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  1. It's just about game time! TooManyGames is only a few short weeks away! Are you ready? This year's TooManyGames is June 15th-17th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. We're packing their largest hall with games! Video games, board games, arcade games, card games, and more will line the floor! Score some rare games to fill gaps in your collection, or pick up some of the awesome artwork to adorn your house with in our marketplace! Play brand new unreleased games in the Indie Game Showcase! Show off your video game chops in tournaments all throughout the weekend, including Soul Calibur 5, Street Fighter X Tekken, Halo Reach, Call of Duty, Pong, and more! Are tabletop games more your speed? We'll be running Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments over the weekend, plus we've expanded our board gaming area! We'll be demonstrating some of board gaming's most popular games throughout the weekend, including Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Puerto Rico, and more! When you get tired of walking around the show, make sure to stop in and check out some of our panels. Two of gaming's biggest internet celebrities, The Angry Video Game Nerd and Darksyde Phil will be screening new videos and hosting Q&A session. If you're ready to rock then you need to check out all the concerts going on throughout the weekend! We have Temp Sound Solutions, Pixel8ter, Inverse Phase, Chipocrite, X-Hunters, Those Who Fight, Autoscroll, and more playing throughout the weekend! And if you register for our Final Boss package, you get to come to the after-party Saturday night and check out an exclusive performance by the minibosses! Of course there's more going on at the show, but that's a good start! Make sure you check out our website, www.toomanygames.com and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/tmgexpo to get all the latest info on TooManyGames! Three day passes start at $25 and single-day passes will be on sale at the door. We'll see you in June!
  2. hey guys I am trying to get some xmas money. Check out my auctions eBay Seller: justtakethemeatbridge
  3. Nick is a stand up guy I would post my reputation on it! Good luck on the sale nick.
  4. Hey everyone that's correct James " The Angry Video Game Nerd " Rolfe will be at Too Many Games Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th at the Too Many Games Convention www.toomanygames.com. You don't want to miss this. For more information check out the news story on the website. http://toomanygames.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=185
  5. Do you have a new game almost finished? Looking for rabid gaming fans to sell to? Look no further. Too Many Games would love to add your game to our list of new releases this year! We already have a few in the works including the NESK-1 NES synth cart that uses the 4 player adapter and 4 controllers to control sound. If your interested please pm me or email me at p[email protected] Do you have a game not quite finished that has a playable demo? Come display your game in our indie game showcase. We are letting any independent developers come out and show of there game as long as they have a playable demo for FREE! Thats right you get a FREE table to show off and build hype for your game. Like designing games under pressure for fun??? This year at Too Many Games we are partnering with the IGDA to bring you the Philly Game Jam. The game jam is where teams of developers get together and get some rules or guidelines friday and have until sunday to design something. Prizes will be given for best games.
  6. Yeah we've outdone ourselves this time! You should come out rick!
  7. Hey hey, everyone! It's a little short notice, but we're announcing the spring 2010 TooManyGames convention! This spring's event will be held Sunday, April 18th at the Inn at Reading in Reading, PA! We've rented out the entire grand ballroom of the hotel to host our video game festival! We're packing the ballroom with well over 50 vendor tables, a game room (sponsored by The GXL www.thegxl.com) packed with dozens of classic and modern consoles, the TMG Theater will have panels, live podcasts, demonstrations, and live music all throughout the day, and the Reading's own anime group, the Network of Reading Otaku (NORO), will have their own room at the convention to show anime, hold their own tournaments, and host our costume contest, plus Reading's one-stop comic shop, Golden Eagle, will be holding Magic: The Gathering tournaments throughout the day! Be sure to compete in some of our gaming tournaments including Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Bust-a-Move, Warlords, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and more! TooManyGames is Pennsylvania's longest running video game convention, now in our 7th year! Join us and tons of your fellow gamers at the Inn at Reading on April 18th! More info about TooManyGames is available on our website at http://www.toomanygames.com See you there!
