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  1. This was my first purchase from a wings store today.  Wingstop was surprisingly good!

    1. thanatos


      Wingstop is great!  Try the Atomic if you're feeling super brave.  I can only have about 3 before the suffering is too great.  :)

    2. retrorussell


      Nope; super hot is not really my thing.  I have been told Korean BBQ was really good.  I was most pleased with the seasoning on their fries and their ranch.

  2. That's beautiful! Terrific work! The sound samples make me think of Thayer's Quest.
  3. Looking for a reason; roaming through the night to find my Face In This Girl!  My Face In This Girl..

  4. I still can't look at the sports word GOAT and not think "a player that cost their team a victory".


  5. Happy Birthday NEO GEO thread! Just a quick contribution; An old video I did that I may not have linked here: FANTASY (1981 SNK/Rock-Ola) Weird old game by SNK nearly a decade before the NEO GEO, this was licensed to the jukebox giant ROCK-OLA. Here's to another great 6 years of NEO GEO or SNK memories! I remember seeing this at Malibu Gran Prix, Wunderland and an ice cream restaurant called FARRELL'S. Multi-level game with some annoying voice samples (Help Meeee!!! Heeeeelp!!!-- you'd think it was Ashley from Resident Evil 4!) but playable nonetheless. Created in 1981 in Japan and released in the US in 1982. Congrats again on a great 6 years, Anthony!
  6. The status update window doesn't seem to work too often these days.  Usually I click on it and nothing happens.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. save2600


      Hasn't worked on my iPad (latest iOS) for a while. Have to go to your profile to post a status update. Software so broken these days, new normal it seems.

    3. retrorussell


      @Random Terrain I have Windows 10.  It used to work no problem but it's messed up lately.  I click in the box and nothing happens at all.

    4. Atarian7


      I have the same problem.  It will work sometimes but most of the time it doesn't.

  7. BASEBALL B-17 BOMBER SHARK! SHARK! all Intellivision
  8. Sledge Hammer: This is for that little kid's piggy bank! (punches terrorist)

    And this is for hittin' me! (punches him again)

    And this is for callin' me names! (punches again)

    And this is for ordering pizza! (punches again)

    And this is for makin' me hold hands with another guy! (punches again, then punches terrorist again)

    Terrorist: What was THAT for???

    Sledge Hammer: That was gratuitous.

  9. I used to love her.. but I had tequila.

    1. joeatari1


      I have been singing it that way for years!  Goes best with Cabo Wabo.

  10. Cool, thanks! I will check that out. I don't know how to get a hold of the creator of Nostalgia to ask if a future version could be more controller-friendly. But they might be done with it.
  11. Hmm.. now the emulator DOES recognize the left stick for the disc controller, but not the right stick for keypad controls 0-9/clr/ent. That would be my ideal setup, along with L1/L2/R1/R2 shoulder buttons for the action buttons. But Nostalgia won't allow mapping for these. And this is the latest version. Shame, because I otherwise like Nostalgia.
  12. Thanks! Downloaded it but still not sure how to get it to work. In Configure Joystick Devices/Advanced Setting For Each Device it seems to recognize my dual analog sticks I want to use for keypad/dial. But in Profile 1 I can't map analog stick 1 to, say, Stick1 movement. I double click Stick1 for left direction and it won't let me assign it to analog joystick left. Hopefully the joytokey website will be able to help me.
  13. I'm using Nostalgia. It doesn't seem to want to let you map dual analog joysticks, which would have been much better.
  14. There's plenty of games I like but have rough controls (like Tron DD, NS and Adv. D&D)-- the controls issue frustrates me most because I'm playing them through an emulator. The controls are a bitch to set up and the emulator only allows for 3 of the side buttons, it seems. And I have a "Intellivision Top 20" YouTube series forthcoming. Arrgh!
  15. I was thinking b17 bomber was this way. I could probably think of some other titles if i gave more thought to it. It seems maybe a number of sports titles were like that. I just hate that inty controller with a passion.
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