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  1. @Walterg74 , Not entirely sure what a lot like this would go for. You could try to gauge price via eBay (Over inflated if you ask me.) http://www.amibay.com/is another site where lots of Amiga stuff changes hands. I wanted to get $250 for everything. The A500 is pretty common. It's the Accelerator Card that makes it worth a bit more. Plus all of the software and extras. Thanks for looking! If interested, PM me.
  2. Well, the time has come for me to part ways with the last of my Amiga collection. I got rid of my 4000, 2000, and 1200 tower. This is the last of the bunch and ironically the first Amiga I ever bought. There is a ton of stuff so I won't list all of it but the main items of interest are below: 1) Amiga 500. Kickstart ROM 1.3 (This Amiga was bundled with the Gold Disk Appetizer suite of software) 2) Supra RAM 501 512k Expansion with RTC. (I believe it is Supra.) 3) M-TEC 68020i accelerator card. ([email protected] with 68881 Math Co-Processor and 1MB SIMM installed) 4) Original Commodore Amiga Power Supply and Mouse. Extra mice to go with it as well. 5) Perfect Sound Sound Digitizer 6) GVP Genlock. (Don't have all cables for it) 7) One California Access 880 External Floppy One Supra 880k External Floppy 9) TONS of software. Some boxed. Most not. But all original disks. (Games, Productivity etc..etc..) 10) Various Amiga manuals and books including the ROM Kernel Manuals. I'm not trying to make a "killing" on the price but I want to be fair. I really want it to go to a good home where it will be enjoyed. PM Me with offers. I prefer local pickup. (Cleveland Ohio). I can meet within a 100 miles if preferred. Ultimately I am trying to avoid shipping it as it would be a fairly heavy box with all the software and books. If you must have it and are not local then we can work out shipping arrangements. I won't ship internationally however. Thanks for your consideration! Mike
  3. Thanks everyone! I feel I got it for a good price. The guy even threw in some Atari Wireless Joysticks and the control box! The plan now is to meticulously clean 26 years of dirt out of it, check all wiring and solder points and then fire it up! I'll post more as things progress!
  4. Hey all! Well..I have to say that I am pumped! I was surfing Craigslist the other night and came across a post with an "Atari Kiosk" for sale. I checked it out and talked with the guy. It appears to be an IMAGIC store kiosk that he got out of an old K-Mart. It had been sitting for 26 years in his storage locker and he decided to sell some stuff. Suffice to say we struck a deal and it is now home with me along with some games. It needs a good cleaning but it appears to be complete. All stickers are intact and clear. Looking at the S/N it looks to be #2,603? Are there any others here in the forum that own one and what are your thoughts?
  5. Best wishes Curt! Here's to a speedy recovery!
  6. Awesome! Would love to hear the specs of each. I still have my A500 with 68020 accelerator card and 2 MB RAM. If you need help or have questions, just give a shout out!
  7. Thanks to all that inquired about the Mega ST I had for sale. As of today (7/15/10) all items have been sold. Thanks to those who purchased it! -Mike-
  8. Well....the time has come to "thin the herd" so to speak. I love all things Atari...but the 8-bits hold a special place in my heart and I really need to focus on that part of my collection. (That and the wife wants some more space in the basement. ) I have decided to let my Mega ST2 go. I wanted to post it here first before going to eBay as I hate selling stuff there. Plus you guys are nicer Here is what we have: One Mega ST2 that has been upgraded to 4MB RAM and TOS 1.4 (Rainbow TOS) AutoSwitch-Overscan PCB installed to allow higher resolution on all CRT's (Medium RES 752x240 on SC1224 @ 60Hz) One SC1224 Color Monitor One Supra 52 MB External Hard Disk. One "Beetle" mouse...as I have no idea where the original Atari one is. TONS of software and books. Including but not limited to....NeoDesk 3, GFA Basic 3, Multidesk Deluxe, Pagescream (er... PageStream), Dungeon Master, Many Infocom games. Most al of the software that I have comes in the boxes and with manuals. Make me an offer if anyone is interested. No reasonable one refused. I do NOT ship over seas however. Sorry I'm located in Ohio, so a local buyer is ideal but we can work it out if you are out of state. Thanks for looking! -Mike-
  9. Yay Atari stuff for Christmas! My wife also knows me too well. I got Atari pajama pants, a Pac Man T-shirt....and the crown jewel....a Galaga tree ornament keepsake that lights up and plays Galaga sounds! Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  11. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  12. We got our 800XL for Christmas 1984. My sister and I (5 years apart) would always fight over who got to use the computer! She liked a variety of games ranging from educational to arcade. Some of her favorites were: Monkey Up A Tree (APX game), Dr. Seuss Fix Up The Mix Up, Don't Shoot That Word and Pac Man. She also really liked Hard Hat Mack, Chop Suey and Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory. When she got older we used to play Archon and Match Wits. Ah those were the days. Anyways..hope that helps.
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