  8. Pictures have been posted on our myspace page www.myspace.com/gamecorecon . Website updates are coming soon.
  9. Hey Neuronic. My favorite atari games are Kaboom and Spider Droid. Both are fairly cheap. @16-bit I think we will be doing something in the spring.
  10. Well I guess I should chime in here. First off let me say all shows have there hitches and this was my first show and had a better turn out than most first shows I have seen. I think me and my team did a damn good job with this event and I am very proud of my team. If we had more people I would have been 100% thrilled with the event. Now I just need to talk to the convention center get them listed on other map sites besides google and in GPS's along with some more advertising and I think the next show will be great. Now to address some issues people had. 1. loudspeaker volume and rapidness of announcements. At every TMG event Chuck and I ever did all we heard was I cant hear you, The PA isnt loud enough etc etc. So this year I made sure we had a good PA system and now its to loud. So we need a happy medium. I think next year the announcement booth will be in the free play area. I think Chickybaby was correct when saying we were doing to much hence why we had announcements every 5 mins. I will work on fixing it for the next show. 2. No classic tournaments. Well there was a Kaboom high score tournament that ran all day but one of the main points of the day was to celebrate the dreamcasts birthday so half our tournaments were focused on that system. In the future like TMG events in the past we will try and have tournaments on one of each major system from the past (Atari, NES, Genesis, SNES, and maybe some Jaguar or 3do or Vectrex as thats one of my personal favorite systems. 3. The price of the Shield Shifter cartridge is in no way Game Core's say just like at TMG last time we had no say in how many copies of Prehistoric Times actually made it to the show. I think 23.00 for a new game is fair and I personally think Shield Shifter was a great game. All that being said I want to thank those of you who came for coming and especially thank Chickybaby and Atarinut for being vendors at Game Core. If anyone has any ideas for Game Core to make it better or would like to help out with the next event we are all ears. This is a fan event and I want to keep it going. We are looking at Spring of next year for our next event and are going to take some of your ideas into account and try and lower prices along with a 5 or 6 and under free (good idea it just didnt cross our mind). Like I said if you wanna contact me my email is [email protected] Without your support we cant grow into what the greatest show I have ever been to (PC5) was.
  11. Hey Everyone. Show is this week and I just wanted to give everyone an update on some of the highlights. Also dont forget you can save 2.00 if you pre reg your tickets on the website www.gamecorecon.com - Huge marketplace with tons of games from all generations as well as geek crafts, art, collectibles and much more. - Dreamcast 10th Birthday celebration including cupcakes and singing happy birthday, tournaments on dreamcast and more - Game Core Geek Cars (Kitt from Knight Rider and a Delorean will be there) - Guitar Hero Competition with a huge Guitar and Amp package as the 1st prize and guitars for 2nd and 3rd place also. - Sound Bytes Live Game Music Concert Headlined by MC Lars and YT Cracker with Super 8 Bit Brothers, Armadillo Tank, Ultraball and more - New Atari 2600 game Shield Shifter being released #'s 1-50 - Large Magic The Gathering tournaments type 1, type 2 booster draft and legacy - Super Smash Brothers, Halo 3, Wii Punchout, and many other tournaments - Sponsors include Sam Ash Music Stores, Destructoid, Nyko, Games2u, Nerd Rockstar Tshirts, White Wolf, Albotas.com and gamesniped.com
  12. Working on Game Core Stuff... Pricing Atari Games Hundreds!

  13. Working on Game Core Stuff... Pricing Atari Games Hundreds!

  14. Also! I got the Shield Shifter carts and they look awesome! I cant wait to try it out. It will be setup for freeplay at the show for anyone that isnt buying one to try out.
  15. I just saw the guitar and amp package were giving away and wow there awesome. They also told me there are going to be a guitar for 2nd and 3rd place! I was unaware. Also CTCW is giving away some Gift Certificates for the site as well as tons more prizes. Miss chicky I am local so If you need a hand setting it up and what not just call me and well figure out how to get me over there.
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