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  1. Just had a bad experience getting a Retron 77 recently. Thing's power light would turn on, but there would be no signal. Tried it on two different HDTV flat screens and nothing.
  2. Too bad I couldn't get it to work on my Android 2600 app.
  3. To anyone whose childhood started with an NES, any game system earlier than that might as well be like Pong -- too primitive to even bother trying out. It's like the fight between casual games and hardcore games nowadays -- if it's too simplistic, it isn't worth playing and hence is NOT A GAME. Of course, the only early games that even bothered to suck you dry of any money were arcade games, since their difficulty was ramped up to make you want to spend quarter after quarter if you want to player harder and longer.
  4. I got it running on my Android set-top box, though it can only use the keyboard for input. I also got Droid800 working with limited gamepad support. No action buttons working, though.
  5. I say more than 30 months if there's no word of an actual release date or if the release date keeps getting pushed into oblivion.
  6. Dino Eggs certainly is a candidate for bad box art. Time Master Tim, if that's supposed to be him on the cover, looks more like a futuristic cross-dresser.
  7. Solaris is too much like Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom meets Star Raiders.
  8. Kat5200 runs on Windows 10. I just don't like how the ghost-eating sound in Pac-Man sounds like my speakers are being ripped to shreds.
  9. I think the real question is: can we make compelling games that don't require using women (or anyone in particular) as a sexualized reward for completing it? Not that those games that do don't have a place in society, but they shouldn't be all over the place to the point where one can't even play a game without sex being right in front of their faces all the time. That can get rather degrading over time when the only way you can relate to anybody in a video game is just through their physical assets while everything else that is or could have been attached to those characters is left out.
  10. Ha ha ha. I meant silicon. I just didn't know which word to use.
  11. Extra Credits' video about the issue of piracy is a must-watch if you want a definite answer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfZv_lPwBFI
  12. To me, the game was a case of "how could they possibly make a game out of this movie, much less make it any fun" because there was nothing about the movie that could feasibly translate into a workable game experience, even for the system it was programmed for. So in this case, E.T. for the Atari 2600 is like the elephant trying to perform ballet, and the people marvel not because of the elephant's grace at performing ballet, but just at the fact that it can perform ballet at all.
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