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  1. Best in class... https://atari8.co.uk/the-last-word/ Of course, not available in 1985
  2. Agreed. It was just cool to use the same software at school and home (for me) despite the platform differing. I still have my boxed Paperclip with dongle for my A8!
  3. I used Atariwriter at home but in elementary school we had a computer lab full of C64's (In Ontario at least, the C64 had an Apple II like relationship with the school boards) and we ran Paperclip there. Eventually I migrated to Paperclip on the A8 (when I discovered it was available), but honestly looking back I think I prefered Atariwriter.
  4. I asked for my Last Squadron to come regular post from Poland to save costs...it took exactly 21 days. Which is inline with stuff Lotharek ships. Now that's to Canada. YMMV. My FloB has shipped as well, so I'm expecting a similar timeline.
  5. As far as I know, its in a folder on the Pigwa FTP site: /stuff/collections/Atari 8bit Preserved Software 2020-01-25 I don't know if its housed somewhere else as well...
  6. The fuse does have a burn mark on it - a small one. Having said that, this house has crazy electrical issues sometimes - so maybe the fuse did it's job and protected the monitor. Ugh, here's hoping the only issue is the fuse....(ordered from Amazon - arrived Wednesday).
  7. North American Voltages are lower no? 120 Volts. Though I take your point - at 120 volts, .5A would be just enough? it does make me concerned then that the fuse blew if it's rated so high? Of course, they can blow from age no? I should make an effort to learn more if I'm going to maintain this vintage computer collection.
  8. Thanks for the explanation...the PCB is labelled F901, it worked for years with the 3.15A fuse, so I'll source that. The manual is definitely screwy...
  9. Looking for some help trying to find a replacement fuse for the internal power supply on an SC1224. (Goldstar version). The service document on Archive.org says it's a .5 Amp fuse but the one I pulled out is a 3 amp fuse. As I'm not great at this stuff, just looking for confirmation on what I should get. I realize someone may have replaced it before, hence the difference, just want confirmation from those with the right knowledge... Can anyone provide a link to this luddite, where an appropriate fuse can be sourced? Thanks in advance!
  10. Any chance of doing this one more time?
  11. Just have to offer my complements. My daughter, who is all of age 4, absolutely loves this game and I love that it gets her to use and appreciate my Atari. So just know, there is a 4 year old in Canada who loves the Ponies who adores this game. Thank you!
  12. This game is highly addictive. The game play seems novel to me. I suggest a port to smartphones, you might be able to make some money!!! (Though I'm extremely happy with the 8 bit version)
  13. Any update on this? <<he asks while drooling>>
  14. Prodding... alternatively, what is the latest version with the print formatter works? that might be another way to go...
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