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  1. Super Mario Bros. 64 (Commodore 64) Super Mario Bros. 64 (Commodore 128) Super Mario Bros. 64 (Vice PC) Loving it......
  2. @ Moderators... Never heard back. Please delete this thered
  3. Hi Everyone, Can anyone one help with a couple of Atari 800 keys (with White connector type) Left shift & Left Control Key pls see pic. Happy to pay all associated costs & would be extremely grateful.. Happy New Year to all
  4. Hi All, Am I too late to order one of these... Have I missed the boat?
  5. Hey, Are you implying the same gulf exists between the A8 and C64 as it does with these machines? Lol! What? Are you implying that the ZX-81 is not superior? You are obviously biased!y, I was just playing spin the wheel of machine comparisons. 1k , No Colour, No Sound, No 'proper' Keyboard, No Joystick ports, What more do people want/need??? THE ZX-81 Where games become................."REALITY"!!!!!!
  6. It has to be the Atari CX 40 for me. By no means the best Joystick in the world. In fact there's probably a load better but you just can't beat it for that original retro feel. When I use one it reminds me when I used to play the Atari VCS for hours on end with my friend & bothers. Boy did we get through a lot of these. Quite simply the epitome of retro gaming controllers, I love em…
  7. That's good to hear... There's no real substitute for the Sun. After all, nothing on Earth is going to give you that much UV magic! The only snag is if it decides to come out or not...
  8. Hi mimo, Thanks for your comments... re: your ST have you tried the process under direct sunlight? I know that's asking at lot at the moment, as here in the UK we've had very little but the results speak for themselves. My Atari 800 was done in just one go in just 4 hours (although it wasn't too bad to begin with) After this last batch, I think I'll hold off getting a UV light and use that big Yellow ball in the sky. Spring is just around the corner so we should be getting some better periods of sunshine (I say should)
  9. Well I finally plucked up the courage to do my Atari 800. I forgot to take a pic of the before but as you can see I've haven't got round to doing the Rom/Ram cover so you can at least see what the whole unit looked like before. Well I must say I'm absolutely "over the moon with the results" Once I do the Rom/Ram cover, it will look like a new freshly opened Atari 800, as it was nearly 30 years ago amazing… Mix used (see previous posts) The Atari was left for approx 4 hours of direct sunlight and the paste was re-applied 4 or 5 timesThe temp here in London, UK was a round 11-13 Centigrade, approx 53 Fahrenheit, which I think was ideal. p. s. Also did:- Amiga 1200 Top case & Keyboard result: Perfect. Apple][e (Europlus) Monitor III result: Excellent. SNES top Cabinet result: Still work in progress.
  10. Wasn't necessarily just saying you... I've just never seen a thread go this far off the original point pretty much permanently... I can see where trying to correct some incorrect points can lead off-topic pretty quickly. I kind of agree... I put my comment in and I haven’t understood a word since.
  11. Same here... I think my first one was new circa 1980 but I've probably owned more than 20 over the years. Still have well over 10 that I will Ebay when I get a chance…
  12. I was born in the 60's there wasn't many PlayStations around when I was growing up. I was a Atari / C64 man back in the day....
  13. Looks very nice but 10 days!!! :!: I know you said slower is better but I think I'll stick with my my 12%
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