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  1. Purchased years ago from Amazon or Best Buy, so there's a sticker on the back. If interested, just let me know!
  2. Sold him Pokemon Soul Silver on DS, everything went great.
  3. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for looking! AMIIBO Bokoblin Ganondorf Majora's Mask Link Mipha Toon Link Urbosa All in excellent shape! $10 + shipping each. DS SEALED Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - $90 + shipping OBO Pokemon Soul Silver (complete, VG) - $50 + shipping PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1 & Kingdom Hearts 2 (complete, G) - $8 + shipping GB Donkey Kong Land 2 (cart, G) - $5 + ship Pokemon Trading Card Game (cart, G) - $5 + ship GBA Link to the Past / 4 Swords (cart, VG) - $8 + ship Breath of the Wild, Link Nendoroid (Deluxe edition) Brand new; $50 + shipping. Twilight Princess Link Figma (Deluxe edition) Brand new; $70 + shipping.
  4. If interested in anything, or if you have questions, shoot me a PM. Would gladly trade for (or towards) some Switch games. Custom NES Controllers (x3) The paint job isn't perfect, but they look cool! $20 (obo) + shipping. Age of Empires Collector's Edition (PC) Has AoE1 + expansion and AoE2 + expansion. $7 + shipping. SNES multitap Comes in original box; box has a little wear but multitap is in very good shape. $8 + shipping NES to Wii/NES Mini Adapter Allows you to plug original NES controllers into Wiimotes or NES/SNES minis. $4 + shipping Trine 4 Cloth Poster $6 shipped 7x Smash Bros Amiibo cards Amiibos in card form. $5 + shipping GameCube Power Adapter Official Nintendo brand, still in plastic wrap! $8 + shipping
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