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  1. Thanks for checking, but that's too much for me. Too bad we don't live closer to each other.
  2. Out of curiosity, how much would it cost to ship the key and 3 springs to the US? Also, how much were you hoping to get for them?
  3. Yeah, I'm going to check the pinouts of all my cables before using them in new applications from now on, even if I think I know their intended use. Thanks for your help!
  4. Anyone selling "Terminal Emulator II" for the TI-99/4A computer? I would like to buy it from you. Found one... Thanks!
  5. I know this is a long shot, but I'm bumping this anyway!
  6. I built my cable and everything WORKS! Thanks for everyone's help! Also, I tried the cable with my C128 and it is a lot brighter... that composite + luma was washing it out quite a bit apparently.
  7. I bought a C64 lot locally (C64, monitor, disk drive, games, etc.) and this cable came in the lot. It looks mass produced, so I think that it isn't custom, but it is possible that it wasn't intended for a C64 specifically. It has 1 yellow and 1 red RCA connector and a 5 pin DIN on the other side. The first odd thing about it is that the yellow is AUDIO and the red is VIDEO (definitely not the standard in the US.... maybe elsewhere?). Anyway, I haven't had time to build my custom cable, but I did a quick check with my multimeter and got these results: The audio RCA is grounded correctly and the tip is connected to the audio pin like it should be, however, the video RCA connector connects to both the video pin and the 12V pin (I'm lucky nothing got fried!) So that means on the C64 the composite video and S-video luma are connected when using this cable... it doesn't seem to have that bad of an effect on it, but I'm more of a sound guy than a visual guy anyway... so I probably wouldn't notice a difference. That's a cool little sheet you have there... I might hold on to this.
  8. Thanks! I'm leaving this here so I can find it easier: 2 RCA connectors. I never thought about multiple pins being connected to the same RCA connector (either by design or through a short), I'll test the cable with my multimeter when I get home today. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Interesting, the pins according to the diagram below suggest it should work, but you're saying that a faulty cable might work on a C128/C64, but not the TI-99/4A. So the TI-99/4A is more particular I guess? I think I'll just build my own cable using the diagram below. Can someone please verify that these are correct? Thanks! Thanks for the quick reply
  10. I'm very new to the TI-99/4A so please bare with me. When I use the RF Box to connect my TI-99/4A to an old TV I get a picture and everything looks "great" (the picture quality of both my TVs is a little distorted, but that's no fault of the TI-99/4A), however, when I connect the TI-99/4A to a Commodore 1702 (in the front) using a 5-pin din to composite video/audio cable I can get sound, but no picture (black screen). I've tested the cable with my C128 and it works great and I've also tried another non-commodore monitor that I own that only takes composite video/audio. One more thing, when connected to the RF everything acts normal, but when I connect using the composite cable, the computer often gets stuck on little intro beep of the TI-99/4A. It almost sounds like an old telephone ring, with no breaks in between the rings. Other times, (when hooked to composite) it seems to operate normally (as far as I can tell with out being able to see the visual output). Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or what I could try to fix this? Thanks!
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