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  1. That improved LCD shot looks amazing, going to have to save some coins to get one of these. =D
  2. Received a 32x quickly, exactly as described and packaged very well. Would recommend him for any kind of order big or small.
  3. So I bought a pre-modded Atari off ebay, kind of wanted to just get it to start recording footage and shooting video and figured I would save myself some time. I have a heavy sixer that has served me well forever but recently started to not want to power on, also I only over had one joystick. Anyway I figured what the hell I'll just buy a bundle with 2 sticks, 2 paddles and pre-modded no muss, no fuss. I get it in the mail, plug it in, kind of have some static, lines, not horrible, not great, so I crack it open and took a pic of what's inside. So now my dilemma, try and mod this one with a new mod or leave this one as is, buy another one and a mod kit and go at it myself. I was kind of hoping to do that latter since that would at least leave me a working one should something go wrong with my experiment. Still looking at $30 for the cheapest working 2600 Jr on ebay and $30 for the mod kit but it might be worth it.
  4. A million?!? Did you make some of the wheel, I can't imagine having to crank these out for a bunch of products.
  5. Thanks for the link, I'll take a lot around there. However it might be awhile, have to wait for a few more of these to sell to fund another round of design work. Plus I already have some completed designs in the pipeline done just need to have them printed.
  6. Hey FireTiger, Thanks! My wife wears them if that's any consolation! =D We would love to make proper men's and women's but I'm not sure how many we would have to sell to be able to afford a split inventory. Right now color, black, seems to be the most requested but we'll consider everything we can. I had thought about a pinball shirt but I need a good schematic to work from, there's so many tables! The arcade was kind of easy to make generic/original but pinball is going to take some work. I do thank you for the suggestion, my wife does love pinball so maybe that would be a good test to see what the cost of getting a mens and womens set printed would be.
  7. No problem Greg2600, I checked the three I wear and lined it up them all up best I could at the neck and seam with a new one, body width was all about the same as new all the way down: oldest one, 3+ years old, bottom was 2 inches shorter second oldest one 2+ years old, bottom was 1.5 inches shorter different shirt also, 2+ years old, bottom was 1.25 inches shorter sleeves were a pain to measure, so I smoothed out each as best I could, also lined up the next and sleeve seams between 1 and 1.5 inches shorter length, neck to tip of sleeve on either side, also sometimes when I would lay them out the width of the sleeve would vary between 0.75 and 1.25 inches shorter, seems like my left side is always the shortest too, maybe the way I take them off? I wash everything, not just these shirts in cold/cold and dry in medium heat if that helps.
  8. Hey Greg2600, Yeah we're looking to get more colors, more than likely black will be the next color set just waiting on some more funding. So far my oldest shirt from the very first run I did 3+ years ago has some cracks and a little of the thick outline has just started to flake off in a small area. The other two shirts I have with about 2 years on them only seem to have some minor cracking no flaking yet. Seems pretty good to me since I wear these almost every weekend while out. Let me know where you heard about the dryer I'm always looking to make my stuff better if I can.
  9. Thanks grips03, When we picked them out these seemed to be in about the middle, the softer ones felt thin/flimsy if that makes sense, seemed like they would just take a single wash. But I'll be checking the weights next time I go to see what else they have.
  10. Hey Grips03 You should have gotten your shirt, hope you like it, any problems, let me know.
  11. Thank you for the positive feedback and the advertisement at work =D
  12. Hey Wongojack, I show the shirt was delivered, any issues please let me know, I hope you like it.
  13. Thanks Wongojack! I'll get the shirt out tomorrow and email you the tracking number, very much appreciated!
  14. Hey Wongojack Yeah, I only have them printed on the blue iris color, I could do another color but I would probably have to start selling the blue at a decent rate to get another run with black as well.
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