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  1. About a year ago, I listed some ST stuff on Craigslist and was soon contacted by an interested party who at first wanted me to deliver the items to his home. I do a lot of selling (and buying) via Craigslist, and for safety reasons, I do MOST of my transactions in public places (in front of supermarkets, etc.) Obviously, when purchasing furniture or appliances, this isn't really an option, but that's neither here nor there in this case. I explained my usual transaction policy to the buyer and while his responses were a bit iffy, we eventually decided to meet at a bus stop up the road from his house (apparently he doesn't own a car). After a couple weeks of failures to coordinate a meeting, a friend of mine expressed interest in the items and I wound up selling them to him instead. Hey, it's Craigslist, things happen... I apologized to the guy, he expressed some irrational anger and then things went quiet. A couple weeks ago, I listed a boxed 1040STf for sale and lo' and behold, I was contacted by that same potential buyer. He once again tried to get me to deliver the computer to his home, and after I clarified my standard transaction policy, he grumbled, but eventually agreed that we could meet up. That reply contained enough odd commentary (mainly about me being paranoid) that I should have spotted the red flag then and there. Earlier this week, we made arrangements to meet up at 6:30pm (after I got off work) in front of a nearby PetSmart store. The evening before the transaction, I E-mailed to confirm everything and informed him that the computer was in my car and that I would be there AT 6:30pm. Last night, I drove straight to the store, found a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT of it, and parked my car (note, I did tell him what car I drove and what I looked like). I arrived at 6:15... I stood outside in the cold waiting for him until 6:50! He never arrived. I checked my E-mail to see if he sent anything... Nothing. Finally, I went in to a couple stores, bought some items, came out to check the parking lot TWICE, and then left. I had a dinner arranged for 7pm. When I got home, I discovered an insulting, angered, and threatening E-mail from the guy in my InBox. He called me names, he said he was there until 6:40 and didn't see me (lies, of course), he said he saw my car as I left, wrote down my license plate number and intends to do a background check to find me, he even threatened me with physical violence and said that I must be selling stolen goods! Yes, THAT escalated quickly!!! Anyway, I have a string of E-mails from the guy, and his name and personal address... And yes, I will be contacting the police. One of the funniest things about the entire deal (if you can find anything amusing here) is that he threatened to "blacklist" me among the local vintage computer community. I know a LOT of the guys here and we're all friends... Good luck with that buddy! Just some Atari-related nonsense for the New Year that I thought I should share with you all! Anyone interested in a 1040STf in box with foam inserts, but no mouse???
  2. I've been away from the forum for a few months, but nothing will keep me away from the PRGE this weekend!!! How many of us will be lining up EARLY tomorrow morning??? Hope to see you all there!!! ~Scott
  3. Finally picked up a Roland MT-32 for my ST... Paid $20 + shipping and it is complete and in the original box. Looking forward to getting it all up and running soon!
  4. Celebrating my birthday somewhat quietly today... Will knock a few drinks back at the pub with friends tonight!

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    2. moycon


      Have a GREAT day!


    3. RedRaider


      Happy Birthday !

    4. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Happy Birthday sometimes the simple celebrations are best!

  5. Sometimes eBay is awesome... Just acquired about a dozen boxed ST games for $9.00.

    1. SoulBlazer


      Despite all the bellyaching about it, and the fact I use Amazon more, EBay does have some nice things going for it.

    2. Grig


      That's awesome. I'm working on acquiring my ST so that gives me hope!

    3. Austin


      Nice! If you watch out like a hawk, you *can* still find good deals on eBay. Unfortunately, they don't come as often as they used to, but they are still there if you look hard (and frequently) enough!

  6. And not a single news story about it when I search via Google...
  7. Tearing down a TI-99 Peripheral Expansion Box right now... What a mess.

    1. simbalion


      Why are you tearing it down?

    2. Ogma


      I purchased it sight unseen and it is in pretty rough shape. I want to pull it apart, clean everything and reassemble correctly.

    3. simbalion


      Ah, ok. Those aren't easy to find, but should be pretty rugged. Still want one for my TI-99/4a.

  8. I recently acquired a Peripheral Expansion Box for my TI-99/4A. The box is in pretty rough shape, so I thought I would tear it down, clean it up and reassemble... I'm running into some issues, however... Does the front plate (the plastic face) some how SNAP onto pegs or something, or do I have to unscrew it from behind? If the latter is the case, gaining access to the screws (apart from the ones in the middle) is proving difficult. Also, is there an easy way to gain access to the floppy to replace it (should I need to do that)? Oddly assembled beast... Any help would be appreciated! ~Scott
  9. Anyone have any unique storage suggestions for 8-Bit cartridges? Did you find that ideal item at The Container Store that cartridges fit into perfectly??? Pics would help! ~Scott
  10. I may have an opportunity to buy a Tweety Board from someone... Any idea what the current going price is on those?
  11. I see DarkLord successfully ordered a few items... Any one else? Also, DarkLord, can you share the prices you paid for the games you got?
  12. Not the greatest piccies, but here you go... All of this for $40.00 USD!
  13. Finally inventoried everything... A total of 56 original games and other programs (some of which are multi-disc, of course). A lot of stuff for such a fair price! And I will post a pic soon if you're interested.
  14. That's it! I wrote "CONNECTION" and it was SUPPOSED to read "COLLECTION"! Ha! Thank you!
  15. I recently acquired (finally) a PEB for my TI-99/4A... Anyone know where I can find some documentation about it? I've poked around online and found nothing so far... ~Scott
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