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  1. I haven't come across a good video demonstrating the game, but it looks like baby's first rail shooter. I'm thinking I might forgo that and buy House of the Dead 2 & 3 instead.
  2. Does anybody know what kind of computer is inside the Walking Dead plug and play? I've heard the game described as a 16-bit in appearance. I'm guessing an ARM with a Wii - ripoff motion sensor? It's a nifty idea and I'm considering getting one for my girlfriend as she's a fan of the series. Does anybody know if it's any good?
  3. A BASIC would be a good stopgap measure between now and having a simple dev kit. It would give noobs like me a way to make something and run it without too much hassle. VGA is a very good idea I wouldn't have thought of. I have two CRT monitors at my parent's place that we cannot figure out what to do with. This would be awesome! Any chance there could be a way to hack a serial game pad into the ps/2 slot? This just begs for a Gravis Gamepad! Ah, memories! You might consider trying to hock this at universities with strong electrical engineering or computer science programs. It might be nice if students could program for a standardized device and be able to swap source files that will work without modification.
  4. Onmode-ky, That does make more sense. Still I think it's sad that good OAC hardware gets shafted the way it does. Alas, what can one do?
  5. It baffles me that manufacturers turn to companies like ATGames for emulation hardware when there are companies that have already made close-to-original hardware. Sega already had Radica. They already put out a line of many-in-one mini consoles, that are battery-powered, there's a , and Ben Heck has made a prototype for a portable version using that hardware. So what's the deal? I'm assuming it's the economy of scale. ARM systems are mass produced and can do everything reasonably. It's a shame, though, to see the technology there and Sega chooses to do something mediocre instead. Why bother? If a revamp of Ben Heck's Exodus that included a proprietary USB cable that could be sold seperately to give money to copyright holders (just like the Canadians do with blank CD's) that lets people load roms onto the system memory, how great would that be? I love the idea of using something resembling original hardware. The Sega collections on disc are good and all, but somewhere along the line the old systems are going to break and it'd be nice to still have access to the games as experienced back in the golden age. The guys who developed Pier Solar have shown that there are still stories worth telling and games worth making. /rant I'm hoping that someday the boards will become cheap to order, patents will eventually expire, and we'll all be able to order our own, custom built, ergonomically designed mini hardware. Cuz there's a small-to-mid size market for such products. Hooray for technology!
  6. A 7800 or 8-bit on-a-chip would be awesome! SD slot Hackable for cartridge slot and original peripherals. Just as much awesomeness as in the FB2!
  7. I hope they release it. I quite like the Flashback 2 and I hope Sega goes with something as close to original hardware as possible. If we could get a Sega Genesis model 3 with an SD slot, I'd be all over that!
  8. You don't seem to desire a suggestion, but ... I recently came across the JXD s51110. It's a PSP shaped device that runs android. I have a sega genesis emulation app on it. I've also seen emulators for many different console systems. I got mine for under a hundred bucks on Amazon.
  9. The PSPGo had a chance, but the industry really isn't ready for such a device. For one thing, consider the act of buying a digital license. It's just as expensive, or even more so, than buying a physical copy. Why should this be? Shouldn't it be less expensive since retailers and packagers are cut out of the chain? But those savings are not passed on to the consumer. Additionally, once you buy a digital copy of a game, you're stuck with it. You can't trade the game in, you can't give it to your buddy, and you can't sell it on Amazon or Craigslist. So you end up paying more or just as much money for fewer digital rights with no way to mitigate the cost of the game. Consumers like gadgets and convenience, but who can't smell that bullcrap a mile away? Which is a pity, because if these companies want to ween consumers off of physical media, this is the time to do it. At the end of the console life cycle, where they could be giving away their best franchises and getting consumers hooked and eagerly anticipate the next iteration of their console.
  10. Hi all! There's an awesome image I've been craving! It's the scene where Batman tiger-punches the Penguin Street Fighter style. I did find the attached file, which is from the same scene. It's great, but it's farther into the animation than I'd like. Also its resolution is too low. I should have gotten this game for PC! Unfortunately I got it for XBox and, thus, I'm unable to take the screen cap myself. I'd be eternally it if somebody could take some hi-rez screen caps of this animation! I'm totally fanboy-gasming at the thought. --note-- I did do a search to see if somebody else requested this image. I didn't come across it. I apologize if this is a redundant post.
  11. Awesome, just did. Thanks! I guess I didn't know what to input into Google to find it.
  12. Hello all, I just watched an episode of popfiction on GT.com and they were talking about some of the levels axed from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game. I was wondering if there were any diligent hackers out there working on a completed rom hack that included some of the axed levels? It seemed like the kind of thing that a might be in the works. Peace out!
  13. - I own a Tiger R-Zone XPG, because my parents wouldn't let me have a Game Boy. I still have it. - I harbor a huge crush on Rydia from Final Fantasy IV (from the 2nd half of the game, you perves!). - I didn't beat Final Fantasy I until I played it on an emulator with a fast-forward button. - I still love Pokemon. - I still haven't beaten Super Mario Bros! - When my brain is fried from studying, I play video games. I still have yet to recover this semester. - I bought Strider II for Sega Genesis off eBay just because the seller combined shipping.
  14. It seems a shame that you guys at Legacy are working hard to put out a great product and they went behind your back to put this out. I don't see why they would have done this. It doesn't seem like they have any respect for the brand, which is especially strange it was, in fact, the marketers. After all, they're supposed to be nurturing the brand and, presumably, bringing it back. To be perfectly frank, they should be doing a better job on the XBox 360 ...
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