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  1. Hi neighbour!

  2. These ones are missing from the rarity guide unfortunately...
  3. I was wondering if someone could help me out, i need screenshots for the following games for a small project of mine - Daemon's gate Hyperdrome Sokomania Just a single shot of the game in action would be great, dont mind if its a camera shot of you playing it on a console, anything would help me out! cheers chubs
  4. The 'credit crunch' is taking its toll on me - Im going to have to sell some of my VCS stuff and was wondering what the going rate is for an obviously minty Cola Invaders - number 35 of the repro run (boxed, instructions, cola bottle lid)? Im in the UK so i guess there arent that many round here... let me know if you are interested befor it goes to ePay
  5. £25 each - pretty rare carts and im only letting them go because i need the cash badly, so wont let them go for less im afraid! cheers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=190285873384 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=190285875718
  6. AS the 'credit crunch' bites im finding it hard justifying a bunch of stuff just sitting on a shelf so am wondering if anyone is interested in, or knows an approx value for the following: Boxed PAL Heavy sixer (cherry leisure box) - listed on the h6 list on this site. NTSC Stunt cycle dedicated console - boxed in very good condition Atari 'touch me' - handheld only, no box, great condition, battery cover etc, works great too Unboxed PAL supercharger and a couple of tapes full set of Atari force comics Ive also got loads of games, mainly commons but a few 7s so i was wondering whether i should just put them on ebay as bundles or try to sell the carts on individually. If there is interest i will be able to put up plenty of photos. Also, i have a Nintendo Space firebird cocktail cabinet in pretty good condition that has been converted to mame...
  7. Just clearing out some junk and came across this - is it of any interest to anyone? I am unable to test it as it uses what i recall to be the printer port for the connection lead (I dont have the lead, or even the port on my Mac) but have just plugged the cart into my GBA SP and it works fine (brings up a menu of games). No software either but i guess that shouldnt be too hard to find... Im in the UK BTW... cheers
  8. Arrived here in the sunny South East UK today! havent had a chance to play it yet but am looking forward to a quick blast over the weekend... Good job all round, very pleased i managed to get hold of a copy!!
  9. i would say that if a PAL Pengo were to turn up on eBay it would easily lead to the highest prices paid for a PAL cart, and i cant imagine what it would go for if boxed!
  10. Just received mine here in the Uk - great job with the lable and fast delivery - cheers!
  11. Id love one, with a box too if enough are made....
  12. yeah, battery cover is there - apart from tiny mark on the screen and the tiniest scratch on the red plate is is perfect - even inside the battery casing is as new! I know just about everything Atari-related is listed as 'RARE!!!111!!!' on ebay.co.uk but i actually think this is - havent seen any before so will be interesting to see how long it is befor any more come along...
  13. Sure must be nice to have the disposable income to throw around on 'toys' like that! remind me never to get in a bidding war with you...
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