive switch and an HXC floppy emulator (external but will boot as A with the switch) I'd like to achieve maximum compatibility with Menu disks. What are the options and best ways to achieve this... I've done some googling and come up with two paths (maybe there are more?) 1) get a tos switcher to have both 1.62 and 2.06, this option let's me keep the imaged disks on the floppy emulator. 2) use something like imagerunner and the program that allows me to load TOS 1.4 into high memory - will this allow me to boot and image disk? With this option I would keep the imaged disks on the Ultrasatan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've ordered from Lotharek many times (to Alberta) never an issue. If that's the solution you want dont let shipping stop you. He'll do regular post to Canada rather than courier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I use a TOM+ so I can run a USB mouse on my STE. You can get a NetUSB but that requires drivers...and then eats a little memory and might get in the way of a few things, also needs to be booted with drivers each time (so hard disk, to be practical). TOM+ you can find on ebay, I think the seller has cheaper versions too if that's too much.
  10. I use a wimodem232. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'm no expert, so it's easily user error but I gave FDT and ANSITerm a go with no luck.... SyncTerm on PC worked though
  12. Supply and demand are economic theories (not laws) and eBay is hardly perfect competition or an a free and open market. The only thing I know about economics is its all based on people behaving rationally, and two people in the same situation and at the same spot in life can't agree on what's rational. So while a $531 1200XL may seem rationale to at least one person, to everyone else it isn't (hence no higher bids). Source: I paid 40,000 dollars for a degree in economics to learn that one thing.... On the whole though I agree with Faicuai...low supply, crazy buyers.
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