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  1. 8bitguy1


  2. I've played a lot of Dungeon Master. Thanks for all the suggestions, looking forward to trying them out. I loved Warlords on the Amiga and Warlords 2 on the PC. (that was my fav of the series, still fire it up in Dosbox from time to time).
  3. Actually I meant this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlords_(game_series)
  4. Poor wording on my part I didn't mean to equate the two, more of an either/or. Thanks for the suggestion I'll check it out, as well as Lost Dragon's suggestions.
  5. or any good RTS suggestions? Just looking to try something new. I've been scanning Atarimania but always better to get a referral.
  6. My solution was one of each with a JVC Broadcast monitor I got for 20 bucks that has a fancy "PAL/NTSC" button. Best 20 bucks I've spent on my Atari hobby.
  7. Hi, Before it goes to eBay I've got a 1200XL I'm getting rid of. Downsizing my collection somewhat. This has the box and it powers up, though I didn't use the power brick that is in this box. I have others. Not a complete boxed set, but some pieces are there, as pictured. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so shipping would be from there and on your dime. You can use Canada Post's website from T6V 1W8 Postal code to get an estimate. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. By the time you factor in shipping on Ebay, $40 is totally reasonable to a slight deal. I paid more than that for mine, but not orders of magnitude more....
  9. These were common on the ST's, you might find more answers/support in that sub form as well.
  10. I could potentially scan mine and create one....if there is still a need. Likely a boring afternoon's worth of work though, probably wait for a bad weather weekend day...
  11. 8bitguy1


  12. Got mine today. Looks great!!! Great job Ctirad.
  13. I have one of these as well. Absolutely best display choice I ever made. Works with PAL and NTSC, it's great. It's a tank, seems like it will last a hundred years. I got mine for only 40 bucks too, which I thought was a steal.
  14. I use this on my Mega with a Windows 7 PC. It's pretty easy and has replaced a myriad of sneakernet options I used to use.
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