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  1. Hill 15 is a very advanced level in the arcade, let alone 20. I make no judgement on the difficulty of a homebrew game over an arcade game. I think the game should probably have the same difficulty advancement in both versions. Anyway, it's hard enough to write homebrew without imposing additional game design standards besides.
  2. Responding to something from earlier: Spider management is an important part of late game strategy. The spider doesn't kill you until it reaches the tip of your tongue (traveling from the base), and is cleared from the screen when you eat a Queen Ant like all the other bugs (it immediately respawns from its starting point). The appearance of the spider is by no means the end of your game.
  3. My favorite Vs. game is for the two-screen Duosystem, Balloon Fight, which has a vertically-scrolling playfield and an extended remix of the catchy bonus round music.
  4. Just chiming in, an assembly game I've enjoyed a lot is Human Resource Machine.
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