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  1. bluefoxz210

    IC Diagrams.

    Another site is http://www.alldatasheet.com/ , which almost has all datasheets.
  2. Where can I buy the AY-3-8500 PONG chip? I can't find any at EBAY... Or can I? At least Iv'e not found anyone.
  3. The first and the second link were perfect! Thank you so much! Thanks!!! I'll try to wire it on a veroboard by hand, is it NTSC or PAL video signal? Isn't it NTSC video?
  4. I've searched like crazy on the internet for a schematic on the ORIGINAL ATARI ARCADE PONG game, but I have not found it! Have ANYONE got it? It would be REALLY, REALLY nice of you if you could send it to me. Thanks! This is how the original board looks like? http://coinoparcade.com/pcbs/Atari%20Pong%20PCB.jpg
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